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The EnterPAINment Industry: Dustin Hoffman

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, sportswriter, copywriter, and song writer.


An L.A native since birth.
Once born he was put to work.

​Named after an acting legend.
But he studied to become a pianist.

​He ignored the acting bug.
But after school, it was his new love.

​He spent years strengthening it.
& his family took notice.

​He actually told them about it.
His first role was besides a legend.

He went to New York to pursue it.
Where he struggled but his determination.

​Was to be in the field of acting.
He was focused on perfecting.

​Perfecting the craft of acting.
After a while, he was legendary.

The struggles it all paid off.
Dustin stuck with no matter the cost.

​He represented a new breed of actors.
Because of him, good looks are no longer.

​No longer needed so actors be.
The talent that they need in the movies.

​He's a star on the in and outside.
He's one of the best actors of all time.


Inappropriate Behavior

Becoming one of the best came with a lot of false accusations. Good friend, Melissa Kester, was one of many that proved that. While on his movie set for ISHTAR she had an encounter with it first hand. The man doing music for the film was dating her. In the first visit she met Hoffman's wife Lisa. She also met his children. On the second she expressed her desire to write. Hoffman took notice. He realized that she was special. He expressed interest in working alongside the potential writer. The two exchanged numbers. He got really comfortable. By the third, it showed. Hoffman was recording vocals in the booth. He abruptly invites the woman inside with him. Hoffman began to hug her and made her uncomfortable. Another that noticed this behavior was CORI THOMAS. Thomas was a friend of Hoffman's daughter. She often acknowledged that Hoffman's career was going great and that they were a great family. Those that doubted him became believers. The three were walking together on a Sunday afternoon. When it came to an end, they went Mr.Hoffman's hotel room. Thomas went there to wait on her mom to pick her up. Her friend Katrina left her in the room with her father. During the time there, Thomas saw something that almost put her in a state of shock. She saw Mr.Hoffman naked. The first time ever seeing a man naked. Hoffman saw she was afraid and put on his robe. He then asked Thomas to massage his feet. Thomas said she was young. She did not know what to do. The only thing that saved her was when her mother called. While in the car she did not even inform her of the incident. She kept it from her family. It was when she had her own children she decided to talk. She said that her motivation to speak was for her and to help others. Another is a mysterious woman. No one knows her name but knows her story. It's apparent she did not want her identity revealed. She explained how she was on the set of Ishtar in Astoria, New York. After a party, Hoffman offered a ride home to her. During the ride, the two climbed into the backseat of the station wagon and Hoffman groped her. One thing led to another there but it continued at his apartment. The two had sexual intercourse. Along with this mysterious woman, actress Kathryn Rossetter revealed that she too was a victim. These accusations has been said to be false but the fact that he has acted inappropriately is not a secret. He expressed he loved and respected women but may have been showing it the wrong way.



In recent years Hoffman's past seemed to haunt him. The false accusations seemed to pile up. The three named here were denied by the actor. Hoffman said that he will never disrespect a woman and stood firm that he did not do it. It is really no shocker. The false accusations come to anyone in any industry. Hoffman is just another. Happy that he maintained his innocence throughout it all. He was not alone in the battle. Actor BILL MURRY spoke up for the guy. He praised the actor saying that he was a really decent person. The two worked together in the film Tootsie. The industry is a risk to be in. It can defame you just as well as make you rich. Happy to see that he stood strong. That is the the only way to be in this industry.


© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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