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The Great Queen Seon Deok - The Most Phenomenal Korean Historical Drama in 2009


I don't know about you, but in my country there is one Korean Historical drama that really attract many attention lately. That's The Great Queen Seon Deok (Seon Deok Yeo Wang). My national TV that had the broadcast right of that drama have to replay it due to the request of viewers.
This saeguk drama has reached the highest rating among other Korean dramas in South Korea. The rating reaches more than 40 % in South Korea, and the drama popularity is wide spread not just in East Asian countries like Japan and China. The popularity also reached through many Asian regions like in Southeast Asian countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

The Silla Crown

The Silla Crown



So, What is the drama all about ?

The History

This is about the first Queen in ancient Korean history. The history of Silla dynasti. Silla is one of three Kingdoms in Korea. Another Kingdoms are Baekje and Goguryeo. According to Wikipedia Seondeok reigned as Queen of Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, from 632 to 647 AD. She was Silla's twenty-seventh ruler and its first reigning queen.

According to Wikipedia, Queen Seondeok before she became queen, she was known as Princess Deok Man the second daughter of King Jinpyeong. Because the King had no sons, so he had selected Seondeok as his heir. This act was not unusual in Silla periode, as women of the periode had a certain degree of inluence as advisors, dowager queens, and regents. Women were heads of families since matrilineal lines of descent existed along with patrilineal ones. During the Silla kingdom, the status of women remained relatively high, but they were expected to do their duties and not try to do activities that were considered to be unwomanly.

Seondeok's reign was a violent one, there were many rebellions and fighting with the neighbor Kingdom of Baekje. Seondeok was known as a smart queen. She kept the kingdom together and extended its ties with China. Sending many scholars to China and learn from that country. Seondeok was drawn to Buddhism and presided over the completion of Buddhist Temples.
Seondeok built the "Star-Gazing Tower" or Cheomseongdae as the first observatory in East Asia. Cheomseongdae still stands until now in the old Silla capital of Gyeongju, South Korea.

Was the drama represent the real history of the queen ?
Not exactly, but the main story, characters, achievements, and strategy were real. There are differences of course, like in the drama, it was mentioned that Princess Deokman is Princess Chon Myong's younger twin sister. Actually, the history never mentioned that both princess are twin. And the appearance of Lady Mi shil.

Lady Mi Shil is a historical figure of Silla, but her existence is controversial because she is not mentioned in both Samguk Sagi and Samguk Yusa (Legend and History of the three Kingdoms of Ancient Korea). However, Lady Mi shil is a very important figure in Hwarang Segi.

Hwarang Segi is a a historical record of the Hwarang ( flower boys) of the Silla kingdom in ancient Korea. It is said to have been written by Silla historian Kim Daemun (704). According to Hwarang Segi, Lady Mi Shil was a daughter of Mijinbu the 2nd Leader of Hwarang (Pungweolju). Mijinbu's mother was Princess Samyup, the daughter of King Beopheung of Silla. Her mother was Lady Myodo. With these relations, Mi Shil gained the qualification of a noble within the bone rank system.
In the drama series, Mi Shil is a major opponent of Princess Deokman.

The Ancient Korean Map

The Ancient Korean Map

Watching Queen Seon Deok Online

Queen Seon Deok DVD

The Drama  

The drama is directed by Park Hong Kyun and Kim Keun Hong. MBC production. 50 episodes and due to audience attention was added by 12 episodes more. Writer Kim Young Hyun

The story takes place in the southeast Korean kingdom, Silla, which has been expanded by the late King Jinheung. An aristocrat named Mishil, whose power could rival a king's influence, desires to be queen. One opportunity comes when the wife of Jinheung's grandson, Jinpyeong, gives birth to twin girls.

There was a prophecy saying that if a king has twin girls, the male seeds in the royal bloodline will dry up, in other words, no proper royal male heir (Eochul Ssangsaeng Seonggol Nam Jin). Mishil and the nobles on her side plan to expose the twins so they can remove the current queen and get Mishil that position. In order to prevent this, Jinpyeong sends his youngest daughter away with a clumsy palace maiden, though not without huge regrets (he's shown shaking when he carries his oldest daughter). The maid, Sohwa, manages to escape pursuit with the help of one of the hwarangs (Silla equivalent of knights), Munno, the strongest hwarang in Silla.

15 years later, the younger twin, named Deokman, grows up in the Taklaman Desert in China, where she lives in a merchant town with Sohwa. She is cunning, witty, and a tomboy. She meets Chilsuk, one of Mishil's men who was sent to find the younger twin, who has been trying to carry out his lady' orders for FIFTEEN YEARS. Chilsuk later realizes that Deokman is the twin and tries to capture her, but fails when a sandstorm strikes.

Deokman resolves to go to Silla to find out why she was being pursued. When she arrives, she meets her older sister, Cheonmyeong, and future Korean general Kim Yu-shin. Five years later Deokman learns that she's the daughter of the king who abandoned her, and Mishil once again tries to expose her, while a noble loyal to the king sends assassins to kill her. Chunmyeong tries to help her younger sister escape, but is accidentally killed by one of Mishil's people. Deokman then resolves to get the royal court to reacept her as princess of Silla and fight Mishil in her struggle for power.

The drama is so addicting, thrilling, full of wisdoms, awesome, and I just feel that I can't get enough of it.

1. Beautiful casts

Lee Yo Won as Queen Seondeok
"The queen is my destiny" Lee Yo Won is a fine Korean Actrees that really suit in her role as Princess Deokman later Queen Seondeok. She could describe a smart, wise, brave, intelligent and righteous queen beautifully.

Go Hyun Jung as Lady Mi Shil
Mi Shil is a complicated character with many tactical strategy. She became powerful due to her relations with Kings and Poongweoljoos. She was the wife of Sejong, 6th Pungweolju, and was the major royal harem of 3 kings(Jinheung of Silla, Jinji of Silla, Jinpyeong of Silla). Also, she was in love with Prince Dongryun, eldest son of Jinheung, and Seolwon, 7th Pungweolju.

