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The Fritz Plays Round 2 of 3 at Dunedin Brewery 8/30/2019!

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Having gone on tour following The Grateful Dead and seeing more than 1,000 live shows from many, many artists, I love watching live music.


As Hurricane Dorian sets its sights on the Atlantic coast of Florida, on the Gulf Coast, we're preparing for the second night of a three night run here in town at Dunedin Brewery (Florida's oldest microbrewery), which is quickly becoming one of my favorite music venues in the country by the continued atmosphere they strive to provide.


The Fritz is a great Funkatronic jam band with amazing digital capabilities, fronted by an amazing soulful voice on the keys, from North Carolina. They played a myriad of their own work including "Casual Mistakes" and also laced the first set with a back to back Talking Heads covering of "Take Me To The River" into "Life During Wartime." There is a video link to watch the "Life During Wartime" performance by clicking right here.

This show was a super Funkified start to the weekend, everything the mind and body needed to get into the second set on this second hot night of a three night run. To end the second set, the guitarist, bassist, and vocalist vacated the stage for Mike and Mike, the drummers, to be left alone to give us a great drum solo with plenty of Latin Funk influences, plenty of bounce and grooves. Bodies were bouncing, sweat layered the air around us all, and the music kept moving every single person in the room.


As the rest of the band appeared back on stage, it sounded as if they were teasing "Rolling Stone" by The Temptations, but the tease turned into a full on jam of an amazing instrumental, giving us that dance party we're all craving on this amazing start to a hurricane weekend.

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They made their way inauspiciously to the stage, without much notice or flair and what sounded like simple tuning turned into the band opening their second set with a super chill intro'd "Oppenheim" that burst into a crazy jam of the song, turning the second set on the same par with how the first set ended..


The second set was even more on fire and filled with Funk than the first, the heat in the summer air mixed with the energy of the night and the crowd feeding into and off of the band made for one of those amazing dance parties you see in movies (or read about on blogs like this).

We ended up taking off after the 4th song due to an early Saturday work schedule, but with another more night on this run from the band, there's "No Regerts" on missing the last 40ish minutes of the opening night.


We will definitely be there for night three tonight as it seems the band only wanted to further the energy level of the entire experience.

Thank you to The Fritz for a great second night of awesome music and dancing. Thank you as well to the entire crew at Dunedin Brewery for the continuation of great beer, great food, and awesome music.

I was able to spend the evening with my girlfriend, dancing, eating Samosas, and imbibing in great beer. Another great evening with the person I want to create all my memories with.

Thanks for reading along. Have a great weekend and enjoy The Experience!

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