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The EnterPAINment Industry: Eminem

8 Mile

In Missouri, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr and Debbie Rae gave birth to the 3rd named after their father. It was a joyous moment for the family. Young Marshall was a child of musicians. He was raised by his mom.

Debbie chose to raise their only son alone after his father's departure. She found another man and had another child.. Marshall stayed in Missouri and Michigan. He stayed in homes all around Missouri. As a child, he was always happy and quiet. He was also often bullied. He and his mother grew up in a middle-class neighborhood. In it, he often was beat up for being the only white boy with a family in the neighborhood.

He found interest in storytelling. He felt he wanted to be a comic-book after discovering hip hop, he shifted. His step father began to mentor him. Things were going well but a tragic event changed everything. He was discouraged him from moving on to pursue a career in hip hop after his mentor committed suicide. Marshall was devastated. To add to the devastation, His relationship with his mom started getting rocky. His troubles continued as he aged. At 17, he had a daughter and dropped out of high school. He knew changes needed to be made so he worked at several jobs to help around the house but even that was unstable. He then remembered what was. He started it at 14 and wanted to finish it. He changed his stage name to Enimen and started pursuing a career in rap.

I don't own the rights to this picture

I don't own the rights to this picture

Slim Shady

In 1992, rapper Eminem formed a group called SOUL INTENT with some friends he grew up. Together, they released a single. Eminem later teamed up with a group called D12. There were six of them. In 2001, they released the DEVIL’s NIGHT.

Eminem was signed to a label shortly after. MARK BASS’S FBT PRODUCTIONS released his debut album INFINITE for their independent entertainment label. Despite his skills, the album was a failure but he REMAINED FOCUS on the beauty in it. Eventually, he captured it. He made himself proud. The many rappers he witnessed during his time, inspired him to keep at it. He had more of a comical, edgy style. His failures fueled him. When folk made him made him angry, he put them in his music.

Everything looked to be going well until he was fired for from a job. He again got discouraged but this was to another level. He started using substance abuse. He contemplated suicide. Through it all, he continued pursuing music. He became more crafty with his anger. He started to be a better example his mom and his daughter. In 1998 he developed an alter ego about himself. He called himself SLIM SHADY.

I don't own the rights to this picture

I don't own the rights to this picture

Legalities & Health

Despite his success as slim shady, he was often facing legal issues. In 1999, he was sued by his mom for $10 million. Their relationship grew unstable after he got money. She said he was slandering her. He was arrested in 2000 after an altercation at a store in Michigan.

He was arrested again the very next day. In one of his acts, he pleaded guilty. He received probation for the incident. He was also sued by the mother of his child for defamation. Eminem was seemingly advocating violence against women through his music. A state general in Ontario, Canada said that he does not want Eminem in the country because of it. He was also sued for $1million in 2001 for publicizing information that was not supposed to be. He was sued again in 2002.

His lyrics even sparked attention of the United States Secret Service. He was seemingly threatening the united states president. He was also accused of using homophobic slurs in his lyrics. Along with many allegations that he crawled out of, he had to deal with health issues. He has publicly admitted that he is addicted to prescription drugs but there were a lot more he struggled with. Eminem was sober in 2002 but the production of his movie 8 mile trigged it again. In 2007, he was hospitalized after over he was hospitalized for having a methadone overdose. He almost died right his home.

I don't own the rights to this picture

I don't own the rights to this picture


Eminem was good at using his music to hide behind. He made his pain make him be successful. For example, his album RECOVERY. Recovery was the bestselling album worldwide in 2010. His success continued despite what he was going through. In 2017, he called his new album Revival. There was so much success, they helped him start his own label SHADY RECORDS in 1999.

He is widely considered one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time. He was the best selling for almost 10 years. He has billions of views on internet video streaming websites. During the prime of his career he also was acting. He established his own foundation. Instead of calling it Eminem, he called it the MARSHALL MATHERS FOUNDATION to aid disadvantaged youth. In 2002 he won an Academy Award for Best Original Song. He later went on to win fifteen more. His verbal energy in everything he did was what stood out the most in his career.

Eminem’s career confirmed many facts about his life. He revealed the commitment it takes to succeed. Despite coming in with pain, hurt, guilt and everything to bring a person down. He came in with determination. Determination to get out of the struggle. The method may have been slightly wrong, but it is what he knew. Now, he is one of the biggest hip-hop artists in the world. He did it all through his pain. As he recovered from it, he did an album called recovery. Then did the same for his album called revival. Now that he may be finished on the stage, his daughter supposedly wants to continue the tradition. There was a video posted, entitled EMINEM’S DAUGHTER, of a girl rapping that went viral on social media. Eminem’s career inspired his family, friends and those that never knew him personally.

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