Her power was proved when she persuaded Jingol nobles to expel King Jinji from his throne. And her two sons (Hajong, Bojong) also became 11th, 16th Pungweolju respectively.
Go Hyun Jung is a brilliant actrees that make Mi Shil character become outstanding. She had the most audience attention within this drama

Eom Tae woong as General Kim Yu Shin
He's a great General of Silla and in love with Princess Deokman. But fate make this couple unable together. With a handsome face and outstanding battle skills, he became the leader of the elite Hwarang corps. With a grand vision of unifying the three kingdoms under Silla’s rule, he aligns himself with Princess Deokman who puts her complete trust in him. Princess Deokman later fell in love with Kim Yusin but they were unable to be together due to a twist of fate.

Park Ye Jin as Princess Cheon Myeong
She was Princess Deokman's twin sister. She's under Mi shil's influence. She has charisma and intelligence. After learning that she had a twin sister, she and Princess Deokman were reunited. While trying to reinstate her sister as a princess, she was accidentally assassinated by Mi-shil's man.

Kim Nam Gil as Bi Dam
He is Mi shil's son with King Jinji. Mi shil has abandoned him and he was taken as a student by Moon Noh - the best Hwarang Captain. Bi Dam also in love with Princess Deokman and make the story to be more interesting.

Bi Dam is like his mother Mi Shil, he also has a unique and complicated character. He could be charming, smart, funny, kind, energetic, hilarious person but suddenly he could become very fearful and mean.

Some of Hwarang Captains

Some of Hwarang Captains

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2. The Hwarang things.

Hwarang were elite Silla warriors who also received training in the arts and music.

Hwa Rang Nine Virtues:  In-Humanity, Oui-Justice, Yea-Courtesy, Ji-Wisdom, Shin-Trust, Seon-Goodness, Deok-Virtue, Jung-Loyalty & Yong-Courage

There are 10 elite Youth Corps of Hwa Rang

1. Il Wyol Seong Do (Sun & Moon elite cadre) lead by Bo Jong;
2. Cheon Ryeong Ing Do (Green/Blue Dragon elite cadre-one of the celestial emblem of the east) lead by Seok Bum – brother to Chil Sook;
3. Yi Hwa Jeong Do (Pear Blossom elite cadre) lead by Deok Chung;
4. Dong Baek Mae Do (White Camellia Elite Cadre) lead by Baek Yui;
5. Bi Cheon Ji Do (Flying Fairy Elite Cadre) lead by Al Jeong;
6. Hyeon Mu Ji Do (Black Warrior elite cadre-celestial emblem of the North) lead by Pil Dan ;
7. Hu Guk Seon Do (Defender State sylph elite cadre) lead by Im Jong;
8. Baek Hu Bo Do (White tiger/Kirin elite cadre –celestial emblem of the west) lead by Dae Nam Bo;
9. Yun Sang In Do (Above the cloud elite cadre) lead by Seon Yeol;
10.Cheon Si Hwon Do (Celestial city elite cadre) lead by Wang Yon 

and added by Yong Hwa Hyang Do (Dragon Flower Tree elite cadre) lead by Kim Yu Shin

I really love these Hwa Rang Captains with their intrigues, laws, regulations, martial arts, and battle skill. Very enjoyable to watch.

3. The grandeur setting

This drama has many amazing settings. Really represent the great of Silla dynasti.

I really admire how Korean people brought up their history into movie or drama series. They really admire their history and are able to make other people from different culture eager to learn about their history.

Once again, I think this is very enjoyable and exciting drama series I ever watched.


The video above is one of the Original Soundtrack from Queen Seon Deok. An additional soundtrack that just released at January 8, 2010. The song is sung by Mr Kim Nam Gil who played as Bi Dam. The man who really loved the Queen but in the end their love story has ended just like that because of some miss understanding.

The Song is quite suitable with Bi Dam's character in these series. The one who is so lonely, insecure, covering all his pain with the smiles. What made it interesting because originally Mr. Kim Nam Gil is not a singer, but I just realized that his voice is quite good.

The lyrics and English translation :

Sa rang ha myeon an doe ni (Can't I Love You)
Singer: Kim Nam Gil (Bidam)

a pa do nan a peun jur mol la
o ji anh neun neor gi da ryeo do
geu ri um i him gyeo wo hwi cheong geo ryeo do nan him deun jur mol la

neor nae an e dun geu nal bu teo
ma eum eur na nwo sseur jur mo reu go
da chi go meong deur eo do si rin ga seum eur dad eur jul do mol la

sseul sseul han se sang e na reur sal ge ha go
ut ge ha neun geon neo ha na ppun in de

sa rang ha myeon an doe ni nae ge o myeon an doe ni
han beon man han beon man an a bo myeon an doe ni
nae jeon bu reur da geor eo gat go sip eun sa ram i iss eo
nae mam bad a ju myeon an doe ni

ji dok han oe ro um geu sog e do nae ga sum eur swi neun geon
da neo ttae mun in de

sa rang ha myeon an doe ni nae ge o myeon an doe ni
han beon man han beon man an a bo myeon an doe ni
nae jeon bu reur da geor eo gat go sip eun sa ram i iss eo
cheo eum i ja ma ji mag eu ro

sa neun dong an nae pum e dor a or su eops eo do
nae ga ne ga seum e ji wo jyeo beo ryeo do

sa rang ha myeon an doe ni neo ui dwi e seo ra do
meol li seo meol li seo ba ra bo myeon an doe ni
neo ui geu rim ja ra do nan ji kyeo jur su it da myeon
geu rae geu geo ra do gwaen chanh a hon ja sa rang hae do gwaen chanh a

Even it is so painful, I can't feel it
Even I'm waiting for you and you wouldn't come
Even I think of you with shaking so badly, I can't feel it

Since the day I put your heart in my mind
I can't put my heart else where
Even if it hurts and breaks my heart apart, I won't close my heart

I am who was living in a lonely world
You're the only one who can make me smile

Can't I love you? Can you come to me?
Just for once, can you hug me in you arms?
You're the only one I love
Can't you accept my heart?

