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The George Clooney You Don’t Know Might Surprise You…

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  • George is a distant relative of President Abraham Lincoln. He is a first half-cousin five times removed.
  • George Clooney’s aunt is the Golden Age actress, Rosemary Clooney.
  • He survived a scooter accident in 2018 that launched him headlong into a car at approximately 70 mph, shattering a car’s windshield, and knocking him clean out of his own shoes. Miraculously, he emerged from the wreckage with only minor injuries.
  • He’s a real-life MacGyver. With strong mechanical skills and a do-it-yourself spirit, George professed in a recent interview that if stranded on a desert island, and you had to choose one person to help survive, he’d choose himself—and so would those who knew him well.
  • The ace handyman, George once rewired his assistant’s sewing machine. Not only can he repair sewing machines, he can also sew. He has mended his wife Amal’s dress, as well as his children’s clothes.
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  • George auditioned for the role of J.D. in Thelma and Louise, but lost out to to Brad Pitt, who he later became close friends with after collaborating in Ocean’s Eleven
  • It pays to be a friend of George—literally. Not only is Clooney extremely generous to various humanitarian causes around the world, he is also particularly magnanimous with friends. Clooney invited a group of friends for a dinner party at his house. Upon arrival George presented them each with a Tumi suitcase containing a million dollars.
  • Clooney once had a pet pig named Max.
  • George doesn’t care for social media or the internet, and describes himself as a Luddite.
  • Clooney prefers writing letters. He frequently writes letters to his kids, even to his wife, Amal. Among his valued possessions are letters from Paul Newman, Gregory Peck, and Walter Cronkite.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on July 15, 2021: his friends were surprised.

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