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Sexy Country Male Singers That Have The Deep Growl Thang

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C'mon gals, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

It's that deep soulful toe-curling growl that some men just instinctively know how to weave into songs.

Conway Twitty had it.

Kenny Rogers has it.

Jeff Bates has it.

Mark Miller has it.

Josh Turner has it.

Even the young Blaine Larsen has it.

It's that sexy guttural sound that makes a woman weak in the knees and unable to utter anything but a honey sweet moan of pure lusty desire.

Ladies, this hub's for you. Gentlemen, I'd take notes (and singing lessons!) if I were you!

The Late Conway Twitty

The Late Conway Twitty

Conway Twitty

Real Name: Harold Llyd Jenkins

Birthplace: Friars Point, Mississippi

Born: Sept 1, 1933

Died: June 5, 1993 from an abdominal aortic aneurysm

Conway Twitty Trivia:

  • Until 2000, he held the record for the most #1 singles of any country act (45 on all trade charts)
  • Some say his name came from looking at a roadmap and spotting the cities Conway, Arkansas and Twitty, Tx
  • He's best known for "It's Only Make Believe", "Hello Darlin'", and "Slow Hand"
  • Married 3 times
  • His official website can be found here.
Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers

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Kenny Rogers

Real Name: Kenneth Ray Rogers

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Born: August 21, 1938

Kenny Rogers Trivia:

  • Kenny Rogers' official website can be found here.
  • A band he formed in high school, called The Scholars actually landed a record deal, released two singles and performed on American Bandstand.
  • He is best known for "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town", "Lucille", "Coward of the County", and "The Gambler
  • He has done duets with such female greats as Dolly Parton, Sheena Easton, Kim Carnes, Dottie West and Wynonna Judd
Jeff Bates

Jeff Bates

Jeff Bates

Real Name: Jeffery Wayne Bates

Birthplace: Bunker Hill, Mississippi

Born: September 19, 1963

Jeff Bates Trivia:

  • Relatively new, but sounds incredibly like Conway Twitty and often does covers of Twitty's hits
  • Signed to RCA in 2003 and switched to Black River Music Group in 2008
  • His official website can be found here.
  • I and my daughter saw Jeff Bates perform live in concert in 2005. He hits every note of Conway Twitty's songs. It gives you goosebumps. If you ever have a chance to see him perform, GO!
Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown

Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown

Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown

Group Name: Sawyer Brown

Formed: In 1981 in Apopka, Florida

Sawyer Brown Trivia:

  • Won the grand prize and a recording contract on Star Search in 1983
  • Most Famous for "Step That Step", "Some Girls Do", "The Race is On", "The Walk"
  • I got to see Sawyer Brown at our local Fair and Rodeo back in the early 80s in their hayday. Mark Miller is the most energetic performer I have ever seen.
Josh Turner

Josh Turner

Josh Turner

Real Name: Joshua Otis Turner

Birthplace: South Carolina

Born: November 20, 1977

Josh Turner Trivia:

  • Best known for "Long Black Train", "Your Man" and "Would You Go With Me?"
  • His official website can be found here.
Blaine Larsen

Blaine Larsen

Blaine Larsen

Blaine Larsen

Birthplace: Tacoma Washington

Born: February 20, 1986

Blaine Larsen Trivia:

  • You can catch up with Blaine on his "MySpace" link here. Be sure to listen to his rendition of Mac Davis' "Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me".
  • Cut his first album at age 15.
  • His two albums have produced 5 chart singles
  • Best known for "How Do You Get That Lonely" and "The Best Man"

Don't let his babyface fool you. Take a listen for yourself!

Please locate his actual music video for "How Do You Get That Lonely", I was unable to embed it here. It's a great video.

Scotty McCreery

Scott Cooke McCreery

Birthplace: Raleigh, NC

Born: October 9, 1993

Scotty McCreery Trivia:

  • Scotty's early musical influence was Elvis
  • Learned to play guitar around 9-10 years old
  • Winner of Season 10's American Idol


KRC (author) from Central Texas on November 04, 2009:

Thank you Habee. Meeee toooooo!

