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'The Haves and the Have Nots' Women

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Center: Katheryn Cryer. Top Row: Veronica  Harrington, Hanna Young, Candace Young, Erica. Second Row: Melissa Wilson, Gia. Third Row: Laura, Amanda Cryer. Fourth Row: Maggie Day,  Jennifer Sallison, La'Quita Maxwell, Celine Gonzales.

Center: Katheryn Cryer. Top Row: Veronica Harrington, Hanna Young, Candace Young, Erica. Second Row: Melissa Wilson, Gia. Third Row: Laura, Amanda Cryer. Fourth Row: Maggie Day, Jennifer Sallison, La'Quita Maxwell, Celine Gonzales.

Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots is a series that involves the comings and goings of three families in Savannah, Georgia. The "Haves" are the Cryer family and the Harrington family. Both families are rich and powerful. The "Haves Nots" are the poor Young family.

Fans who have watched the series from the beginning have noticed that whether rich or poor, the haves and the have nots families are dysfunctional.

Left: Katheryn Cryer. Right: Veronica Harrington

Left: Katheryn Cryer. Right: Veronica Harrington

Katheryn Cryer and Veronica Harrington

Katheryn Cryer, played by Renee Lawlee, and her family represent "the Haves" because she is an heiress. She was born into one of Savannah's oldest and wealthiest families.

Veronica Harrington, played by Angela Robinson, and her family also represents "the Haves." She didn't inherit her fortune. In fact, it was just the opposite. She grew up poor and she struggled to be successful. That's why she has a tough side. She is a recovered pill addict. That inspired her to start a drug rehab program for others. In the first seasons of the series, Wyatt Cryer was one of her patients.

Veronica is very controlling. That has been evident over all the seasons especially with the way she controls her husband David, her son Jeffrey and others she comes in contact with.

Left: Katheryn Cryer. Right: Amanda Cryer

Left: Katheryn Cryer. Right: Amanda Cryer

Mother and Daughter: Katheryn and Amanda Cryer

Katheryn Cryer had two children, Wyatt, played by Aaron O'Connell and Amanda, played by Jaclyn Betham. Amanda was on the series only during Season 1. She had a mental problem who often talked about self-harm and suicide. Before she allegedly killed herself with a shotgun, she had been cutting herself in the past.

Amanda was a friend of Candace while they both were in law school. While Candace was tough and conniving, Amanda was frail and timid.

Left: Katheryn Cryer. Top Right: Celine. Bottom Right: Candace Young

Left: Katheryn Cryer. Top Right: Celine. Bottom Right: Candace Young

Jim Cryer's Women: Katheryn Cryer, Celine Gonzales and Candace Young

Katheryn Cryer is married to Jim Cryer, but she is the one with the money. Her father left her lots of it along with a hotel, apartment, houses, and a mansion. She knows about the affairs Jim has. In Season 3, viewers learned that Jim, played by John Schneider and Celine Gonzales, played by Eva Tamargo, had an ongoing affair while Celine was the maid in the Cryer's household. Celine gave birth to Jim's two sons. One is a nearly grown son named Carlos and a seven-year-old son named Jim, Jr. Celine was on the series during Seasons 1-3. She returned on Season 7 trying to get child support for the younger son.

It didn't seem to matter to Katheryn that Jim was having an affair with her maid and friend Hanna's daughter as well as other women. In fact, the list was so long that Katheryn referred to Jim's long list of mistresses by numbers in chronological order instead of calling them by their given names. She dislikes her maid Celine whom she calls "Four." She despises Candace because of her affair with Jim and calls her "Nine."


Veronica Harrington's Girls: Melissa Wilson and Laura

Veronica Harrington is one smart attorney even though she is vicious. The wife of David Harrington and the mother of Jeffrey can be described not only as vicious, but she is also malicious, manipulative and a cold-blooded killer. She has been dubbed "The Ice Queen."

Even though Veronica is mean, she can keep any client from going to jail. Those who don't like her still call on her for legal advice because they know she is just that good.

Veronica has caused several deaths and committed other crimes and has never been convicted of any of them. As mentioned above, she bombed Erica's car killing her and injuring David. Previously, she burned down her own mansion with David inside. However, he escaped.

She saw to it that Maggie Day was killed because she thought David was having an affair with her. She also was involved in the coverup of the death of Jennifer Sallison. (See more about this under the section about Maggie Day and Jennifer Sallison). Veronica sent hitmen to kill her estranged husband David and Jeffrey, her own son during the finale of Season 6. David and Jeffrey both survived.

Veronica uses people to get what she wants. She tried to make Jeffrey marry Melissa Wilson, played by Antoinette Robertson, so he would stay away from men. Melissa was on the series from Season 1-5.

