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The Duggar Dynasty Is Deteriorating Before Our Very Eyes

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*Note - This Article Here Of Mine Was Initially Published On December 15, 2021.

Jim Bob Duggar is the author of this photograph.

Jim Bob Duggar is the author of this photograph.

Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy! Jim Bob Duggar is this 56-year-old man who goes walking around with a picture of himself from when he was 15 years old and brags on camera about how he and his wife, Michelle, started out their relationship as high school sweethearts and got married shortly thereafter. Well, he isn't boasting about much of anything these days, because his oldest son, Josh Duggar, was convicted on two counts of child pornography on December 9, 2021. It's not exactly something that Jim Bob will be gloating about at his next high-school reunion, and it is not something that he will be showcasing in his political campaign for his run for Arkansas State Senate. I'm surprised that he hasn't dropped out of that election by now. Then again, who knows what goes through his mind as well as the mind of his deviant son, Josh? If you think that Nathan D. Larson is a kook, Jim Bob outdoes him in that respect.

Josh Duggar's face has definitely been all over the television screen in recent days, but he hasn't been getting the kind of attention that most people would want. Below is a news clip of the prosecution team in his criminal trial, providing answers to questions from news reporters in a press conference.

The Federal Prosecution Team Discusses Josh Duggar's Guilty Verdict

Every time the picture of Josh Duggar's smiling face appears on television from his December 9, 2021 admission as an inmate into the Washington County jail, he looks less like someone who is headed for Club Fed and more like someone who won an all-expense-paid vacation to Hawaii. I wonder how much he is going to be smiling once he is sentenced and transferred to a Federal prison. He may not make it past his first shower once it happens.

Hopefully, District Judge Timothy L. Brooks will be shipping Josh off to a Federal prison far away from Arkansas so that none of Josh's Quiverfull colleagues will be helping him to break out of it. Therefore, if there are any corrections officers in an Arkansas Federal prison who may be thinking about sneaking Josh out of that place in the back of their truck, it is so not happening inasmuch as District Judge Brooks will probably send him off far away. I have a great admiration for the Federal prosecution team who secured a conviction against Josh for both criminal charges, because they have had to work among some of the craziest and most volatile people in our nation.

If you don't know all the details about the sex scandals surrounding Josh and his family, Joseph Morris will give you the full scoop about it in his video below. It will have you wondering how someone like Josh who preaches family values, societal norms, and the likes could behave like such a monstrous hypocrite and dance one step ahead of the law all these years.

Joseph Morris Provides Blow-By-Blow Details Of How The Josh Duggar Sex Scandals Evolved

Mr. Morris is correct that logically Josh Duggar would have to serve 40 years inasmuch as he was found guilty on both criminal charges against him, which each carry a 20-year maximum. However, it is most unfortunate that a provision in the Federal law dictates that both 20-year sentences would have to run concurrently and, therefore, Josh would only be likely to get a maximum of 20 years behind bars instead of 40 years depending on what the judge decides.

One thing is for certain. Josh will not be spending this Christmas with his family, and he will be spending Christmas with his inmates for probably the next two decades of his life. He has been naughty. Therefore, he probably won't get anything for Christmas this year or for a long time. A chunk of coal would be too generous of a Christmas present for him. A chunk of coal actually has value to it inasmuch as it is a fossil fuel, whereas he is worthless. The judge in this matter will not be going easy on him during the sentencing phase of his trial.

As the Federal prosecution team in the above-aforementioned news clip explained, seven percent of all criminal cases they get from their region of Arkansas involve child pornographic contraband. In any event, Josh has been getting off the hook for heinous crimes of this nature most of his life. On December 9, 2021, justice was served. Josh's appeal will go nowhere.

The major news networks are starting to provide more coverage of the Josh Duggar criminal trial than before. Entertainment news programs like Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, TMZ, and Access Hollywood, just to name a few, are providing an ample amount of coverage on this same criminal trial now that Josh has been found guilty and will be facing the music not before long. What is outrageous about all of it is that the major news networks and these entertainment news programs should have been covering this story in depth right from the beginning.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

Anna Keller Duggar May Also Be Facing Criminal Charges If Josh Duggar Harmed Their Kids In Any Way

What is so mind-boggling about this criminal matter involving Josh Duggar is that he was involved in a ring that required him also to photograph or film sexually explicit acts of children in order for him to receive child pornographic contraband from that same ring. This fact raises concerns that perhaps Josh may have either enticed or coerced his own children into these horrific activities.

Child Protective Services ("CPS") will now have the legal authority to interview each and every one of Josh's children to find out if Josh harmed them in any manner regardless of whether their mother, Anna Keller Duggar, consents to the interviews. What they tell the CPS workers could determine whether or not Anna will be facing criminal charges accordingly.

Emily D. Baker used to be a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles, California where I used to live. In a video below she provides a thorough legal analysis of the Federal statutes that applied to the trial and the conviction of Josh.

Emily D. Baker, Esquire Reacts To The Josh Duggar Guilty Verdict

In her video above, Ms. Baker clarifies that the likelihood that the Federal court will impose a $250,000 fine against Josh Duggar as a part of his sentence is very slim. Of course, if District Judge Timothy L. Brooks does decide to slap Josh with a six-figure fine, it will certainly cut into the Duggar fortune and deservingly so.

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It is no surprise to me that Josh was convicted of both counts as described further back herein. His defense team had an inexperienced expert witness named Michele Bush testify on the witness stand despite that she had never done so in any court proceeding in the past.