The reason why I'm still breathing in this terrible loneliness
It's all because of you

Can't I love you? Can you come to me?
Once again, can you hug me in your arms?
You're the only one I love
For the first time and last time

Even you're alive, you can't be held in my arms
Even you throw my heart away from your mind

Can't I love you? Even if I'm just behind your back
Distantly, I just can look at you from afar
Even if I just can protect your shadow
Even like this, it's alright.. even only I love you, it's okay.

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peachy from Home Sweet Home on March 25, 2015:

i have not watch this drama yet, thanks for your review

Baba on February 22, 2014:

Enjoyed reading your comments about Queen Seon Deok. I am watching the series and Loving It! The part of Mishil is so good that if I saw the actress on the street I would probably spit on her! I know that is not nice to say, but she plays the character so well that it is hard not to despise Mishil. Am taking quite an interest in Korean history from this series.

SejuNim on November 26, 2013:

Hi there..... I'm from the Philippines..... I'm a Queen Seon Deok Fanatic and it's very addicting.... I already repeated it almost 20 times..... But I'm not tiring to watch it..... The Characters are Great.... but the one that captures my heart is Lady/Seju Mishil..... even though she is the antagonist in the series..... She is the one who makes the audience/tv viewers center of attention..... I love her very much...... the way she acts, the way her eyes and eyebrows move..... everything.... I love Princess Deokman too..... Lee Yo Won did really a great job..... But Ko Hyun Jung is the BEST and AMAZING!

Other people comparing Jumong and Queen Seon Deok..... they want to know who is the BEST KOREAN HISTORICAL DRAMA SERIES OF ALL TIME.... They are both the BEST.... but for me, the winner is Queen Seon Deok...... when I watch this, hopefully they extended the episodes not just in 62, but 72..... Hopefully, Song Il Gook who played Jumong and Lee Yo Won who played Queen Seon Deok have a drama project sooon..... I want to have their tandem also..... I think they are cute.... Hope the MBC ( Munhwa Broadcasting Company ) read this and grant my request...... I want to see them in Korean Historical Drama Series...... :) Thanks everyone


Neville Meena on May 28, 2012:

The filam has just ended in Tanzania's ITV. It was very interesting one. Bi dam, Dokman, Yusin and Mishil among others made this filam of a life time I have never seen before. It is more than nice drama. Keep it up! I'll never forget the Great Quieen in my life.

Faraj munha on April 13, 2012:


tteeyyenwwhy on February 13, 2012:

i just came across this show and, man, I can't express just how lucky i am to have found it on Hulu.com. oh, the drama is just incredible. the mind-game or mind-dual between deokman and Mishil was just amazing. I was glad that deokman won in the end but i was also sad to see Mishil die as well because she was just as incredible in her own ways. man, this show made me stay up until 5am every night. the subtitles really got me thru. I really love this show! It really shows how much one has to be to be a great strategist to be a great leader. Love this show.

koreafan on February 03, 2012:

Great post. Thanks for taking the time to put all this information up. I absolutely love the costumes.

nor shafinaz (deokshin) on August 16, 2011:


i am QSD fans (yu shin-de0kman)fr0m malaysia...:)....i really like dis site....s0 interesting...i read the c0mments....n i like all 0f u 0pini0n ab0ut QSD....n i agree that QSD is the best saeguk drama....^-^V...i hve the 0riginal dvd 0f QSD n i keep watching again n again...yeah, really sad ending...i h0pe yushin n de0kman will be t0gether....but, i kn0w i must accept the reality 0f the ending....last week, i finish watched R0ad No.1 (hve a l0w rating KD) but i think it's interesting drama....i l0ve the sc0nd lead male y00n kye sang in this drama....

Lin Lin from New Jersey, USA on August 07, 2011:

This drama series has just finished airing in NJ, USA a few months ago. It is an excellent K-drama, very well produced. The script is outstanding, the acting is believable, and the cast is very well chosen. The ending, though sad, is moving and truthful. On the road to power, one may lose the most precious thing in life, and love without trust only leads to disaster and sorrow. Every time I watch the ending, I can’t stop crying. In real life, there are many like Queen Seon Deok, who seem to have everything, yet can’t hold on to anything. The ending makes one think carefully of what’s really important in life.

My favorite Korean Drama to this day is still “the Return of Iljimae”, partially because of the great finale. It leaves me with peaceful and bitter-sweet feeling, another reason is the lead, the young and talented actor, Jung IL Woo and I wrote quite a few hubs concerning this drama mini-series. Also, the actress, who played Queen Seon Deok stars in a new drama series with Jung Il Woo, called “49 Days”, the pair looks great together, and the story is another tearjerker.

Nargiza on June 28, 2011:

I'm understanding this film.It is very interesting and historical film.In my opinion Korea is so rich in history.There are three great kingdom.There is Silla.Every national want to learn own history and like it.Thus rule of Kim yushin, Lady mi shel role and Princess Deukman are serious roles and interesting.I want to know this film's actors and actress.If I make historical film, I invite Lee Yo Won to historical role I respect him and so

Nargiza on June 28, 2011:

i like very very............this film I am interested in historical films of Korea and nowadayds I am trying to learn korean language and the history of Korea.in my opinion Princess Deokman lokks like Tomaris(She was quenn of massagets tribes in ancient Sugd now Uzbekistan.she was brave and intellgent queen)Princess Doeukman is so clever and intelgent girls.I respect her.Please, come to our motherland in Uzbekistan.

nargiza on June 28, 2011:

This film is one of the the best films and I like it.Nowadays this film is shown by Uzbekistan channel.Nearly majority of people like it and we must know about information this film

nargiza on June 28, 2011:

This film is one of the the best films and I like it.Nowadays this film is shown by Uzbekistan channel.Nearly majority of people like it and we must know about information this film

snduri on June 20, 2011:

hello, Ate Febrie! I just wanted to say thank you again. I love all of this Korean Dramas. It seems like that's all I watch lately. I don't know if anyone feels this way but, I feel so much, lately, you know. I needed to cry and lately That's all I do specially when I'm watching one of this Korean dramas. They really touch me emotional. Crying is good, it's not good to bottle it inside. Bye Salama Po. Sandra.

