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The Graphic Details of Misato's Death in The End of Evangelion

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To begin with, be warned. Firstly, we have spoilers up ahead, although I’m not sure if graphic death is even relevant in cases of animations.

It’s common knowledge that the Neon Genesis Evangelion is unsettling at some point. But for me, it’s halfway from being nongraphic, to pure gore. Anime series never shied away from stuffs like violence and sex. But some series simply took it too far. Fans of Victory Gundam knew it too well, while the raw gore of Muv luv and Attack on Titans will trigger the kinks within people. And going back to the Evangelion series, sure it’s not meant for the younger audience, but at least it never featured a lot of dismemberment, hacking and splatters. That’s just me, but tolerance for gore might differ among people. I mean in terms of brutality, mecha series like Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny has more splattered cuties. Somehow the developers seem to have a thing for sexy ladies getting shot in the gut. But the Evangelion series beat any disturbing anime in terms of mental torment.

Then, my friend reckoned that I’m not looking hard enough. He suggested getting stills of Misato’s final moments. You know, when she got blown after her back ate a bullet. Her life went to pieces, and literally she ended like that.

Death of Misato

Thanks to you Shinji, she died!

Thanks to you Shinji, she died!

My friend joked that the events prior to Misato’s death defied logic, but she met her demise while trying to save the broken Shinji.

Shinji was in a state of suicidal defeat, and nearly died if not for Misato. The girl was armed with just a pistol, but she managed to kill three soldiers working for the Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force. As my friend said, she will be strafed if this happened in real life. Can you imagine what would happen if a girl with just basic combat training goes running head on towards well trained commandos? I mean her sole weapon was a pistol, while the soldiers are packing assault rifles, and plate carriers. Misato could have died earlier with Shinji at the mercy of the special forces, but this won’t be the End of Evangelion if the mecha babe died early. Hence, she managed to kill the soldiers and took the still useless Shinji to the Unit 01.

And we could say that Misato lived if not for Shinji.

Thanks to the still broken Shinji, Misato received a bullet to the back as she shoved him to the launch bay door. And the injured Misato goes to drama mode, to put Shinji to his senses. And nearing her end, her pedo drive overcame her judgement, and she kissed Shinji before giving him her pendant. The soldiers then blew the area, ripping Misato apart as the ever-creepy Rei watches.

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The sequence happened so fast that we barely noticed anything. While the image of Misato was reduced to just silhouette amid the flashes of explosions. But some sharp eyed fellow managed to get some stills, to reveal the gory details.

Her Dismembered Remains

Misato's upper torso (left). Misato's legs (right).

Misato's upper torso (left). Misato's legs (right).

Again, you could say that Anno was still sane enough to not gross his audience out, considering his masterpiece was already a mental trainwreck to begin with. Because if he is not in the mood, we will see the full graphic detail of Misato’s death. I mean Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny once flexed its bridge dolls getting microwaved. While going back to the End of Evangelion, the sequence happened so fast. But again, someone out there managed to obtain the stills. Now, the still is widely available on the internet, and the scene prior to that triggered some dark humor among forum fans, which will be mentioned below.

Seasoned fans are already familiar with that, but for the sake of the newbies, it goes like this. Misato got blown to pieces, which is exactly what you would expect from victims of explosions. And you want to know the full details?

See the still above? Only her silhouette could be seen, but we could see Misato’s outline perfectly well. Two of them. As she was torn in half when the floor blew. And the explosion ripped her by the waist, hence her upper torso could be seen flying away to the left, while her legs shot to the right. And of course, bisecting a female human by the abdomen will result to viscera flying out. The organs cannot be seen, and we are not sure if that long something pouring out from Misato’s upper torso and lower body are her intestines or not. It could blood splattering, but blood won’t appear like that in an explosion, hence we could assume that those are her intestines flying out.

And after this, my friend warned me to never tell a story again during lunch time.

Glimmer of Hope?

Misato, having the worst backache of her life.

Misato, having the worst backache of her life.

Her manner of death might not be desirable, but to the seasoned fans, Misato’s demise wasn’t as tragic as it appeared. Before she got blown, Rei stood near her, while her shredded jacket appeared later. It was soaked in a puddle of LCL, which was Misato’s own LCL. As it turned out, Rei arrived just in time, and she was able to collect Misato before things went messy. And the remains of her remains transformed into orange juice. Misato was saved before her demise, and the fact that she returned to her primordial form means she could come to life if she wanted to. The girl made it into Instrumentality. And like many of the elements of the Evangelion series, her death had deeper meanings. Death was a favorite subject in the Evangelion series, and in Misato’s case, it represented the demise of Shinji’s love. But interpretations differ among people, as the film was a virtual mind screw. It could mean something, everything or nothing. I mean Anno’s admittance that the crosses were there for decorations was anti-climactic

Still Meek

Rei standing near Misato before her death.

Rei standing near Misato before her death.

I will repeat, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a disturbed anime, but at least the deaths weren’t gory enough. It had a lot of nightmare fuel, but not enough gore to ruin your appetite. It never had the level of blood like that in Attack of Titans or Muv Luv. It doesn’t need to. The story itself is twisted enough to trigger the emotions inside us, though reactions also differ depending on people’s personality. In my case, yes, it was depressing, but anime like You’re Lie in April will surely ruin your happy mood without triggering your mental faculties. People even joked that the still showing Rei looming over the dying Misato is a meme material (hey Misato, are you drunk again...).

But one thing is for sure. Most anime are not for children.

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