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The Harder They Fall 2021 Movie Review

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Sometimes she "binge-watches" movies and shares her thoughts about them.


The Harder They Fall is a gripping show directed by Jeymes Samwel, who also participated in writing the screenplay, and is the composer of various songs used in the movie.

The Main Actors

Some outstanding performances are given by the following actors, the first two being the main stars of the show:

  • Jonathan Majors
  • Idris Elba
  • Zazie Beetz
  • Regina King
  • Delroy Lindo
  • Lakeith Stanfield
  • Danielle Deadwyler
  • Edi Gathegi
  • Deon Cole
  • Damon Wayans Jr.

The Harder They Fall Characters

  • Nat Love: the star of the show.
  • Rufus Burke: the devil himself, the main outlaw
  • Bass Reeves
  • Trudy: Rufus right-hand lady
  • Wiley Escoe
  • Pickett or Mr. Picky: likes to lurk in the corners.
  • Father Esparza
  • Chucky Belle
  • Cuffee
  • Monroe Grimes

The Plot

The movie begins with a catchy phrase "While the events in this movie are fictional... These. People. Existed." It is actually based on stories of people in history, evident by the names of the main characters. The movie has a vintage setting during a time when horses were the main form of transportation.

The prologue starts in a family setting. The father tries to persuade the attacker to spare his family as the business is between them. A boy's family is killed and a scar is drawn on his forehead.

It is a story about "the outlaw who robes outlaws" and the trouble he gets himself in the process of his endeavors. The viewer is shown the efforts of a man to save a damsel in distress while seeking vengeance.

Rufus needs the money back that Nat robbed from his team of outlaws. They embark on the quest to refund Rufus his money, at Marysville, a white town, the challenges of being black there are enormous.

They have made friends with the Sherriff along the way since they took over his town, since he wants help to overthrow Rufus, and his contribution comes in handy.

Apparently, the villain in this movie is a "man so crooked that even the government is embarrassed."

The women on both opposing sides have a face-off when Trudy has a conversation with the "damsel" where she gives us an intro into her life through storytelling and using "the apple" as a metaphor.

An unexpected ending is when a revelation hits Nat when Rufus tells him a story about his roots. Nat learns why he was given the scar. That's when the deeper meaning of "The Harder Fall" comes into place for me.

There's a moment in the earlier scenes when the title is being introduced with a man literally falling hard on the ground, but turns out there's more. The final scene gets even better with The Harder They Fall end song performed by Koffee, which has the same title as the movie.

I don't particularly enjoy violence, but you are in the company of very violent people

— Chucky in The Harder they Fall (2021)

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The Harder They Fall Review

Setting: Salinas, Texas. Douglas Town Red town

Genre: action

Themes: crime, murder, racism, love, gender, rivalry (between rivals), revenge, family, grief conflict

Warnings: death, bloody scenes, violence, strong language

The plot of The Harder They Fall is strong and every minute counts; every scene is necessary as it builds on the story. It incorporates various elements that make it entertaining to watch.

There is the clever use of an allusion to Napoleon: "all forces of humankind can do nothing to stop" and that he knew his time would come to an end when the villain perceives himself as defeated.

Music and dance are incorporated into the movie in various scenes, giving it a theatrical feel especially since the music is meaningful to the story. At times, it brilliantly acts as a foreboding tool. I guess we can expect that kind of brilliant use of music in the movie from the director, Jeymes Samwel, since he is a musician.

The eerie sound effects enhance the viewer's thrilling anticipation: e.g footsteps and whistling as Rufus approaches.

Humour is brought out by specific characters, for example, a small-bodied man that shoots a gun off another's hand on the other team missing him. And I do not know how they manage to inject humor in fight scenes!

Captivating moments occur paired with amazing videography. At times the viewer's focus is directed on the characters in moments without dialogue with background music, so you can see their facial expressions or lack of it, and make your judgment. Furthermore, how the characters communicate nonverbally is at the top of the list of the good qualities of the movie.

Also, The Harder They Fall keeps you guessing which side is winning until the end, when finally we get a picture of the winning outlaw.

Additionally, the portrayal of women in the movie as friends, rivals, and counterparts of men who are strong and brave, is very empowering.

I also commend the creative production and graphics. You will see a lot of action scenes with gun sounds only and less dialogue. And when the dialogue happens, it is relevant and concise. There is no wasting words or actions in The Harder They Fall.

For the beautiful ending, and beautiful scenery only I would give The Harder They Fall a perfect rating and highly recommend it to people who like a lengthy movie with a rich story. Considering the great videography, costumes, and entertainment value, I still would not lower my rating. Thus, it's a 5 out of 5 stars.

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