amara on June 20, 2011:

ulang kembali filmnya ku mohon

snduri on June 18, 2011:

I love this page, you did a great job with the research of the History on the real Silla kingdom and its 27th ruler Great Queen Deok Seok. I crossed referece with other pages to search for Lady Mi Shill and I had same problem; she was not mention at the same period of Queen Seok Deok. Maybe you think they purposely change history to forget her existence or some thing like that, in many kingdoms' the history was altered and written (log) differently as not to give that person too much glory. Just maybe....or maybe the writers of this series just wanted to make it more exiting. Anyway I did like Lady Mi Shill role, because not only was she smart, but also she was a powerful woman who stand up against many obstacles and came out winning. You could learn a lot from her, and even princess Deokman said that she was a wonder opponent and that because of her she became who she was. In other words she learned from her. I'm just saying that according to the series, Lady Mi shill was a great character as well. I actually felt sorry for her and her struggles since she also loved the Silla nation. For some reason she was not good enough to became a queen; but her bravado, smartness and courage can not be denied. Every one can see that she was relentless in her pursue to become a queen. This actor did a wonderful job in portraying that role and I loved her facial expressions as well. I did love the role of Bidam as well, the son that she abandon. That was cruel, but coincidentally and amazingly despite that Bidam did not grow up with her, he was the one that most inherited her personality and in reality that's what really happens with children with up sent parents that's the wonder of DNA. Hahahaha, I really got into this drama series and I love all the details and the brain twisting dilemmas and planning all the plotting and skimming of the nobles, I'm telling you rich people never change they just change names and colors but under the skirts they are the same devils. Finally I love my little princess Deokman, with out her they would have a Queen seokDeok, she was great, witty and funny, very smart and innocent at the same time. I read that some folklore mention about some white frogs croaking and that she unravel the meaning of that, to mean that angry men from the west? were coming to war against Silla; that was amazing for a child to come up with all of that a her own. I guess orientals embellish into that dip philosophical and color coding of everything. I mean who thought them that? for a tree to a flower, from a frog to a butterfly, a meaning to everything, mindbogglingly to me. Kiss and hugs to you, love your paper again, very much appreciated. Sandra

muhtar on May 17, 2011:

Saya Kagum dengan apa yang ada dalam cerita.

hanski on April 26, 2011:

im also watching 49 days too! its a great drama. i love lee yo won! :-)

ilovveKHJ! on April 25, 2011:

Even if kho hyun jung is the villain i still like her .shes the best actress for me !this show is great .

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on March 28, 2011:

Hi Maria, Hanski, Vhenn, and all my friends, recently I watch 49 Days, it's just great! All the casts are great, Lee Yo Won played brilliantly there, two characters just in a blink! great actress and Jung Il Woo, he's fantastic as a Reaper Soul!

And I also watch Sign too, so intense and fast.

Thank you for always visiting me :) Have a great day everybody!

hanski on March 26, 2011:

hi febrie, and to all of you here!

Marie: my princess is now airing in abs-cbn and i just got bewildered because most of the lead actors came from the k-dramas that were aired in the rival network GMA7. like kim tae hee-winter sonata, song seung hun-east of eden and park ye jin-queen seon dok.

i learned abs got the rights to it even while it was still airing in seoul. however, i don't know how i could reconcile the fact because KTH here plays a long lost princess who is supposed to be a fan of "Mishil" (from QSD) and Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace)--both saeguk dramas were aired in GMA and so is that ok with ABS? Oh well i guess it is, i just hope they wouldn't edit that part KTH was acting like Mishil...

anyways, i guess as long as it is aired in the Philippines and we got to watch it dubbed in Tagalog, its ok. coz the drama is really so good, one of the best, if not the one, romantic comedy that no one should miss...

and have you watched LYW's movie the Recipe?

Febrie: thanks for the baker king review.. you really do well in making drama and movie reviews...

hope to see all of you here again...regards vhenn, belated happy valentines day too! ;-)

Stanley on March 13, 2011:

Just want to say... This is the best ancient love drama story i have ever seen with such a fantastic and heartwarming Soundtracks! My tears always fall when i hear all the touching parts and happiness and laughter filled me when i hear the happy moments! Well done Queen Seon Dok Cast!! Thank you very much!

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on March 06, 2011:

thanks Febrie wait for my Lee Yo won hub soon

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on March 06, 2011:

Maria, I love your hub for Cyrano Agency, and 49 days looks promising and only 16 episodes! You can try dramacrazy.net or mysoju.com for Korean dramas.

Have a nice day!

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on March 06, 2011:

febrie haven't heard about Mary, but I already made one hub about Cyrano Agency, at least it's not a soap opera but a movie... I am waiting for LYW's 49 days and it is showing this march, hope you can share me a l;ink where I can watch it.

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on March 06, 2011:

febrie haven't heard about Mary, but I already made one hub about Cyrano Agency, at least it's not a soap opera but a movie... I am waiting for LYW's 49 days and it is showing this march, hope you can share me a l;ink where I can watch it.

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on March 05, 2011:

Happy Valentine's Day to you Vhenn! how're you?

I loke Personal Taste too, Jeon Jin-ho's friend, the guy who wears glasses, it's hilarious.

