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The EnterPAINment Industry: Christopher Wallace

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, sportswriter, copywriter, and song writer.


It was May of 1972.
When a woman was going through.

Labor in the hospital.
Delivering who'd define the culture.

The culture of 90's hip hop.
She named him to climb to the top.

He was given the name Chris Wallace.
But grew up and became Notorious.

Wallace grew up with no father.
His mom was a school teacher.

So he became very intellectual.
& his mom has awards that will show.

Will show his smarts as a kid.
But as a teen, he started to notice.

That his awards weren't paying the bills.
So he decided that he would deal.

Would deal drugs for fast money.
All the while, he was hiding.

Hiding this truth from his mother.
Additionally, he had a daughter.

In the midst, he started rapping.
At first, it was just a hobby.

He was into making money.
All the while, his mom started noticing.

His daily absence from school.
There was a shift in his attitude.

& when he turned seventeen.
Her eyes opened, she started crying.

She witnessed her son being arrested.
She saw him violate probation.

While in jail, she paid him visits.
Later, he made a decision.

To come out and start making changes.
So he took his hobby more serious.

He quickly rose to the top.
There was no intentions that he'd stop.

But in L.A many were surprised.
When tragedy said other wise.

He was a Bad Boy before it.
& his label, did nothing to end it.


His new life began in the studio. Wallace made himself a demo tape. Due to his massive stature, he called himself biggie smalls. He had no intention of getting a record deal. The album was big, and Sean Combs of Uptown Records A&R knew it. Smalls soon met him face to face with Combs. Immediately, they signed him, but it wasn't long before he quit. An uprising label entitled Bad Boy records signed him.

Along with being signed, he also was expecting his first child. Despite the good life ahead of him, Wallace still dealt drugs until he was convinced to quit doing it for good. Wallace became focused on his music. He immediately gained exposure. He featured on heavy hitters hit singles. Smalls became the Notorious B.I.G. From then on, he lived up to the name. His first child is a girl who is now in her early twenties. T'Yanna Wallace hosted her fashion show that she named after her slain father.

His second child, Chris Wallace Jr., came along the way. The two kids of Wallace have two different mothers. In his lyrics, he has stated that he wanted to do better for his children. Sad that he is not alive to see the path of success that he created for them both.


Tug of War

Along with his new-found success in the industry, he wanted to share it with that particular person. One day at his label photoshoot, he met that specific person. A background vocalist and writer from Lakeland, Florida, Faith Evans, stood face to face with him. Seemingly, it was love at first sight. The two started dating. The dates soon led to a serious relationship. They became a couple—a couple for eternity. The two had a child together named after his father.

Along with the love of his life, he also had his first pop chart success as a solo artist. His single Juicy was huge. He later released his album entitled Ready to Die. The album went certified platinum four times. His album included multiple singles that hit number one on the U.S rap charts. The album received strong, positive reviews and praise for the work. During that time, B.I.G became friends with up and coming rapper Tupac Shakur. The two became close. B.I.G saw Tupac as an inspiration. He had a lot of respect for him.

Along with Shakur, B.I.G became friends with many more celebrities. Despite how everything seemed to go well, the praise he and his album was getting shifted attention from the dominant west coast. That ignited a feud, and the love of his living faith was right in the middle of it.

City of Angels

His rise inspired him to create his own. In 1995, he put together a group and called them Junior Mafia. Each letter in it meant something. Don’t be fooled by the name; the group was full of intelligent beings. They just loved to rap. They were friends from his childhood, but like it is usually with groups, a break up was brewing. Soon after an album with one platinum hit, the group fell apart.

Wallace was a huge part of the bad boy family. He was the top-selling male solo artist on the U.S pop and R&B charts. Source Magazine had him on the cover of their magazine in 1995 with a crown calling him The King of New York. By this time, he was the Best New Solo Artist, Lyricists of the ear, Live performer of the Year, the debut of the album of the year, and he was rap artist of the year. Despite his success, he was still in the middle of a war, and his former friend Tupac did not help to end it.

A misunderstanding seemed to keep the war active. Over time, it intensified. The success continued, but trouble never left. In February 1997, he traveled to Los Angeles, California, to record a music video for Hypnotize on his second studio album. An unfortunate tragedy led to rumors that he may have had something do with it. He released his album that same year in late March. In early March, he suffered a fatality in Los Angeles. Many were aware that he hired security, but none of it saved his life.


Wallace piled up multiple rhymes.
In a short period of time.

All that he did was rap.
But his lyrics kept him in a trap.

In a trap of hurt and pain.
That were hidden by fortunes and fame.

He was seemed to be a gangstar.
In addition, he was seen a player.

His lyrics objectified women.
& his mother did not like it.

But it helped him become platinum.
So he felt it did not matter.

Besides, it was all an act.
He did not see the trap.

That he walked in constantly.
His life that was slowly spiraling.

Spiraling out of control.
All he saw was glitter and gold.

But while promoting his studio album.
The world seen that the fame doesn't matter.

His lead single was hyponotized.
Coincidentally, it all described.

Where his mindset was during it all.
& a friend dangled the ball.

Moral here is to be careful.
I think he chose the wrong label.

Im not knocking bad boy records.
But that name didn't end structure.

A Bad boy was in his lineage.
& that label didn't want to end it.


© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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