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The Fox (What Does The Fox Say) by Ylvis

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Bard and Vegard Ylvisåker of Ylvis

Bard and Vegard Ylvisåker of Ylvis

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)

Have you seen the viral video sensation, "The Fox" by the Norwegian comedy duo, Bard and Vegard Ylvisåker, better known as Ylvis? The video was released in September, 2013, and as of November, 2013, already has over 200 million views. It is a very slickly made video, with colorful dancers, an extremely catchy tune, talented singers, and most of all, hilarious lyrics and a funny cast of costumed characters. Take a look for yourself:

Ylvis - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) Official Music Video

The Making of the Fox

The YouTube video, What Does the Fox Say, was created by Erik Hermansen and Mikkel Storleer Eriksen of Stargate, who have made videos for Rihanna and Beyonce. The lyrics for the song were written by Bard and Vegard Ylvisåker. The video was filmed at Jay X's Roc the Mic studio in New York. According to Bard and Vegard who were interviewed on an "Ellen" show on September 19, 2013, the video was created to return a favor for Ylvis who made a mockumentary for Eriksen's birthday. It was meant to be a joke, but turned out to be one of the most popular music videos in the US and UK since Ah Ha's Take On Me in 1985.

Ylvis Performs The Fox on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Today Show

I first saw Ylvis on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show, on October 9, 2013, where they performed their song, re-enacting the video on stage. Since seeing their presentation of the song, The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)?, I can’t get enough of the video, and I have found other videos on YouTube including the original video of the song, interviews with Bard and Vegard, and a performance on The Today Show.

Here is the version from the The Today Show:

Ylvis on The Today Show

Ylvis Interview on the Ellen Show

In her interview with Ylvis, Ellen Degeneres interviews Bard and Vegard Ylvisåker, in their US television debut, and they explain how the video came about. They explain that the video was to be used to promote the third season of their variety show in Norway. Bard stated that they purposely tried the make the video as bad as they could, but instead, it turned out to be a viral hit. Ellen wanted to sing the song with them so they helped her learn how to pronounce all the sounds in the lyrics, which includes phrases such “ring-a-ding, a-ding, a-ding”, “pa pa pa pa pow-pow“ and “hatee hatee hatee ho”.

Ylvis Interview on The Ellen Show

Tonight with Ylvis

In Norway, brothers Bard and Vegard have a show called “I kveld med Ylvis” which means “Tonight with Ylvis”. The show contains interviews, comedic skits and parody music videos and is in it’s 3rd season as of 2013. It also includes practical jokes using hidden cameras. They have been active as professional variety artists since 2000, in various variety shows, television shows, radio shows and music videos.

Little did they know that a song about a fox would launch them into international stardom!

Original Video or Today Show Video

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)

What do you think of “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)” song and video? Do you love, hate it, or like me, can't get enough of it?

Please share your comments here.

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Amelia Griggs (author) from U.S. on January 25, 2015:

Hey Writer Fox, l'm glad you enjoyed, these guys are great and the video is hilarious. I knew you might like the "Fox" reference. LOL

Writer Fox from the wadi near the little river on January 25, 2015:

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I enjoyed the videos you picked. I never knew the story behind the song, so I am glad I know it now.

Amelia Griggs (author) from U.S. on January 15, 2014:

It's a lot of fun, and pretty funny to try to sing it too! I like to play the video every once in a while, and also the one I included above when they were interviewed on the Ellen show and they sing the song together with Ellen. A-oo-oo-oo-ooo! LOL. :-)

Reginald Boswell from Huntsville, Alabama on January 15, 2014:

my wife hates the fact that i like the video ring ding ding ding ...

Amelia Griggs (author) from U.S. on January 01, 2014:

Thanks, Glenn. It's very silly but it totally works I think because of the creativity of how it was put together, how humorous it is, the talented singers and the uniqueness of it all! I appreciate your comment, :-)

Glenn Stok from Long Island, NY on January 01, 2014:

When I first heard this song, I thought it was silly. But now that I understand how it came about, thanks to your well-written and complete hub, I actually love the creativity that went into it.

Amelia Griggs (author) from U.S. on December 01, 2013:

Thanks, word55! I heard they were on DWTS, but missed that show, so I'll have to catch it up youtube. I appreciate your comment and stopping by. :-)

Amelia Griggs (author) from U.S. on December 01, 2013:

I agree, Ghaelach, absolutely fantastic! Thanks for your comment and for sharing. :-)

Al Wordlaw from Chicago on December 01, 2013:

Very good. Thank you easylearningweb. I 1st saw this performance on "Dancing With The Stars" when Amber Riley and partner Derrick Hough won! Happy for them both.

Ghaelach on December 01, 2013:

I can well understand why this song/video has gone viral.

Absolutely fantastic. As you ask you either love it or you hate it, but being honest you've got to love it.

Voted up and across the board and will be sharing it with all my Fox Friends out there in cyberspace.

LOL Ghaelach

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