Thank you for visiting Vhenn, and let's see, if I have time, maybe I'll make a hub about Mary haha..(I have many hubs about Korean drama and I feel a little bit embarrass here haha)

vhenn_marie8477 on March 02, 2011:

eow evryone!!

even though its quite late but still i want to greet u all a belated happy valentines, those who still frequent this hub and to febrie.

lately i been also addicted to watching k-drama, and falling in loved with it. im more partial though to romantic, comedy flicks, im not up to long drama like QSD w/c broke my heart bcoz of the sad ending. I think i could not afford another QSD so i stir out of them for the time being..

so far i liked personal taste where Jung-Pyo(boy's over flower) acted on a mature role, he is very cute though whatever his role is.

i dont know bout u guys but im recently in loved with Mary stayed out all night. the drama was really cute and and so easy to watch. for those of you who already watched it i would like to hear some of your comments regarding this k-drama and febrie if you have sometime, please can u do hub also for Mary stayed out all night(heard that this was also a hit in korea) and i also want some info regrding the lead actor Jang Geun Suk. I also like their OST whic the lead actor sung and composed for this particular drama.

il be lookig forward to your posted comments, im sorry though im not much of a fan of Baker King, i didnt watched it although it was aired here.

il be back soon to browse, loved to hear from u guys

vhenn_marie8477 on March 02, 2011:

eow evryone!!

even though its quite late but still i want to greet u all a belated happy valentines, those who still frequent this hub and to febrie.

lately i been also addicted to watching k-drama, and falling in loved with it. im more partial though to romantic, comedy flicks, im not up to long drama like QSD w/c broke my heart bcoz of the sad ending. I think i could not afford another QSD so i stir out of them for the time being..

so far i liked personal taste where Jung-Pyo(boy's over flower) acted on a mature role, he is very cute though whatever his role is.

i dont know bout u guys but im recently in loved with Mary stayed out all night. the drama was really cute and and so easy to watch. for those of you who already watched it i would like to hear some of your comments regarding this k-drama and febrie if you have sometime, please can u do hub also for Mary stayed out all night(heard that this was also a hit in korea) and i also want some info regrding the lead actor Jang Geun Suk. I also like their OST whic the lead actor sung and composed for this particular drama.

il be lookig forward to your posted comments, im sorry though im not much of a fan of Baker King, i didnt watched it although it was aired here.

il be back soon to browse, loved to hear from u guys

hanski on February 20, 2011:

hi maria! yup you're right =)

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on February 16, 2011:

Hanski; febrie, and the rest looks like we have our temporary house while waiting for the soap opera of our favorite actors and actress... see you there...

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on February 16, 2011:

Maria and Hanski, I have already made the Kim Tak Goo's hub, here it is :


Check it out :)

hanski on February 14, 2011:

@febrie, maria, vhenn, and to all...happy valentines day!

yes, please, febrie, if you have time to blog about kim tak gu. tnx! yes i love to bake. but im not a master baker (not yet...hahaha) wish i could give you guys a taste...maybe one day, who knows? ;-)

anyway, i understand why maria is fascinated with tak gu's father. he played stepfather to jumong in the jumong series. i would also be watching cyrano agency because of uhm tae wong.

oh my! seems like i found myself good friends who are k-drama addicts...super like! =)

thanks febrie, will wait for your review on kim tak gu =)

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on February 14, 2011:

Febrie hahahaha I don't know tak gu's father just fascinated me hahahaha...I saw one BTS of LYW's 49 days and they had that photo of Goseuong Building but I forgot the name of the building but it has Paris something not sure if Paris bread?

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on February 14, 2011:

Happy Valentine's Day Maria! I haven't watched Cyrano, I think it's interesting too, I'll have a look.

I never think that somehow you're fall with Tak Goo's dad hahaha...Many Indonesian girls fall easily with Gu Ma Joon /Joo Won.

Ok, I'll make it, just wait for it :)

Thank you for visiting me again!

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on February 12, 2011:

Happy valentines friends nice to see you all here again.. I think I need to watch all those that you have mentioned I just need to know how.... I am curious about KNG's movie, by the way I found a Dvd of Cyrano Agency of Uhm Tae wong, with English Translation, it's a good love story too and very short... no doubt tae wong is really a good actor, hope to see him in soap opera again... I am counting also on how long are we going to wait for Kim nam gil, Tak goo of baker king reminds me of him well in some acting and facial expression

well febrie I guess you need to make a hub for baker king, and find me more interesting trivia about his father hahahaha

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on February 12, 2011:

Hi hanski,

Actually, I don't have any plan to write about Tak Goo, but ok, I think I'll start to write it, I love Kim Tak Goo anyway :)

I haven't watched my princess yet, but I'm going have to try. Oh my..you baked choco-banana bread! do you have a plan to share with me? please?

Happy Valentine's Day hanski!!

hanski on February 11, 2011:

hi febrie!

hey! im glad to know you've also watched kim tak gu. i would appreciate it if you also make some review about it in English so i can also post comments there. haven't seen the others except i started episode 1 of secret garden but i guess my princess is still my best bet. however, since QSD, i haven't seen a good historical movie that really moved me to tears.

about KNG, yes i was thinking the same thing. but i think kim gyu ri is a known korean actress in the erotic genre. (i checked out her profile of movies and dramas). and i think that min in do was just one of her serious roles. and as you mentioned in your previous comments, i agree with you that most , if not all, korean actors and actresses are somewhat daring and adventurous when it comes to accepting sexy roles like this. Uhm Tae Wong also is a liberated actor.

febrie, tell me when your english review of kim tak gu (baker king) is out so i can read it and have fun posting comments. in fact, just now, i baked my very own choco-banana bread!

have a nice day to marie, vhenn and to all! =)

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on February 11, 2011:

@ Hanski, how are you?! thank you for visiting me again :)

Yes, I enjoyed Kim Tak Goo too, Personal Taste, Playful Kiss, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and Secret Garden. We're addicted. I agree :)

I made some recaps about Kim Tak goo, but in my own languange. And just from ep 20 to 30. Just love the Bong Bread, the corn-barley bread, yummy..

You mentioned about Portrait of a beauty (Min In Do), and I can not understand, how KNG and Kim Min Sun (Kim Gyu Ri) did that? They did that in front of many people. I think KNG should marry that lady haha...just kidding. Both are great in acting, I'm speechless too.

@ Maria, I miss you...haha

@ Vhen_marie8477, hi and I'm just great :) Happy New Year, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Seollal. You're right, it's hard to find another series like QSD.

Kumusta in Indonesian is Apa kabar?

