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The EnterPAINment Industry: MC Lyte

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The Shining Lyte

Lana Michelle Moorer was born and raised in New York by her mom Constance. Constance was a strict mother. Growing up, she was always safe. She made sure her daughter realized that education in life matters. Moorer saw the role model that she needed in her mother. She did not put limits on her life. People often speculated about her father’s role in her young life, but it was just speculation.

The world just knows that her father’s name is NAT ROBINSON Sr. During her childhood, she fell in love with art. She loved music. Hip Hop soon to be duo Milk D and DJ GIZ encouraged it. She grew up with the two and considers them brothers. At 12, she was rapping. Her father decided to help her pursue her dream. He started his own label in the late 1980’s. He called the label FIRST PRIORITY. The label soon formed successful relationships with major labels Atlantic, Jive and Zomba Records.

The relationship with Atlantic was so well they cut a deal with him. The deal came with a condition. Moore was the condition. He wanted Atlantic to sign Moorer to a deal. In response, the label pulled the trigger and did. Before it all, Moorer changed her name to MC LYTE

I don't own the rights to this picture

I don't own the rights to this picture

Lyte Rapper

MC Lyte placed her stamp on the industry early. Her career started with a boom. Her voice was edgy. You heard it in her lyrics. She outshined many artists. One did not take kind to it. It was female rapper ANTOINETTE. The rap beef was less known during the 80’s. Some of these artist songs came from the battles.

Antoinette was known for her edgy lyrics. On one song, she came out aggressive. Finally, she took notice and mad a change. She cleaned up her image and edgy lyrics. Growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, it was a challenge. Despite that, She made up her mind to not embrace them. She learned how to adapt.

Lyte noticed what she walked into and how the industry uses feuds for gain. She started to focus more on her music. By 1993, she released her fourth album. The album released one of the top singles in the country. The song was nominated for a Grammy. Things looked great once she remained focused. During that same year, she started to feud with another female. It was a minor setback when the rapper did something that forced her to fire back. Soon after, it all ended. People knew not to bother the MC. .

I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

Lyte Actress

It was evident that the rapper was the real deal. Being on numerous talk shows may have inspired her to do something else she was good at. That was acting. She started on Broadway in 1991. Lyte played a role alongside other artists like herself. The hip hop twist club twelve. From the stage she went to the screen.

She was featured on the show IN LIVING COLOR (1992). 5 years later she was featured on Nickelodeon’s ALL THAT (1992). The next year the Rapper made her film debut in the movie FLY BY NIGHT. Over the years her TV features and movies continued to come.

The actress was in high demand. Positivity was in high demand also. In most of features on the big and small screen, the rapper portrayed roles that allowed the generation below her to see her in a more positive image. She has maintained to keep that image for the rest of her career.

I don't own the rights to this picture

I don't own the rights to this picture

Lyte Philanthropist

The rapper/actress added business woman to her successful profile. She opened a a few ventures. One was her boutique (Shantiel). That venture specialized in accessories. The store had a a New York Flavor to it. She explains that she wanted that.That desire to bring the flavor she grew up with to her new location.

In 1997, another one of her ventures, Sunny Gyrl, blossomed. The company is a firm that provides the leadership that young artists need. In an interview with REUBEN JOHNSON she explains how being talented is not enough for anything. You must study your craft.

She also founded the HIP HOP SISTERS FOUNDATION. The foundation basically compliments her previous projects. There are partners all over the nation to support what she is aiming to do. Her career has evolved since her rap debut and she loves it. She was able to touch fans with more than just music. She delivered the message that was needed to without use someone. Her voice and social media made things a lot easier.

The Lyte is Still Shining

Her philanthropy was not stationary. She is an author. She has done voice overs on the show diva starz. She did that for four years. Her stage only increased and she took advantage. Currently, she is mentoring other artists. Along with her mentoring other big names she is doing the same in colleges all around the globe. With the help of her celebrity friends, she brings empowerment.

Lyte was chosen as the first woman of color to serve as the President of the Los Angeles Chapter of Recording Academy from 2011-2013. The academy was a Grammy Organization. She has been honored for her work over the years.

In 2013, she received the lifetime Achievement Award at the HIP HOP INAUGURAL BALL. With 8 successful studio albums and a great career off stage, she deserves every bit of it. LANA MICHELLE MOORER is a legend. She is no doubt a pioneer in the industry.

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