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The Hidden Review: Tick Tick Boom Film Review


"How much time do we have to do something great?"

The Hidden Review has watched Tick Tick Boom, directed by Lin Manuel Miranda and starring Andrew Garfield.

The movie is an autobiographical movie of the real story of Jonathan Larson portraied by an incredible Andrew Garfield who has been nominated also for an Academy Award.

At the same time, the movie walk us through how Jonathan very close to his 30s is working very hard on his dreams as a musical playwright and been working so hard for the new musical hit Tick Tick Boom whose film is its film adaptation.

Jonathan Larson has lived a life full of joy and love by his close ones, however, the daylife of a waiter and a part time dream job as playwright shows exactly how the life of an artist of any kind looks like. But, what differentiate him from the others is the determination and resilience he has had during that process. The empathy that this movie impacts the audience is unbelievable, and Andrew Garfield with a full cast attached have had this power to make justice to an artist that couldn't have the chance to see his work come to life as at the night before of the press night has passed away. This especially can be the real damage of a work of a lifetime, but the legacy goes beyond. Very powerful, tangible, oscar nominated movie and cast, crew, what are you looking for yet? Go find out on Netflix, best perfomance ever.

God bless you Jonathan Larson ❤

Hidden Fire Stars 10/10

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