@ Joy, thank you for visiting.

joy on February 08, 2011:

I loved this drama so much. I was really impressed with Ms. Lee Yowon. Now, I am waiting for her next drama, hope I will not be waiting so long, missed her. BTW, you have a great discussion here, amazing.

vhenn_marie8477 on January 28, 2011:

helu everyone!! im also back after a while.. i sorely missed QSD and East of Eden didnt measure up as i expected.. I also watch Baker King but not avidly. Im still longing for another series that would make me fall in loved liked QSD but until now i couldnt find one, nothing can compare..

And i also missed the people that i exchanged ideas and opinions here and to say Kumusta to Febrie?( that means how are you? in Filipono)

loved to hear from you guys..

il drop by again soon..

hanski on January 26, 2011:

and maria, i like song seung hun (east of eden) he reminds of bidam. he's in My Princess too the male lead actor in the drama. he plays the diplomat in charge of educating the princess in foreign studies and etiquette. ;-)

hanski on January 26, 2011:

hi maria! hi! its good to hear from you too. now, we're on to something new. i hope febrie's gonna do another blog about baker king. and yes i heard about lee yo won's movie, surprise party. saw it at mysoju.com. hey, i want to watch Handphone but i can't find a link...

i got to watch Portrait of a Beauty and my, i was speechless...but definitely KNG's got great acting, really. and i hate how it ended but it was still a great story.

anyway, what else did i watch...a little of "frozen flower" (its a good movie though so liberated) it has a superb storyline. but right now, i want to finish my princess. park ye jin (princess cheonmyeong, queen seon deok) plays bad here and i have a feeling im gonna hate her the same way i hate han eun jung in full house. besides lee yo won, i love kim tae hee too. i hope to see them together in a movie or drama. i hope after GMA7 airs baker king they'll line up My Princess next.

;-) so what have you been up to lately?

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on January 25, 2011:

HI Hanski I just dropped by and nice to see you here.. I watched east of eden too and came to like Lee Yung Hae and I am also hooked on baker king and like the baker King's father hahahaha...I like to bake too but I love too eat more.....

I am missing Lee Yo won and I heard she will have a new soap opera this coming march and the title is 49 days

Reyn I wonder why you hate the Channel, what worst did it do to you?Just enjoy that shows and don't get too involved, just a piece of advice.

hanski on January 25, 2011:

hi febrie! its been a long time and i missed this hub of yours. i neglected doing a follow-up sequence of my own version of QSD ending. even then, i hope the QSD continue to rock!

after QSD, i watched East of Eden, but i was not much of a follower of this show. now, i'm hooked on baker king (king of baking, kim tak gu). its a very nice drama and also because of the fact, i like to bake too.

other than kim tak gu, and Bad guy, i am also watching in MySoju.com, My Princess, Temptation of Wife (which is too long)and Athena: Goddess of War.. geezzz... i think im getting addicted to k-drama...

hehehehe! ;-)

lem on December 30, 2010:

temptation of wife is great!!haha

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on December 22, 2010:

Hi reyn, thank's for visiting!

reyn on December 10, 2010:

this drama is very great!

this dragged me to tune in to my hatest channel in the Philippines. when QSD was aired in the philippines like about past few months now since it lasted, i really had my eye glued to the tv at 10pm. unfortunately, i used to hate the tv network, i stopped watching it and bought a dvd instead! gosh! the drama is packed with so much episodes! like i watched it nearly 12 hours a day in 1 week! for me, QSD must have been greater if it was aired on the rival network! this drama was unfortunate in the philippines cuz it only had the high ratings on the the first few months and flopped on the succeeding months.

but generaly, it is a huge drama!

IZZA on December 04, 2010:


yumie on December 03, 2010:

can i ask if chunchu had gotten married in real life

lem on November 27, 2010:

thanks for the info..hope it'll be aired here in the philippines..

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on November 22, 2010:

Hi lem, there is a new video of Yo Won Lee, The Recipe (2009), have you seen it? Actually it's an old movie, but it's just released in South Korea at 2010/10/21. This movie used to cast Kim Nam Gil as Kim Hyeon soo, but they replaced him with Lee Dong Wook. And Lee Dong Wook has mustache here hahaha...

lem on November 13, 2010:

i miss lee yo won.is there any show she's doing currently?

dyah on October 21, 2010:

My God this is the first ever drama movie which really touch my every single corner of mind. even i am dreaming to come to the old shilla in korea... so please heeeeeelpppppppp to make it true

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on September 28, 2010:

Hi Maria, try googling it. I didn't watch handphone in youtube, but I forgot the site :)

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on September 24, 2010:

febrie handphone is nolonger at youtube

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on September 16, 2010:

oh I see I did not see the part that he strangled his wife what I saw was they were embracing each other.. I had a feeling that my guess is the opposite of what happened in the story... it was a very tragic story. who was the lawyer that he was jealous about?definitely a different utw that I have seen in QSD

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on September 16, 2010:

Maria, I've seen it again. The man who got UTW handphone, Jung Lee Gyu went to UTW house and made UTW's wife as his hostage. Jung Lee Gyu asked Seung Min to cut KNG (Yun ho)'s arm and barter it with his wife.

UTW almost cut KNG's arm but made up his mind and drove back home. UTW sneaked into his house through the broken window and fought with Lee Gyu. But before that, Lee gyu opened the gas that's why there was an explosion. I think UTW who set the fire.

I think UTW was the one who killed Lee Gyu, he hit him until dead. UTW strangled his wife too. And UTW was also badly injured. The man who showed him a picture was a police captain who told him that the baby was his. According to the DNA's report, and that his wife was not die because of the fire, but because of suffocation. That made UTW broke into tears.

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on September 13, 2010:

I am not sure coz I haven't watch the movie in full but i watch the last part, I saw UTW with scars at the side of his face, then this man came with a picture of his wife with somebody and it looked like they had a relationship, then he got something from his drawer looks like a copy of ultrasound result, which has bloodstained in it, then he cried and shouted, well he realized maybe that he was not the father of the child. that was the ending.. about the wife, I am not sure, but she was the one who killed the man who got UTW's celphone, how she killed him, during the man and his husband's commotion, i skipped sorry, then something exploded, I am not sure if she's inside that place that exploded, I guess I need to watch it again...

