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The Hidden Review: Una Vetrina Che Guarda Il Mare Documentary Review


The THR has been a guest at the 23rd edition of Napoli Film Festival 2022 presented by Mario Violini in collaboration with Giuseppe Borrone, and we watched the documentary <<A showcase overlooking the sea>> (Una vetrina che guarda il madre), directed by Massimiliano Gallo. Starring Massimiliano Gallo, Nunzia Schiano, Shalana Santana, Beppe Barra, Gennaro Di Biase, Alessandro Marinella, and Maurizio Marinella.

This documentary is about a family business, the Marinella family business producing their tie product whose history starts in Naples around 107 years ago, so over a century.

The cinematographic event showcases throughout the story different aspects of the worldwide history events and how it has reflected the story and each POV of the characters.
Besides, they are all connected on the building and creative side of the tie products branded by the Marinella family that have spread its ties based in the United Kingdom.

One of the characters introduced was the legendary figure that follows the origin of the city of Naples, and Parthenope touches base on her attachment to this city and follows the legend with Ulysses while introducing to the audience her arrival to the gulf.

Moreover, the lead in this story is Mr Marinella, who introduces his audience by talking about how it all started, which comes from the determination and inspiration of his grandfather Eugenio Marinella whose store has the same name.

Therefore, everything follows the POV experienced by his grandfather and also directly by the same Maurizio Marinella, going then to look at what their family members and employees think about the family business while bringing the story to another level of genuine and showing the proud and hard work behind it.

It started in 1914 by creating Ties and Shirts for clients from the local aristocracy, such as knights and amazons close to the shop in Chiaia county in Naples, whose location is by the sea. Then, it follows the partnerships and collaborations with other important institutions such as the Royal family, Italian politicians, and many others in the entertainment industry.

The actors portraying family members, employees and musicians created a genuine atmosphere of the events that accompany the story, which the director Massimiliano Gallo has been able to film brilliantly.

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At the same time, all the locations used and the costumes of which ties were branded by Marinella’s store showcase the passion of the work and history, and at the same time, the origins of generations of hard work of a family business which now with Alessandro Marinella are at the 4th generation of owning the family brand store. The brand has stores in Italy, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and Tokyo.

Overall, the director Massimiliano Gallo filmed this documentary showcasing the elegance of the city of Naples brilliantly, and at the same time, the story of a family business that has its ties with Naples but also spread around the world.

Congrats, cast and crew!

Hidden Fire Stars 9/10

The review was written by Al Fenderico

Shalana Santana

Shalana Santana

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