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Veronica paid Melissa to trick Jeffrey into being intimate with her, and she became pregnant. Melissa took as much abuse from Veronica as she could before she killed herself and her baby by jumping from the top of Veronica's house as Veronica looked on.

Laura is a newcomer to the series. Veronica hired Laura, played by Cameo Sherrell, to be her maid. Fans initially thought Laura was been set up to be Veronica's double. The finale of the last season showed that Laura and her boyfriend plan to rob Veronica.

Left: Hanna Young. Right: Candace Young

Left: Hanna Young. Right: Candace Young

Mother and Daughter: Hanna and Candace Young

Hanna Young, played by Crystal Fox, is the matriarch of her family. Benny Young is her son and Candace Young is her wayward daughter. Hanna raised her two children as a single parent by being a maid for the Cryers.

Even though she works for Katheryn, they are friends. She gets along better with her son Benny, but she and Candace have been at odds for during many of the seasons the show has been on the air. However, they have reconciled in the last seasons of the series.

Candace Young, played by Tika Sumpter, was Jim Cryer's mistress when the series first started. She was at his beck and call. After she tricked him out of his money, they have been at odds with each other. Candace doesn't mind who she hurts in order to get what she wants. She has conned many people out of their money without feeling guilty about it. She was a prostitute and mistress and engaged in schemes to blackmail people.

Candace is very fond of her older brother Benny, played by Tyler Lepley. He has never been on her list of those to con. In fact, she has helped him financially with money she has conned from others.

During the first few seasons, Candace was Jim Cryer's mistress. She tricked him into gaining access to his bank account and during the recent seasons, he has been trying to get it back.

Left: Candace. Top Right: Erica. Bottom Right: Gia

Left: Candace. Top Right: Erica. Bottom Right: Gia

Candace Young's Girls: Erica and Gia

Candace had women working for her to swindled men. Pictured above is Erica, whose real name is Presilah Nunez and Gia, played by Quin Walters.

Erica was on the series from Season 2-5. Candace convinced Erica to seduce David Harrington, the estranged husband of Veronica Harrington. The idea was for Erica to set David up to take all he had. However, Erica and David fell in love with each other. Out of a jealous rage, Veronica hired some thugs to blow us the new car that David gave Erica for her birthday to replace the one that Veronica blew up previously without anyone inside. Erica had gotten behind the steering wheel of her new car when the bomb went off. She was burned alive. David was approaching the car, and he suffered severe burns on his back. He was in the hospital for a whole season.

Gia was on the series during Season 5. She was a prostitute hired by Candace who treated her very badly. For instance, if Gia did not bring in enough money, Candace would send her back out to get more. Candace made sure Jim Cryer was one of Gia's main source of income.


Killed Off: Maggie Day and Jennifer Sallison

Margaret "Maggie" Day, played by Allison McAtee, was David Harrington's campaign manager during Seasons 1-3. She did have feelings for David, but they didn't have an affair as Veronica thought. Veronica set Maggie up to walk into her house and be shot multiple times in the stomach by a gunman.

District Attorney Jennifer Sallison, played by Shari Headley, in Seasons 1-3 was killed in the Cryers' house when she was there questioning Katheryn about Wyatt's inheritance.

Katheryn killed D.A. Sallison by shooting her multiple times. During the last season, Katheryn was finally in jail for the crime.

Pearl Lewis, Officer Justin's meddling mother

Pearl Lewis, Officer Justin's meddling mother

Meddling Mom: Pearl Lewis

Pearl Lewis, played by Maree Cheatham, was on the series during Season 3. She is Justin's mother who was an officer at the time. Pearl was Candace's nosy neighbor who lived across the street from her and watched everything that goes on at Candace's house. She revealed to her son everything that she saw including seeing Quincy Maxwell go into Candace's house, but he never came out.

Candace and Jeffrey did kill Quincy, but neither one of them served time for it because Veronica Harrington found a loophole that kept them out of prison.

Three different faces of La'Quita "Quita" Maxwell, age 37

Three different faces of La'Quita "Quita" Maxwell, age 37

It's All About the Eyes: La'Quita "Quita" Maxwell

La'Quita "Quita" Maxwell, played by Danielle Deadwyler, was on Seasons 2-4 and a cameo on the last season of The Haves and the Have Nots. She is Quincy's sister who always suspected Candace had something to do with her brother's mysterious disappearance.

The 37-year-old actress and writer plays a much younger part as an antagonist from the ghetto throughout the series. She rolls her eyes and talks mean as she is being portrayed rough and tough.


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