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'The Haves and the Have Nots' Trending About Derrick's Lion Head Tattoo

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The finale of Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots aired on Tuesday, March 19, 2019. That episode has been trending on social media with many speculations. Some of them are reasonable, but some of them are farfetched.

It was such a shocking finale that viewers can't stop talking about it. Admittedly, the last few seconds of the episode were interesting enough to give fans something to talk about until the series returns on May 7, 2019.

Social Media Reacts

The finale of The Haves and the Have Nots is still trending on social media. There have been interesting comments. Some of the fans offered viewpoints that are actually based on what has been building up in previous episodes.

Below are some of the ideas that fans have offered in reference to why Derrick was crying and why Hannah was devastated when she saw the lion heart on his chest.

Was Derrick the Rapist?

The general consensus is that Derrick is the one who raped Hannah when she was much younger. Those who don't know the story that Hannah told Candace about the rape should go back and watch Season 5, Episode 4. The story is told in the first 15 minutes.

Hannah was in the hotel room with Candace when a man came in that Candace had invited. Hannah stopped their interaction by telling Candace that she was about to be intimate with her own father. The man immediately left after he was accused.

Hannah later confessed that she wanted to get Candace's attention. Hannah then told her daughter that she had been raped when she was young and she didn't know who the rapist was. In other words, Candace was sleeping with men, and one of them could be her father because Hannah never found out who raped her.

Hannah and Derrick

Hannah and Derrick

Hannah Recounted the Rape Story

Hannah said when she was young, she went to a club with some friends and got drunk. She and her friends headed home. Her friends turned off when they got to their block while Hannah had two more blocks to go alone.

When she got halfway down the first block, she noticed a man standing there. When she passed him, he didn't bother her. He merely asked, "You Ok, pretty lady?" Hannah ignored him and kept walking. She made it home, but she couldn't find her key to get in the house. So, she hid on her pouch for two hours waiting for her aunt to get home. She heard the man pass by her house, so she thought he had gone away.

When her aunt came home, she was high and passed out on the sofa. Even so, Hannah thought she was safe, but she woke up to see the man standing over her bed. He began raping her and threatened to kill her if she screamed.

Hannah said she could see only his eyes, nose and the head of a lion tattoo on his chest. When Candace was born, she noticed that her daughter's eyes and nose looked just like the man who raped her.

Does Candace have eyes and a nose like Derrick?

Does Candace have eyes and a nose like Derrick?

The Speculations

Derrick Couldn't Be the Rapist
Some viewers think Derrick couldn't be the rapist because Hannah said he was an older man, and Hannah and Derrick seem to be around the same age. However, Hannah never said the man was older.

Some viewers think Derrick couldn't be the rapist because Hannah would have recognized him by his eyes and nose by now after all the intimate times they have spent together.

Some viewers did offer a very good scenario. They said Derrick was crying over the experience he heard Hannah had, but perhaps he was in a gang when he was younger and other gang members also had a tattoo of a lion heart. That means it could have been one of them and not Derrick. That really sounds like a good speculation that could help keep Hannah and Derrick together.

Derrick Could Be the Rapist
Benny has always been suspicious of Derrick. Viewers couldn't figure out the reason since Derrick treated his mother so nice. If Derrick turns out to be the rapist, Benny might carry out his threat and beat up Derrick.

Derrick has spent time in jail. Veronica Harrington was instrumental in getting him out. Derrick could have been in jail for being caught for other rapes.

Other Speculations
Quite a few people suggested that Derrick is Jeffrey's father because he and Veronica had an affair after she got him out of jail. They have gone so far as to say Candace and Jeffrey are siblings.

All of the above are only speculations. No one knows for sure how the story will develop. Therefore, there will continue to be speculations until the series returns on May 7, which is not that long from now.

Questions People Are Asking

  • If Derrick is the rapist, will Hannah forgive him?
  • How will Candace react if Derrick is her father?
  • Will Benny get even with Derrick if he raped his mother?
  • Will Hannah resent Katheryn for introducing her to Derrick?
  • How does Veronica fit into this story?
  • Did creator, writer, director, and producer Tyler Perry have this scene in mind since Season 5, Episode 4 when Hannah recounted the story to Candace?
  • Where does the story go from here?


Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on March 25, 2019:

PoetikalyAnointed, when I watched the finale, I thought Derrick was the rapist. However, the more I think about it now, I'm like you and do not believe he raped Hannah. I think after hearing her story, it reminded him that he is not the only one with a lion head tattoo. I also think the reason he was crying was because of his compassion for Hannah.

Anyway, we will find out more information on May 7. I am looking forward to it.

PoetikalyAnointed on March 24, 2019:

Nice Recap of the show. I'm all caught up on the show and don't think Derrick is the rapist. He might know who is though. Having Derrick be the rapist is too easy. Benny hasn't liked him from the start and would love to beat his behind already lol. Hannah and Derrick obviously fancy each other and if he was the one, they would be no more. it's too neat and pretty...I think the story will be a complex one.

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