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Overcome Your Struggles

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Elliot was born in 1971 in Portsmouth, Virginia. She is the only child of Patricia and Ronnie Elliot. At a young age, her talents placed her in a choir, just like her family members. She was performing since she was four years old. She was only doing it for her family, but they all knew her purpose. Besides her making music, she was a class clown. In response, she felt that no one would take her seriously. Elliot was born in Virginia but partially raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Despite her being the class clown, she loved school. She was smart and developed bonds quickly. Elliot was two years before her class. Shortly after, she relocated to her birthplace. Music seemed to be an outlet since poverty and pain were active in her young life. She saw so many hardships in her neighborhood and household. Her father abused her mom so much she was concerned about leaving them alone. When she was only eight, the molestation by a family member haunted her. A gun held to her head gave her nightmares. Her mom gladly took a stand when she turned fourteen. She took her only child and ran away from him. Elliot then realized how strong she was. During it all, Elliot used her gift as a way out.



Elliot used her love for music the entire time. In the late 1980s, she formed a group called with friends called FAYZE. She had a close friend make demo tracks for them. Their first song was named the FIRST MOVE. The group caught the attention of prominent artists in the music industry in 1991. As a response, she and her group moved to New York City and signed a deal with Elektra records. SISTA became the new name for the group. Elliot was on her way to superstardom, and her friends knew it. Elliot was producing and rapping. She was even singing. Her group Sista later released an album entitled 4 ALL SISTAS AROUND THE WORLD in 1994. After little success with the group, Elliot formed one with her other friends. Her skills we noticed all around the industry now. She contributed vocals and raps on many songs.


Elliot put her mark on the industry early. Everything she put her hands on in the early 1990s was booming. Her collaboration with friend Timbaland produced more hits. Sadly, her impressive career cannot cover what she was dealing with on the inside of her. In 2008, Elliot was diagnosed with graves’ disease. The disease affected her body and life. In response, she chose to step away from the industry. She was losing weight, and her eyes were bulging. Her blood pressure was always up just by overworking her body. Elliot was working with an artist, and the artist noticed she was complaining about headaches and that she was losing weight. Elliot used the time to eat correctly, exercise, and take the medication she needed, so this disease is under control. Her most recent picture in 2018 proves that she has it under control. Elliot looks amazing.

Beauty in Storms

Despite her diagnosis, Elliot continued working. In 2015, she performed at the Superbowl. XLIX. The performance was well-received, and it boosted sales of her work that week. The show was the most-watched in NFL history. She did her job behind the scenes more. She rarely came out into the public. Elliot has stated that she wanted to start a family in the past but said she does not know If she can take that kind of pain. Due to her disease, she wants to adopt. Despite what her father has done to her mother, Elliot still talks to him. The rapper said she forgave him. Elliot has led female hip hop in album sales from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Her experimental concepts in music videos changed the landscape of hip hop videos during the time. She included many unique themes in her songs since she came into the industry. She revolutionized music. She made the R&B sounds blend with the hip hop sounds. Her album Supa Dupa Fly changed the game for women all over the country. In 2019, she received the right to be the first female rapper in the songwriter’s hall of fame.



In the midst of all she went through, she remained focused on the beauty in her storms. Just when she may have thought it was enough and she arrived, she got the diagnoses in 2008. Her enduring what she has is extraordinary for women all over the united states. It even inspires men. In 2002, she wrote a letter to the mayor of Portsmouth, Virginia, asking that all animals in the shelter be adequately taken care of before being adopted. In 2004, she promoted Viva Glam for MAC Cosmetics. She helped them raise sales to go to their Mac Aids fund. Within the next few years, her philanthropy continued. Her stardom was massive in 2005. In that year, she announced that there are plans to make a biographical film about her life. Elliot was working on the script in 2007. Elliot’s music was raw and uncut, so she wants her biography the same way. Elliot is Supa fly, and she always will be.


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