Holle Abee from Georgia on November 04, 2009:

I love Josh Turner's and Kenny Roger's voices. Great hub!

KRC (author) from Central Texas on October 24, 2009:

:) They all are!

Men101 on October 24, 2009:

Ooh I am adding Josh to my list of sexy male country singers.

KRC (author) from Central Texas on May 25, 2009:

Those are some greats, aren't they? You're right, music isn't quite the same. I'm sorry to hear that you dropped from the challenge, but I support your decision to do so and I know from reading the forums that it has been a relief to you.

I for one, have been enjoying the challenge and 22 hubs later, I feel like I've put out some of my best work to date. I've doubled my readership from HubPages and outside sources and I've managed to hit a personal hubber score of 100 both of the last two days. So, I'm pleased with the results. My goal was 30 in 30, but I think I need something like 5 more over that to hit 100 hubs. So, I'm really planning to do that.

Thanks for your support AEvans!

Julianna from SomeWhere Out There on May 25, 2009:

This is a great hub, my mom brought all of us up on Conway Twitty and Kenny Rogers, music today is not like it was yesterday. Great work!! I dropped from the challenge but I will certainly support those who are still in it. :)

KRC (author) from Central Texas on May 15, 2009:

"The Walk" is a great song, isn't it, Amy? I'm not real fond of the characters in it, they're kind of cheesy....but I do like the black and white and a lot of the angles of the shots. The music is wonderful. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by and congrats on being this past week's featured hubber!

Amy G on May 15, 2009:

Ahhh...Sawyer Brown. Everytime I hear "The Walk" I cry. It's been years since I saw the video - thanks!

KRC (author) from Central Texas on May 15, 2009:

Thank you Alekhouse! I had lots of fun compiling it. I heard Conway on the radio yesterday and that's the inspiration for this hub. Glad you enjoyed it!

Ron: Yes, I like Country music....but I love all sorts of music. I can sing along with just as many songs off my daughter's pop station. Music's just a part of me. I'm actually working on a hub about that as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

rongould on May 15, 2009:

I'm sensing you also like Country & Western music, right? Really good hub about a bunch of stars, past and present.

Nancy Hinchliff from Essex Junction, Vermont on May 15, 2009:

What an enjoyable, fun hub. Read the whole thing. And I must say, your right about the "growl" thang.

Laughing Mom on May 14, 2009:

My mother-in-law got suckered into dancing with RO once. She said the smell was overwhelming. Apparently, bathing wasn't big on the tour.

I'm off to bed. All this growl talk has me tired.

Susan Reid from Where Left is Right, CA on May 14, 2009:

Roy Orbison had sort of a growl thing he could do, too. But he lacked the sex appeal of these hotsters!

KRC (author) from Central Texas on May 14, 2009:

I fixed the two videos that had embedding issues. Hopefully, they all play.

I do get it, MM! Twitty was sooooooo good.

Cindyvine! You have been sorely deprived!

Thanks ladies for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed it! I sure did!

Laughing Mom on May 14, 2009:

ha ha, MM. I get it!

Cindy Vine from Cape Town on May 14, 2009:

have heard of Conway and Kenny but none of the others

Susan Reid from Where Left is Right, CA on May 14, 2009:

Dang, girl! I'm all a twitty now (get it?)!

Laughing Mom on May 14, 2009:

You're doing great, KCC! You're right. The 'growl thang' has a it, even if it's not in song.

KRC (author) from Central Texas on May 14, 2009:

I'll check on it. I watched all of them before loading them. Thanks for letting me know!

Laughing Mom on May 14, 2009:

I love 'The Walk' by Sawyer Brown! 'All These Years' is another good one by them. and 'How Do You Get That Lonely' is such a sad song, but I love listening to it. Jeff Bates voice doesn't match his face. At least when he's talking at the beginning of 'Long Slow Kisses'.

A couple of the videos aren't working. You might check them.

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