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The Fast and the Furious: An Unquiet Grave

I've Been A Film Enthusiast as Long as I can remember. I Suffer from the Same Disease Leonard did in Memento.



MPAA Rating


Running Time

72 minutes


Terence Krey


Terence Krey and Christine Nyland

You waited an entire year for the newest chapter in the Fast and Furious saga to be released as the pandemic made it slow and lethargic. You can’t wait to get into theaters fast enough to see your old friends Dom, Letty, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Iron Man, Mare of Eastown and Black Phillip return to the big screen in The Fast and The Furious: An Unquiet Grave.

Um, yes. But this is the other new Fast and Furious movie involving car crashes and spousal death.

S…E…NO. This is a legitimate Fast and Furious sequel with the characters we know and love like Dominic Toretto, Black Computer Guy, Sassy Minority Sidekick, and it’s all about family.

If this synopsis doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

There are not Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

An Unquiet Synopsis

The Fast and The Furious: An Unquiet Grave opens in front of a grave that seems quiet at this time.

We meet Jamie (Jacob A. Ware, as he’s aware his name is Jacob). He’s looking mopey because the grave we’re visiting is the grave of his dead wife Jules.

There’s a woman with him. Her name is Ava (co-writer Christine Nyland- This land is Nyland, this land is your land). She is also mopey because her twin sister Jules is dead.

Just in case you were wondering, Dominic and Ron Weaselly are racing in the background with fast cars. Dominic wins and runs over Ron Weaselly. Dominic buries Ron Weaselly in Jules’ grave. That seems rude because there are perfectly good places to bury someone as useless as Ron Weaselly other than a grave with a body already in it.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Ava both wish that Jules weren’t dead but are happy that Ron Weaselly is.

We fast(!) forward four months later. Ava and Jamie are driving in a car discussing something. Dominic and Tej and Roman are racing around them. That’s okay because Ava and Jamie are discussing important business and have no time for racing shenanigans even though this is a Fast and Furious movie.

We learn it’s been a year since Jules was killed. Jamie hasn’t been able to sleep. Ava misses her sister.

Jamie may have found a way to bring Jules back to life. Ava is DTR (down to resurrect) her dead twin sister. Ava thought that the car accident killed Jules immediately. Ava was wrong.

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Jamie states that the accident threw Jules out the window and then she was hit by another car driven by Dominic Toretto while he was living his life a quarter mile at a time. Jamie takes his phone out and shows Ava the video of Jules getting ejected out of the car and then getting hit by Dominic and then Letty and then Mia and then Kurt Russell’s character and then Dominic again.

Blindfolded in the forest. Nothing will go wrong.

Blindfolded in the forest. Nothing will go wrong.

Ava and Jamie watch that video about 15 times and rewind the good parts looking like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio watching TV in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Then they upload the video to their respective social media, label it “Jules gets f*cked up”, tag each other and then it gets about 1,300 shares and over 2 million likes.

As mentioned, Jamie has a plan to bring Jules back. Apparently he found it on YouTube or something and it involves the blood of a close relative. A twin sister would probably count.

Ava cuts herself and lets her blood consecrate the ground where Jules died. Never mind the 4 sets of tires tracks Dominic left doing donuts.

Nothing is happening. Yet.

Jamie apologizes to Ava. Ava wonders why nothing is happening. Jamie answers by stabbing Ava.

Apparently Jamie neglected to tell Ava that you had to sacrifice someone in order for the dead spirit to find its way into the new host body. That seems like something you want to mention to someone right before you stab her.

Good thing Jules’ spirit goes into a body that looks exactly like her.



Jules is back. She’s alive, but she’s feeling different. She realizes she was dead…and being alive will take some getting used to.

Jamie is ecstatic. After a year of having no wife, Jules is back and it’s only a little bit creepy that she’s in her twin sister’s body. A twin that’s now dead, by the way.

With about 50 minutes left in the movie and from what we know from Pet Sematary and Anything for Jackson, it’s always a good idea to bring somebody back from the dead because nothing will have changed and you can totally have your life back to normal.

*whispers* It's all about family.

*whispers* It's all about family.

What Works With An Unquiet Grave

  • The first act is as a lot more tense than you’d expect considering it’s a two-hander and most of what occurs is dialogue driven. The movie uses its low budget to its advantage as you’re kept off guard for most of the scenes. Writer/director Terence “Cray” Krey knows you’ve seen sequences like this dozens of times but plays against most of your expectations so a good portion of what happens is a surprise.
  • With only two characters, the acting is uniformly strong. Jacob Ware shows you his different levels of grief that turns into a twisted hope while Christine Nyland differentiates her two characters enough that the cheap casting trick isn’t too much of a movie foul.
  • The chase scene in the graveyard is totally unnecessary but well executed (“I don’t have graves, I have family”). As you would expect in a Fast and Furious movie. Of which this is.

What Doesn’t Work With An Unquiet Grave

  • After the jittery creepiness of the first act, after the ritual the movie promises much more than it delivers. It’s still worth a watch, but you’ll get nowhere near the same level of anxiousness that you do in the first act. A great premise is well-executed, but the climax is somewhat squandered.
This is probably a reason it's so unquiet.

This is probably a reason it's so unquiet.


After 20 years, you already know if you’re going to see a Fast and Furious movie or not. After the Cuban mafia, car thievery and Russian submarines, it’s only natural the franchise goes the way of resurrecting the dead. An Unquiet Grave is a slow burn creeper that stays with you, even if you aren’t always scared.


Buy it Here...Quietly.

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