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The Hidden Review: Lucifer TV Series Review


"Tell me your deepest desire"
The Hidden Review has watched Lucifer, an American TV series developed by Tom Kapinos and premiered in January 2016. The show is starring Tom Ellis as the show's title character Lucifer Morningstar, a fallen angel and former master of hell who has decided to take a holiday from ruling the underworld. During his time on earth, he crosses paths with the female lead detective Chloe Decker played by Lauren German. Lucifer combines typical crime show narratives with supernatural elements deriving characters and themes from the bible. At first, I was a bit cautious about starting to watch the show as I thought combining the two might either work very well or not at all. The show's downsides are at times a bit repetitive and predictable crime case narratives, however, relationships between the characters and the supernatural story have been made interesting. Alongside quality acting, humour and a successful combination of crime drama with the fantasy genre, the show overall succeeds to create a relatively interesting series to watch.
Thank you Lucifer team

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