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A Written Perspective About The Graduation of Yuna Obata of the Girl Group Ske48

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A First Look at Yuna Obata of SKE48


Why is the Graduation of Yuna Obata Newsworthy?

There is an event that has been announced in the life of a Japanese pop music idol singer that deserves perspective and analysis. That event is the coming graduation of Yuna Obata, a member of the girl group SKE48. It is not the announced graduation itself that deserves the coverage but it is the fact that Obata made this announcement that she is leaving the group and she was only 17 years old at the time of this article's writing.

Why This Graduation is An Unusual Event

This is highly unusual because at 17 most Japanese idol singers are in the early part of their careers attending concerts, handshake events, release events for photo books and other similar events. I also consider it much unexpected that I would be writing about this story on a major writing website but I can say that the Universe shows us opportunities when we feel good.

Yuna Obata's Last Activities With SKE48

As for Yuna Obata of Team K2, she made the graduation announcement on February 12, 2019 during a performance of Team K2. Obata’s last day of activities with SKE48 will be on March 31, 2019 and her last attendance at a handshake event will be on April 6, 2019 at the venue called Metlife Dome in Tokyo. She took to Twitter to make a statement for her fans saying that she intends to enjoy her last days as an idol and she asked fans to support her until the very end.


When the Graduations Typically Happen for Japanese Idol Singers

If we analyze the graduations of members of these idol groups that have been announced over the years, these events usually occur when the singers are in their early to mid-20’s. Former SKE48 member Rena Matsui was 24 when she graduated. And of course, members such as Misa Eto of the group Nogizaka46 is 26 years old as she intends to graduate. Another SKE48 member Kaori Matsumura graduated from the group in October 2018 at age 28. But who is Yuna Obata?

A Short Video Clip of the Song Igai Ni Mango With Yuna Obata As Center

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Interesting Facts About Yuna Obata

  • Yuna’s hobbies include the decoration of sweets, dancing, and handicrafts.
  • Her favorite animals are dogs and hamsters.
  • She really enjoys eating cherries and macaroons.
  • Her favorite SKE48 member is Akari Suda.
  • She is skilled at doing classical ballet which she has studied for four years and smiling.
  • Yuna is the 5th member in SKE48 history to be chosen as a center for an A-side single and the 3rd one to receive a solo center spot. Yuna has been a center for the singles Igai ni Mango & Muishiki no Iro.
  • Her future ambitions are many including becoming a singer, dancer, actress, model & voice actress. She also intends to open a handicrafts store.
  • She is said to have parents that are surprisingly and improbably young parents. Her father is 20 years older than her while her mother is only 17 years older than her.
  • Favorite quotes by Yuna Obata are: “Thank you” and “Don't behave like a spoiled child. If you don't make the first move, that someday will never come.”

Yuna Obata Gets Named as A Center for a Single

Yuna Obata of girl group SKE48 was chosen as center for the single called Igai ni Mango. This is the 21st major single for this group. I know that I have written about the expansion of AKB48 into several different groups and that’s certainly a great thing. However, this news about Obata is no less significant. She has also been chosen as one of the highest ranking members for this single. Igai ni Mano was released on July 19, 2017. This announcement was made during a LIVE performance of the song called Seishun Girls by training members for SKE48. Following the song, theater manager Hiroshi Yuasa made the announcement about the Senbatsu Girls on June 5, 2017 which is now over 3 years ago and Obata’s name appeared on the screen. The other high ranking members for Igai ni Mango are:

  • Jurina Matsui
  • Akari Suda
  • Ryoha Kitagawa
  • Yuna Ego
  • Mina Oba
  • Sarina Soda
  • Akane Takayanagi
  • Saki Takeuchi
  • Yuzuki Hidaka
  • Nao Furuhata
  • Kanon Kimoto
  • Rara Goto
  • Ruka Kitano
  • Yukina Yahagi

Yuna Obata Expresses Her Thoughts On Being Named a Choreographic Center for a Song

Yuna Obata went on stage and expressed to the audience that she was happy and nervous at the same time to be chosen as a center and a high-ranking member for the first time. She would be happy to “show the goodness of the song and SKE48 in her own way.” She also mentioned about wanting to grow a lot through the process of being a center for this single. SKE48 members were scheduled to go overseas to film the PV (promotional video) for Igai ni Mango while dressed in swimwear. Being named as center for Igai Ni Mago is another significant moment for Obata as she is now no longer a member of SKE48.

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