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The Hidden Review: Homeless Ashes Film Review


"Homeless not invisible "

The Hidden Review has watched "Homeless Ashes" which is the film debut of Marc Zammit as a director, produced by Aptitude Films, which premiered at the Raindance Film Festival 2019. It touches on themes such as love, friendship, and betrayal, along with a comedic element. They drive into homelessness which is also a standout theme that makes the drama very human. His award-winning work has been released in Uk cinemas, and it is now available on Amazon Prime video Uk. In the cast, we can find Jason Flemyng who is one of the good distinguished Uk actors and in Homeless Ashes, he plays a good friend of Frankie since Frankie was a kid. At the same time, we find Hector Bateman who shows his work very impressively while being such a young skilled actor, and that is really powerful and we are sure to one day hear more about him. But also worth the mention, those key roles played by Angela Dixon (Frankie's mother), Dean Maskell (Frankie's father), Lew Temple (Chico), and Jamey May (Nicole). Moreover, we can also notice the good performances of Fabrizio Santino, Ritchie Edwards, Madalina Bellariu, Kirsty J. Curtis, and others, who all played a beautiful script written by George Willcox, who had the vision to put together in black and white these characters that have been brought them to life. We must mention the whole production team who did an incredible job in sharing the awareness, besides, as a first time directing and acting debut, having such a good team that worked 24h/7 has made this no easy experience absolutely a blast, and the result is clearly visible. In fact, we extend our congratulations again for the cinematography, acting, and directing. We are truly glad to have watched something that notes everybody has a story to tell, thank you very much for the generous and considerate emotions delivered.
Thank you "Homeless Ashes team”!
Hidden fire stars 8/10 ⭐

  • Homeless Ashes (2019) - IMDb
    Homeless Ashes: Directed by Marc Zammit. With Marc Zammit, Lew Temple, Hector Bateman-Harden, Jason Flemyng. Frankie, a young boy who stands up to his fear and runs from home ending up homeless with no choice but trying to survive life on the streets

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