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Stallone is born with the name Micheal. He grew up in a troubled home in Manhattan, NY. At birth, Stallone looked like a disabled child. Seemingly, he had down syndrome, but things were not that severe. Stallone saw his parents struggling to support him and his siblings. At the age of five years old, he and his family relocated. Soon after, his parents parted ways, and the troubles became monumental.

Stallone's years as a teen was destructive. He was not a bad kid but knew nothing but lousy behavior. He spent his time looking for ways to shift his life into a new direction. In school, he became involved in sports activities. As a response, college scouts tried recruiting him. One, in particular, offered him an athletic scholarship.
He marketed himself as an athlete, and a door opened to another hidden gift.

Stallone tapped into his creativity as an actor. He started things off slowly, selling himself as a screenwriter. Writing pages of movie material. Soon, he became an author. In this article, I will discuss how his career does not look to the end. He overcame it all by marketing himself as a writer. Even in old age, he will still have income. His life had much pain, but simple marketing helped to ease it.

How Sly Stallone overcame the struggles of the industry

How Sly Stallone overcame the struggles of the industry

The Writer

Rocky was his rise to fame. He wrote the screenplay for the film after seeing a Muhammad Ali fight. In a little after three days, the script was complete. Stallone wrote the article with a friend that he denied helped him. In response, the friend sued him, but he and Stallone settled it. He was offered $350,000 for the rights to the film. He got more when he was the star. In 1978, he wrote the movie PARADISE ALLEY. He wrote the Rocky sequel in 1979. Stallone was writing novels, and Rambo was one of them. He turned it into a film. The first installment was RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD (1982), THE SECOND WAS FIRST BLOOD 2 (1985), and the third was called RAMBO 3(1988). His writing career started before Rambo, but none of his projects were successful unless they were books. Despite no success, it was clear that he was one overseas and in America. Sadly, he was just a forgotten one. Sylvester Stallone started his career doing soft pornography. In the future, he had regrets that he did. Being in this position will help him never to go back there. He wrote the script Rambo and acted. During it, he was anticipating his big break. He knew that it was coming. When the opportunity came, he never looked back.

He Wrote His Way Out

He Wrote His Way Out


Stallone was a global icon. He earned the right to be called one of the most iconic action actors in the Entertainment industry. Despite that known fact, Stallone did have a period when it seemed like his career was declining. The injuries he suffered while doing these films seemed to have taken away some of his special acting skills. His unstable love life made things no better. Years before his success in the movie Rocky, he married SASHA CZACK. The couple had two sons. Despite how well things seemed, the couple split in 1985. Stallone then spent two years married to model/actress BRIGETTE NIELSON. After that couple split, model JANICE DICKERSON became his fiance. That, too, was rocky. Reports say that Dickerson had him believe that he was the father of her child. Once he found that he was not, he decided to leave. In 1997, JENNIFER FLAVIN gave him the love he wanted. They married and had three beautiful children. That is a total of five kids. In 2000, he starred in the thriller Get Carter. Critics poorly received the film. He was in the movie DRIVEN in 2001. He was in AVENGING ANGELO AND D TOX in 2002. After three years of failing at the box office, he was still encouraged to rise back to the top. Now, he is one of the greatest actors/screenwriters in the entertainment industry. Stallone revealed how complicated it is getting into the industry. He demonstrated how you must compromise to get your foot in the door.


Stallone came back with a familiar force between 2006-2008. The Rocky and Rambo series. They were critical and emotional hits. Both iconic figures encouraged him. He started writing again, and his movie entitled THE EXPENDABLES (2010) saw monumental success. That film opened the door for him to make more installments. In 2012, he co-wrote a book for the Broadway musical adaption of Rocky. From then on, Stallone proved to the world that the slight decline was just a little hiatus. He is one of the hardest working actors/writers in show business. Despite his success with the franchises, allegations of the past came along. Stallone was accused of sexual assault by a 16-year-old girl shooting a film in 1986. Stallone had numerous people defending him. The next year, very similar accusations haunted him in Santa Monica, California, during the 1990s. After a lengthy battle, all charges were proven unstable. Stallone was raised with strict morals and displayed it throughout his career. In 2010 he reminded many that he was a very spiritual man. He revealed that you do not have to live the lifestyle to be prominent in the industry. Hard work does pay off. It will also change your mindset if you allow it to. Sly Stallone has done it. There have been rumors that he passed away, but Stallone is very much alive.

Rock Solid Even at his age

Rock Solid Even at his age


This article shows the unfortunate events that surrounded him as a child. He was damaged within because he was often sickly as a child. To make matters worse, his image wasn't very appealing. So he often stayed home from school when he was a kid. As he grew older the troubles became a lot worse. All that he could do is cry tears but he found different ways to persevere.

Stallone marketed his way out of a troubled home. He exceeded all expectations and inspired many along the way. Presently, he is a global sensation. The ailments of the industry and life are still there in place but after years, he is determined to not allow it to stop him from inspiring.

In life these things happen to us all but simple marketing could open doors to much more. Stallone kept writing and eventually, he started marketing it. Stallone lived out the fantasies he often had as he grew up. It was all because he was a sly marketer. At 74 years old, he still is,

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