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The EnterPAINment Industry: David Banner

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The Fall

In a small town in Mississippi, LAVELLE WILLIAM CRUMP was born. He was also raised up in the area. His mom’s name was Carolyn and his father were Zeno. The place where he was raised was far from great. He was determined to come out of it as one of the best while he was a child.

Crump often played instruments when he was young. Although he was good in those areas, he had a voice. A voice that will bring what his neighborhood was missing. He knew it and started rapping.

He showcased his talent first at Northwest Jackson Middle School. To pursue a career in music he knew he needed to fund it. So, he applied to work for a local store in the community. He was hired as a grocery bagger. Crump was making the money he needed. He was making music and selling it to the community. After his graduation he went to college pursuing it. from high school with intentions to go to college. There, he formed a rap duo. The duo featured himself and his friend named KAMIKAZE. They named themselves CROOKED LETTAZ. Crump enrolled in another college, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, where he studied business. He seemed to have walked from music. He was more interested in education. Before completing his journey, his music career took off. Little Lavelle Crump became DAVID BANNER. He became an educator but, fell into the music.

I don't own the rights to this picture

I don't own the rights to this picture

Toxic Music

Banner knew he was going to be large from the start. He knew it because he knew how he hustled. He even changed his birth name to David Banner. It is the same as that of the TV series THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

His solo debut album was called THE FIREWATER BOYZ, VOL 1. One single on the album attracted major labels. That single was LIKE A PIMP. The single was on numerous radio stations. The song was successful, and the result was various offers. Offers that Banner and his manager, Scott Johnson, refused. Despite the many turned away, one they kept. That was the offer by UNIVERSAL RECORDS. Banner was not only doing his music. He was producing others as well. He did arrive.

From 2000-2008 he did 5 albums. He had roles on video games, movies and T.V shows. He won awards. One of the awards that he won was the VISIONARY AWARD BY THE NATIONAL BLACK CAUCUS OF THE STATE LEGISLATURE. In 2007, he spoke to congress about racism and misogyny in hip hop music. He was displaying signs that he recognized what he was doing as a rapper. Banner then backed away from the hip hop world.

I don't own the rights to this picture

I don't own the rights to this picture

He Changed Narritive

The music industry has a big stage. A stage with the lights that many artists get caught up on. They forget their purpose. In Banners case, he did just that. During the time when his eyes were opening, he experienced more hardship before they opened fully. He stepped away from the mic and fell into a deep depression.

Crump wanted nothing to do with what he made. He noticed the change in himself but also noticed that people will not see him the same. He thought he was done. His depression made him feel like he was dying, and a doctor confirmed it. It was not him physically dying but the soul that he allowed the industry to put inside him was. Banner took the pain. He made the changes he needed to make.

He became a new man. The business wasn't running anymore. Once out of his depression, he started developing a team. A team that he knew will be successful. Together, they impressed big companies and he was leading. He has become more dominant than he was before. What is important to him is that everyone knows that it is not all him. It is a team. He says often that his team is amazing. He is not only known as a rapper. He is a mentor. He Changed the narrative of his life.

I don't own the rights to this picture

I don't own the rights to this picture

The God Box

Banner was speaking everywhere. Everywhere that he spoke he displayed what he has been studying. In an interview with a radio personality he spoke on the nature of hip hop. It was uncomfortable than and is now.

He spoke on his discomfort with today’s hip hop. Today’s hip hop is not talking about knowledge. It’s damaging minds. Banner made it clear that their rap era did not really help. There was knowledge, but they were degrading women. They had the women dance on the videos half naked and so much more.

He admitted that it was their fault as rappers. Today’s rappers have taken it to another level. Change was very difficult for Banner. He is a lot older but a lot wiser. After being away from the mic for a while, Banner wanted to let his fans know the music never left. While on the station, he was also promoting his new album. His new album is titled THE GOD BOX. He calls the album the best of his career. He considers it that way because that was one of the beautiful things he saw during his hurt. He did not let the depression blind him. He used his alone time to create something that will impact generations, positively, in a way that he failed to in the albums before it.

The Rise

Sometimes the things that hurt us are just what we need. Especially in the entertainment industry. The lights and lifestyle can distract you. It can make you forget your purpose. David Banner’s hiatus was just what he needed. Sadly, it came in the form of depression that almost took him out.

During it, he let go of all the music he was doing that was hurting others. That’s what was missing in many artists in the past. As a result, they spend years bringing down the same people. They are supposed to be lifting them up.

Banner started lifting his people. He later came back with an album to keep them lifted. That is impressive. He is in the class with other hip-hop artists in the past that has flipped the script to run their own. Not only do they run it, they support their own plus more. They did not allow a luxurious lifestyle to take over.

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