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The Extramarital Affair of Singer & Fashion Model Maki Goto

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A Look at Former Morning Musume Member Maki Goto in 2006


News Such As This May Be Shocking But

Author's note: this is not going to be a full biography of Maki Goto and it will only focus on the details of her extramarital affair. There will also be some perspective as to what this incident may do for Maki Goto going forward.

If you are reading the title of this latest article you might be wondering whether it is actually true that a Japanese celebrity committed an extramarital affair. Yes, this report is true and the celebrity involved in this case is former Morning Musume member Maki Goto, the only member of the group’s 3rd generation. Maki Goto is the second former Morning Musume member to make the news for a bad reason in the past year.

The Details of Maki Goto's Extramarital Affair

Goto used her blog to address the fact that since the beginning of 2018, she had been involved in an affair outside of her marriage. She took to her blog to address that had been reported by Bunshun Online on March 13, 2019. According to this mentioned source, Goto began communicating with her former lover via SNS since the start of 2018 and Goto’s husband then requested compensation for damages from this person. Goto apologized for her actions saying that she was deeply sorry for causing her fans to worry. She admitted that as some tabloid magazines have reported, she was in a relationship with a man other than her husband. Because of actions that she described as thoughtless and immature she deeply hurt her husband that she vowed to be faithful to. She is now said to be reflecting on this. It was also reported that Goto was suffering from incidences of domestic violence from her husband but that she over exaggerated those fights with her husband. After she spent much time talking to her husband about the events that led to this affair, her husband accepted and forgave her. She said that they are now spending more time together. Goto now realizes the significance of her mistakes and the importance of family. Goto who is 34, married a man that is not a celebrity in July 2014. She gave birth to a daughter in 2015 and a son in 2017.

Maki Goto Sings a Duet With Singer Aya Matsuura (Now Aya Tachibana)

The Possible Impact of Maki Goto's Mistake

Let’s discuss the significance of this mistake by Goto. While the affair is not the worst thing she could have done, in Japan, an event like this could lead to a loss of face and possible ostracism by society there. Will this mistake hurt Goto’s career? I do not know if it will but for Goto being the only 3rd generation member of one of the most popular girl groups in the world, the incident is damaging to her family and children as she seeks to reestablish their trust.

More Perspective on the Mistake by Maki Goto

Maki Goto is not the first former member of Morning Musume member to be involved in an extramarital affair. Fans of the group will certainly remember that former member Mari Yaguchi was involved in an extramarital affair of her own back in 2013 and affairs like these in Japan among these former Japanese idols are BAD, very bad for the reason that they are expected to be good role models especially for young girls and they are expected to focus on maintaining a clean image. For Goto having done what she did is extremely careless and it damages her reputation but at least it seems she is remorseful and she is communicating with her husband to try and make things better.

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