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The EnterPAINment Industry: Nas

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Nas was born on September 14, 1973, in Brooklyn, New York. His father was a musician from Mississippi who made sure to instill in him what he knew. Along with Nas, his brother also made music. When Nas was a child he often displayed it. He grew up in Long Island City in Queens, New York. There, he found great interest in Hip Hop. Before he became Nas, he was known by the nick name KID WAVE. He was in the studio since he was an early teen. He was recording albums that never were released. Nas was perfecting his craft. He witnessed his parents growing apart. In 1985, they made it official. They divorced. The divorce of his parents seemed to have taken a toll on the teenager. He dropped out of school before he went to high school. Despite him dropping out and his parents divorce Nas kept feeding himself knowledge. His love for music remained sharpened. He was playing instruments and writing rhymes. By the time he turned eighteen years old, Nas was ready to begin his career in the Music Industry.


Knowledge is Power

Nas was young when he signed to a minor label called RUFFHOUSE RECORDS. Ruffhouse Records released the album during that year. He came to the title with an album entitled NASTY NAS. He was put on the same level as some of the best current rap artists in the industry during that time. He gained a significant amount of attention in the hip hop community. He later signed a substantial deal with COLUMBIA RECORDS and released his debut album ILLMATIC in 1994. The album was more about his early life in the projects. It went on to be the best one of that year. Two years later, he released his second studio album. The success of both albums took him to the mainstream. He started collaborating with other artists. His name became common among mainstream hip hop. After collaborating with more artists, he wanted something more significant to go along with his music. In 1999, a double album entitled I AM….AUTOBIOGRAPHY. In listening to the lyrics of his music, you know that Nas was not just a rapper. He was a man of knowledge and has proven that expertise has all the power you need.

The Battle for New York

Nas had many things going on around this time. He did the movie Belly with another rap star DMX along with putting out music, but there was a feud going on behind the scenes. He and rapper Jay Z. 1996 was when it all started. The rapper failed to show up at a recording session with Jay Z. Since that time; it was not the same. Nas wanted what Jay Z had on a better level. Jay Z was still dropping hits with Nas samples. Jay Z was blunt with it, and Nas knew it. By 2001, it seemed Jay Z had ended the rapper's career with the song TAKEOVER on Jay-Z's BLUEPRINT album. The feud was not in secret anymore. It was out in public for all of it to know. The subliminal messages were all in the music. Names were limited, but since they have been beefing, the people read through the lyrics. Despite the look, Nas fired back on his new single ETHER. Jay Z, too came back with a response track entitled SUPA UGLY. On this track, Jay Z reveals a secret that he had a three-year affair with Nas’ girlfriend. That feud went too far. The rapper picked up on it and apologized for his behavior. It took a while, but the two grew up and reconciled. The two appeared on stage together in October of 2005.


The beef ended but controversy did not leave. Nas was told he used the N word too much in his music. In 2007, he performed a free concert in Virginia. The cause seemed to have fallen through, but his use of vulgar lyrics slightly disabled him from doing it. Along with the lyrics in his music, Nas has a conviction for carrying weapons. The show went on anyway. By 2018, Nas released a new album NASIR. Upon releasing the album, the questions of past allegations surfaced. Nas was said to have assaulted his ex-wife kelis in the past. His fans and critics seemed to ignore it, but they crucified others. His ex-wife said he was physically and mentally abusive during the marriage. She also revealed that he had a drinking problem that played a role in it. After the abuse, he would act like nothing happened. The same has happened with other artists. Since the labels make their money despite it, they do not force these artists to deal with it until they are pressured themselves. That’s the sad reality of it all. It is too much of this type of behavior in the industry and many women are tired of it. Those in the industry and out of it started a movement to help others become aware.



Once into the entertainment/music industry, you must be very careful. Many come in with emotional abuse and overcome it, but some don’t. Nas was not one of those that didn’t, but he had to face his past. He, along with many other artists, regret their use of vulgar/violent lyrics in their music. It’s because of them; the African-American race feels comfortable degrading one another. They feel comfortable calling one another the N-word but hate when another color does the same to them. He and many may regret it, but they still have a stage they could use to end it. These guys were titans in the industry during that time. This movement by women would not have had to happen if this is made mandatory in these labels.


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