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on September 13, 2010:

Maria, the end of this movie is shocking. Did Oh seung min kill his own wife and his unborn baby? because he's jealous with the lawyer? And that's the reason why he's crazy over his missing Hand phone, more than the sex-video.

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on September 13, 2010:

you see UTW is wild, and KNG is shrewd..hahaha but I saw Bidam smile when he received the bribe...I think UTW had done wild roles too in his past film, I think Koreans are liberated, only LYW is not

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on September 09, 2010:

Maria, yes, it's shocking too :) watched KNG in that video with that girl haha, and UTW with those women..but I laughed aloud watching Kim Nam Gil was bullied by Uhm and his assistant, when Uhm was spreading the liquid glue all over KNG face and threatening him with his light then UTW made KNG's poster fell over KNG's head hahaha..

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on September 09, 2010:

Febrie I watched handphone episode 1 and I was surprised to see Uhm tae wong singing wildly he took off his clothes left only shorts and he was dancing with a woman without bra.... hahahah it's hard to believe when you get used to him as the formal yushin rang...

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on September 09, 2010:

FEbrie even though I dont understand it, I think it's good movie, UTW is also very funny there, though it was a serious role....and he is goodlooking..but both him and KNG smoked in the movie..... typical man of the world.. I think I miss LYW when I saw them

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on September 09, 2010:

Maria, yes Handphone came out first, and there are many cameos there, like Kim Nam Gil, Seo Woo (Cinderella Unni), and Kim Yoo Seok (currently in Dong Yi)and many more..:)

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on September 08, 2010:

Febrie handphone came out first before Queen Seon Deok

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on September 07, 2010:

FEbrie, kindly check which came out first if QSD or handphone or during QSD. Even UTW here is so different, he can actually hurt his talent a female. I think it's a good movie..

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on September 07, 2010:

@ Cire-Phils and KSA, I think they don't have a plan to make a sequel of QSD dan DAe Jang Geum. That's the way Korean movie makers work.

@ Maria, it's strange isn't it to watch Kim Nam Gil on his previous role after watch him as Bi Dam haha..but he's really a daring actor, thank you for sharing!

@ Luiza, hi! we're doing just fine girl! I've seen the video, yes Nam Gil-sshi is great. Thank you for sharing this video.

Luiza on September 07, 2010:

Hello Febrie, Maria and you all! Long time no see... how r u all?

I'm sorry for not posting a comment here for such a long time, but i missed this page ;)

Here's a video with KNG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE-cJJ5YGqA isn't he cuteeee?

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on September 07, 2010:

Febrie just want to tell you about Handphone I watched 2/13 episode and you are right about Kim nam gil on daring roles, he was the one making love with a woman in a handphone video, and that woman was UHM tae wong's talent, with a sweet image... it was a funny movie, so happy to see them in a very awkward role, and how UTW run after KNG here. Imagine KNG accepting payment or bribe from UTW in exchanged of the video.. KNG's role is so humiliating here but so amuse to see them in a different light hahahah

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on September 05, 2010:

CIRA-Phil and KSA not sure about it I think Febrie can answer you better she is more updated I think

About lee yo won yes my favorite actress is maintaining a sweet image, I saw few of her films with kissing scene, the shot is always very far.... was she like even when she was not married yet?

Cire-Phils and KSA on September 05, 2010:

Maria and Febrie, is there any arrangement from the Director of these two great and smart/witty movies-QSD and Dae Jung Geum for a second movies (PART II)....really love these 2 movies..

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on September 03, 2010:

Maria, I heard Kim Nam Gil was only cameo in Handphone.

Daring roles? how daring? hahaha..I'm not sure with Uhm Tae Woong but yes about Kim Nam Gil.

Ms. Lee Yo Won is always very careful with romantic scenes, yes..she's always like that.

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on September 03, 2010:

febrie looks like I will need someone to translate to me some interesting korean movie, saw episode 13 or Handphone of Uhm tae wong and Kim nam gil was there.. You think these actors are also capable of daring roles? looks like Lee Yo Won is the real limited when it comes to love scenes..

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on September 03, 2010:

Hi Maria, yes I've watched Frozen Flower :) Jo In Sung is so great haha..yes, this film was controversial because of the homosexual's love between the King and his General, and gained many viewers just for its first week :)

I'm not sure why, but Korean movie tends to be more free, like this movie, have you seen Portrait of a Beauty? Kim Nam Gil and Kim Min Sun's acting were ..wow speechless. And it's a saeguk movie too.

@Karen, thank's for visiting!

@Lem, it's a traditional film or historical film.

hi stephanie :)

stephanie jane on September 02, 2010:


lem on September 01, 2010:

what is saeguk films?

karen on September 01, 2010:

hi! ate febriedethan i like your coments i like lee yo won very very much bcuz she is a good actress and yoo seung ho is so very cute and charm


karen on August 31, 2010:

quen seon deok is the best major major ever i am so interesting in this story all of the korean novela ever lee yo won is so very good actress and she is so beautiful kim nam gil as so very handsome ever

karen on August 31, 2010:

i love you yo seung ho very very much all of my life

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on August 30, 2010:

I'm a bit confuse because we all know that Saeguk even a simple kiss is not allowed, I saw one saeguk movie, I think the title is "Frozen Flower", I am just curious about how korean's made their movies, or simply because it's a movie, Lovescenes are allowed? are you familiar with this movie?

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on August 30, 2010:

I'm a bit confuse because we all know that Saeguk even a simple kiss is not allowed, I saw one saeguk movie, I think the title is "Frozen Flower", I am just curious about how korean's made their movies, or simply because it's a movie, Lovescenes are allowed? are you familiar with this movie?

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on August 29, 2010:

@Maria, yes, Siyeol, he's the closest friend of Deokman and the other interesting character for me is San Tak, who was in the end, acted bravery and made Bi Dam realized that it was all Yeomjong's made up

And welcome my site's caretaker haha..you just don't know how much I appreciate it, thank you!!

