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The Hidden Review: Cobra Kai Season 3 TV Series Review


"The enemy of your enemy is your friend"

The Hidden Review has watched "Cobra Kai Season 3" which premiered o January 1st on Netflix. In the season there are still starring the same two rivals as Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), the most cast of the previews two seasons is still on. The story follows the tragedic fight that happened at the school, and so the kids' ups and downs regarding claiming revenge, making new partnerships, and living with an angry mindset all the time. The rivalry between Larusso and Lawrence never lasts until they find out who really is the antagonist in the story, and with help also only with the arrival of both old flames that makes their good paths cross, hopefully for good. The bullying, breakups, friend relationships of the kids never finish as their claim for revenge of what happens with Miguel but as he finds a way to survive, the revenge at times meets compassion and partnership for an interesting turning point and twists which are going to be developed throughout in this 3rd season which accomplished beautifully their bond relationships. Hopefully, all find their identities in All Valley which will make them stronger together. The photography is still also interesting, and the fight choreographies are also pretty good as well at times, with no spoilers about the fights and the new moves are very interesting. All actors, directors, fight coordinators, and writers are very good at their jobs and hope to see the same in future seasons.
Congratulations cast and crew team
Hidden fire stars 8/10 ⭐️

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