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The Grand Illusion Of All Cable News Networks

Grand Illusions


Welcome My Friends To The Cable News Media Corporate Machine - Come Inside, Come Inside.

© By Drew A. Blanc - JKP

To enter you must first check your intellect at the door in order to proceed. The choice is then yours . . . the red or blue pill?

Choose the red pill, which will reveal unpleasant truths and the realities of our world that the blue pill takers want to hide. They do this by implementing constant deflections and deviations from the actual facts. But the red pill ultimately leads us all to prosperity through self-government, self-rule and self-determination. Through democracy and based on our constitution (as written - completely in tack) all of us will continue to reside in peace as true freedoms progressively flourish!

Alternatively, remain in a blissful ignorance child-like state and swallow the blue pill. This facade (disguised with magical pixie dust and lollipops for all) envelopes you with subtle drips of socialism through subjugation and re-education into the ways of globalism. The blue pill is the ultimate gateway to tyranny and anarchy, eventually leading Americans and our democracy to ruin.

Enter the cable news media corporate machine. They are beckoning you to enter their realm of non-existence. Only they, along with the "new" augmented state knows what's best for Americans. They are complicit with those seeking total control over every aspect of our lives. Which pill will you take?

I'm done with Fox news. Fox is just another side of the same indoctrination coin. The catalyst; Neil Cavuto cutting off Kaleigh McEnany last week during a press conference and Sandra Smith (off-camera) elitist comments complete with a patronizing smirk, regarding the election results. Independents like myself had an epiphany. Obviously, we can not trust what is broadcasted on ANY TV station at this moment in time.

I haven't trusted the left CNN propaganda machine for years. Case in recent point: CNN's Jim Sciutto stated last week, "Trump not conceding could put America in potential danger for another 9/11." What kind of inept, insane, delusional person would even concoct such a horrible hypothetical? This is not news. This type of rhetoric is outright hatred, propelled by their leftist agendas. Otherwise simply known as, wait for it, it's coming, are you ready -> socialist propaganda.

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Americans have always been conditioned to believe that the media are using their “freedom of the press" get out of jail card to give concise and honest news. Additionally, we have also believed in the press reporting our news objectively. The cable news media corporate machine can not and should not use their freedom of the press as a bully pulpit opportunity to help one candidate over the other. Frequently using deception, manipulation, half-truths and just outright lies. This is precisely what we are receiving today. The American people deserve to know the truth, not editorial hyperbole with obvious slants. All it amounts to is pure hullabaloo and poppycock.

Lastly, the American people are sick and tired of false narratives, manipulations of the truth, outrageous lies and subtle brainwashing. Deep down in we already knew about Fox. Too many past hints brewing away in our subconsciousness. It finally crystallized this past week. All by themselves, Fox proved how they are puppets, having their strings pulled by the master puppeteers, the news media corporate machine. I'm done with them all!

Side Note: Rarely do we see Fox and CNN cover important news except for when it involves catastrophes, floods, hurricanes, etc. As for hard news, neither Fox nor CNN can report the news that has any current significance outside of the political arena. We must seek other sources and avenues for the truth. I've found that if three or more sources at some point crisscross, then it's probable, at that intersection, there might be something that actually resembles the truth!

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