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The Gift(2015): A Movie Review

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I knew I wanted to see The Gift when I first saw the movie trailer when it came out in theaters in July. I can usually judge from the trailer whether the movie seems interesting enough to see. The trailer fulfilled that purpose and I knew this was a movie that I just had to watch. The Gift is labeled as a mystery/thriller and it definitely lived up to that description. I am a big fan of Jason Bateman but this is the first movie I have seen him in that wasn't a comedy. I do believe he has talents in both the comedy world and in a movie of a more serious tone. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who wants to be thoroughly entertained and kind of scared at the same time. The Gift is now out on DVD and on Amazon instant video, where you can buy or rent movies.


The movie starts with a typical couple moving from Chicago to Los Angeles. They are looking for a new house and hoping to start over in a new place. They are a fairly young couple who have suffered a miscarriage and are hoping to start a family in their new home. Almost immediately, the husband, Simon (played by Jason Bateman), runs into an old high school friend in a store and they get to talking. Simon claims he doesn't really remember him from school but is friendly enough to keep up with the conversation. Simon introduces his old classmate, Gordo (played by Joel Edgerton), to his wife Robyn (played by Rebecca hall) and doesn't think much of it until he gets home and there is a gift waiting for him and his wife from Gordo. Again, the couple don't think much of the gift and think Gordo is just being friendly.


For Gordo, the gifts aren't enough, so he starts coming to the house when Simon is at work and spending time with Robyn. He even helps her set up the big screen television. Simon and Robyn decide to have Gordo over for dinner and they spend what looks to be an enjoyable time together, eating and drinking. After Gordo leaves, Simon again tells Robyn how he doesn't really remember much about Gordo from high school and how he is strange and his nickname was Gordo the Weirdo in school. It is obvious Robyn feels bad for Gordo so she tries to convince her husband to keep being nice to him because he doesn't seem to have many other friends.


The gifts continue coming, including fish for their outdoor pond and also food for the fish as well. Gordo also invites the couple for dinner at his house and after much convincing, Simon agrees to go but you can tell he isn't happy about it. Simon and Robyn are surprised when they get to Gordo's house and find a huge mansion. They had not expected this from their socially awkward friend. Unfortunately, Gordo gets a phone call while they are all having before dinner drinks and has to step out for awhile. Simon decides to take this opportunity to explore the house and find out what Gordo is hiding because something is obviously not right with him. Robyn tells Simon to let it go and be nice to Gordo but Simon has had enough and he tells Robyn everything that's on his mind about Gordo. He wants to cut him loose and never see him again. Gordo comes back from his mysterious phone call and says it was about work. Simon finally tells him that this friendship is just not going to work out for them. At this time, Gordo decides to let them in about his struggles with his wife who is divorcing him and taking his kids away. He says that is the reason he has been acting weird. Regardless, Simon and Robyn leave and hope that is the end of everything having to do with Gordo.

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Unfortunately, Gordo refuses to be forgotten. He writes a letter to Simon and Robyn apologizing for his behavior. They think that is a farewell note and they're done with him but sadly that is not the case. Next, their dog goes missing and they are sure that Gordo had something to do with it. They report their missing dog to the police and mention Gordo. It turns out that Gordo has not only lied about being married and having kids but also about the house he invited them to dinner at. Simon and Robyn find out that the house belongs to someone else and Gordo just worked for the real owners of the house and that's how he got access to it. It turns out that most of the things that Gordo told Simon and Robyn were a lie. The whole situation has stressed out Robyn and she begins taking pills to help her sleep. One day she collapses on the floor from the pills and doesn't wake up until hours later.


Things seem to be looking better for Simon and Robyn. For a few weeks they don't hear from Gordo at all and Robyn finds out that she is pregnant. Simon and Robyn wouldn't be more happy about the news and they start to decorate a baby's room and have a baby shower as the time gets closer. Still, Robyn can't shake of the feeling that there's more to the story than Simon is telling her about him and Gordo. Every time she brings up the past, Simon brushes her off and refuses to talk about it. Robyn decides to take matters into her own hands and find out the truth about what happened between her husband and Gordo in high school. She goes through Simon's desk and finds a whole file of information about Gordo. Apparently, Simon has been keeping tabs on him since high school. Next, Robyn asks Simon's sister about Gordo and she tells her what happened between Simon, Gordo, and another friend. Robyn decides to contact this other friend and that is when she finds out the truth about what really happened 20 years ago between Gordo and Simon.

Robyn can't believe that Simon has been lying to her all this time. It turns out that her husband is not as good of a guy as she had thought. Simon was actually a bully in high school and Gordo was his victim. Simon basically ruined Gordo's life and completely refused to take responsibility for it. Even 20 years later, Simon still refuses to take the blame. Robyn can't believe this is the man she has been married to all this time. It starts to make sense to her about why Gordo has been acting that way towards them and why Simon has wanted to cut him loose from the beginning.


This is where things really start to get crazy. Other evidence about Simon being a bully becomes available when a man comes to the house and throws a rock through their window when Simon and Robyn are having guests over for dinner. It turns out the man lost his job because Simon lied to a boss about him in order to protect himself. The stress is just too much for Robyn to handle and her water breaks and she goes into labor. After she has the baby, Robyn is not even sure she wants to be with Simon anymore and she asks him to move out after she is able to go home with the baby. Gordo sends another gift to the house congratulating the couple on the baby. Simon opens this gift and it changes everything he believes about his world. At the same time, Gordo brings flowers to Robyn in the hospital and congratulates her on the birth of the baby. As the movie finishes, we are left with only one question...who's the daddy?

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