Ok, I think you can ask about Saeguk here, if I know the answer I may help you, but If I don't, we may seek it together :)

@QSD and Lem..thank's for visiting!

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on August 27, 2010:

Febrie I have a question about seguk films in Korea, but not sure if this it is appropriate to ask here where ever7body can see?

lem on August 27, 2010:

..i really missed qsd!!!

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on August 24, 2010:

I always like the character of Siyeol,from nangdo days, and I believed one of the scenes where LYW had great acting was the one with him... who is Siyeol he is the most coward nangdo but always at Deokman's rescue even if he can't fight and always ended up beaten... I always like his scene with LYW when Deokman slapped him on the face and attempted to punch him but she too was stopping herself, she said I hate you for making me feel I need to kill you in order for me to survive... his role was short he died in war... Jukbang and godo did well too, of course sohwa when she was younger, I can't forget her when the king told her to help the queen deliver the baby, and also her reaction when the king entrusted the baby to her.... she was good, in fact she made me panic when she hesitated to bring the baby with her and attempted to leave her to the palace guard..

QSD on August 23, 2010:

Outside of the 4 main leads actors of Deokman, Yushin, Bidam, and Mishil, is there one or more other character that you like? For me, I like Jukbang for his comical scenes and as a side-kick of Deokman when she was in the nangdo days. I also adore Alcheon for his loyalty to the queen.

I believe one of the reasons why QSD was so successful because there are many loveable characters. It seems I don’t dislike any of the whole cast, well, maybe for Yeomjong or Chunchu in the beginning or the king. But none of them would drive my blood pressure to the rooftop. It’s rare for a historical period drama that has no one that would annoy the hell out of you.

alicious on August 23, 2010:

Cruel love is such a depressing story...Lee Yo Won's character is so "subdued"

By the way what is RANG? I read Yushin Rang, Alcheon Rang etc...

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on August 22, 2010:

My favorites for life, of course QSD, Cruel Love, Sassy Girl Chunyang, Jewel in the Palace, Jumong, endless love, stairway to heaven. but only Lee Yo won and Uhm tae wong made a mark in my heart.... but I admire Lee Yung Ae too...

It's ok Febrie, I proclaimed myself as your site's caretaker hahaha

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on August 21, 2010:

@Maria, wow you're really a busy woman haha.. Good luck for you Maria and thank you for always visiting us :)

@Alicious, I think Maria is right, you may check your spam folder first.

And my favorites are :

Goong/Princess Hours

Coffee Prince

Full House (I really love the OST)

My Lovely Kim Sam Soon

You're Beautiful

For saegeuk : QSD and Dae Jang Geum.

@Mightachilles, We're doing just fine, thank you so much :) And I miss this drama too...

@Danee, yes, I hope soo, one day.

Thank you for visiting guys!

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on August 19, 2010:

Alicious check your spam folder, sometime it goes there..

Danny I mean the most important man in the Philippines... Office anniversary and our President is a guest...

Dannee on August 18, 2010:

Hi everyone!

Feb! I am hoping for that day that we could visit S.Korea and tour around Gyeongju. Shilla museum sounds a good place to see too! =) And also pay a visit to the tombs of the great general Yushin and the Queen.

@Maria: Who's that most popular Filipino in the world? Manny Pacquiao? Lea Salonga? =D that's so cool! I wish I could see CATS!

Mightachilles on August 18, 2010:

assalamu'alaikum.. .

i hope everyone is fine. . .

i miss that drama . . .sana may replay. . .hindi ako magsasawa kakapanood . . .i llove QSD. . .

alicious on August 17, 2010:

How come we don't get yahoo notifications for the replies we get for our comments?

Back to Korea novelas...I almost viewed all the dramas being shown on GMA and my top picks are...

Coffee Prince

Kim Sam Soon

Fated To Love You

Stairway to Heaven

One Liter of Tears

These are just contemporary dramas, period and historical dramas like QSD and Jumong are of course TOPS!!!

How about you?

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on August 17, 2010:

wow how long have I been out too many comments feb... well looks like it happened to me too, too sad for funny reasons, I was sad for a week after QSD, coinciding with busy scheds from work, 2 days seminar and anniversary celebration, and breakfast with the most popular filipino in the world(hahahah)... anyway QSD and Lee yo won is in my heart, still need to finish my QSD and the challenge of TV Photography... just keep on posting guys..

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on August 17, 2010:

@alicious, Bi Dam is from Shilla, Korea. Yes, too bad, the information about him just a little, maybe if we visit Korean site or Google.kr, we may find other info about him, too bad I can not speak Korean haha..

And yes, Lee Yo Won-sshi is married to Korean golfer Mr. Park Jin Woo and has a daughter (about 6 or 7 years old now) Here is the video :


@Lem, yes, you may check Lee Yo Won wedding for that link.

@Sdabidam, nice to see you here :)

Thank you guys! QSD rocks!

Sdabidam on August 17, 2010:

Yes , I'll ..

Bidam Rang .. Yushin Rang .. Seolwon Rang .. Deok Man Rang

alicious on August 17, 2010:

@lem; yeah i was surprised about it too, she has a six year old child too...

Too bad I only discovered this site yesterday, QSD have already ended here ih the Philippines, so am quite late...I'm watching East of Eden at GMA and I must say that am "adjusting" bec after watching QSD for more than 7 mos which is a period historical drama, here comes East of Eden a contemporary drama with present day time and setting...the lead character is very good and acting is intense.

lem on August 17, 2010:

really?lee yo won is already married..? how sad(for me).but i'm happy for her..

alicious on August 17, 2010:

For Feb and all, I've been searching for Lord Bidam of Silla but it seems there's no available info about him...of course he is not Mishil's son in real history. Is he from Japan or China?

The scriptwriter of QSD is great, in the last scenes he was able to manipulate and make viewers glued to QSD bec of great dialogues...although I felt that when Mishil died it was a bit boring for a while...

@Feb, you know this is the only site that I was somehow convince to join in the discussions...I was watching the videos and was surprised to see Lee Won's wedding!!!

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