The prosecution was lucky to have Bobbye Holt on their side, because her testimony bolstered the chances of Josh being convicted. Josh had admitted to her what he had done to five underage girls when he was a teenager. Josh was supposed to be tried for those crimes in 2007, and, for some reason, the prosecutor decided to cancel that criminal trial simply because Ms. Holt and other family members of hers were going to testify in it. Ms. Holt is probably happy that her daughter, Kayleigh, did not marry Josh when she was 14 years old as had been planned when Josh was a teenager.

In her video above, Ms. Baker claims that the maximum sentence that Josh can receive is 20 years, although others have stated that the judge could add an additional five years on top of that 20-year sentence. Because Ms. Baker has a law degree, I guess I would have to give her statement more credence than those of the others for now.

Ms. Baker believes that it will be highly improbable that Josh will have to register as a sex offender with the state of Arkansas or anywhere. My response to her is regardless of how many breaks the system cuts him, his time in a Federal prison is not going to be a walk in the park. He'll probably hang out at the prison chapel to seek protection from the clergy there as most of his kind do. He won't be camping out there during the day to pray. His faith-based beliefs make up his façade to the world. Hypocrisy is his middle name.

Until after I watched Ms. Baker's video above, I was unaware that the child-pornography statutes on our Federal law books also applied to computer-generated images indistinguishable from an actual minor. What all of this could mean is that Josh Duggar may not have used any actual minors in the lewd images of children that he would have been required to send back to his colleagues in the criminal ring in which he was involved. With his technological background, he could have generated such images on his computer.

If this is the case, then it could mean that Josh never harmed his own children. I would certainly hope that they are all unscathed. It would be good news for Anna, because, aside from her children being safe, she would be less likely to be charged with a crime.

What many people are unable to figure out is why Anna decided to stand by Josh to the very end, when it had to be more than obvious to her that he was victimizing children. It reminds me of this one country music song in the video below.

The Song Titled "Stand By Your Man" by Tammy Wynette

The major difference is that the late Tammy Wynette would have been much more protective of her children than Anna has been with hers. Anna has not been happy about her husband's guilty verdict, and she has been getting into fierce arguments with her in-laws over it. The Duggar mansion has become like a chaotic zoo.

Nevertheless, there is one person who is very, very happy that Josh got convicted of both criminal charges against him. That person is Ashley Johnston. After Josh met up with her for sexual intercourse some time ago, he went berserk on her and beat up on her like a maniac. Her interview with Inside Edition can be viewed in the YouTube video below.

Ashley Johnston Expresses Her Content That Josh Duggar Is Going To Prison

Josh Duggar could not be any more of a persona non grata than what he currently is now that he has been found guilty of the most heinous crimes of which he can be convicted.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

The Duggar Dynasty Is Crashing Down Into Pieces Faster Than Anything

When Jim Bob Duggar had to take the witness stand at Josh Duggar's trial, he somehow developed a convenient form of amnesia when he was questioned about the crimes that Josh had committed against five underage girls, including Josh's four sisters, back in 2002 and 2003. In other words, Jim Bob committed perjury under oath.

Back in 2015, Jim Bob and his wife, Michelle, had interviewed with Megyn Kelly about those same incidents from 2002 and 2003 involving his son and four of his own daughters. Of course, Jim Bob sugarcoated the entire story and had two of his daughters do the same. The main point here is that he couldn't have forgotten about those same events within 6 years. Therefore, he should be charged with perjury.

Jim Bob is blaming his daughter, Jill, for Josh's conviction. Jill has taken a great amount of flak from her parents. Below you can watch a group of videos from Katie Joy Paulson about Josh's guilty verdict and relevant events.

Katie Joy Paulson Describes The Events That Unfolded When And After The Jury Found Josh Duggar Guilty As Charged

The trial hadn't lasted very long, and the jury deliberated a verdict much faster than in most trials of this nature. I had thought that this trial was going to drag out for several months and that the jury would be deliberating for weeks. It was like swift justice. Everybody in that courtroom who was not a part of the defense obviously saw Josh Duggar for the kind of person he was. Whenever a jury deliberates quickly in a criminal trial, it usually means that they are going to find the defendant guilty as charged.

I am happy that the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI") was not involved in this matter, because they would have botched it up and Josh would likely have been acquitted on a technicality. Then again, the FBI hasn't been very popular these days for a whole host of reasons.

What I found so interesting is that when the Duggars were exiting the courthouse after Josh had been found guilty and taken into custody, they were moving quickly in an effort to avoid the Paparazzi and every other news reporter and tabloid reporter who was lingering outside the courthouse. After Jim Bob heard a news reporter speaking to his family in a British accent, I guess that that event alone would have startled him. That is, people over in Europe are now wanting to know all the details of what went down at Josh's trial.

According to what Ms. Paulson reports in her videos above, one of the people following the Duggars to their car used profanity at Jim Bob. I'm assuming that it was a news reporter who was irritated that Jim Bob refused to answer any of his questions or perhaps he just thought that Jim Bob was a jerk all the way around.

What is so creepy is that Jim Bob thinks that he is a prophet. He's still running for office on the platform of family values, but his past actions clearly show that he doesn't practice what he preaches. He and his wife, Michelle, did not protect their daughters from Josh the way they should have done. Their sending Josh to church counselors who had no medical background to deal with these kinds of situations only added heat to the fire.

It would take a miracle for Jim Bob to get elected successfully to the Arkansas State Senate in this upcoming election in his state. He is only going to make himself the laughingstock of Arkansas if he doesn't drop out of the race for Arkansas state senator. My article titled "Jim Bob Duggar Is A Fool To Re-enter Politics" lays out the facts on why Jim Bob doesn't really have a prayer of getting elected to office at this point in time.

GDJ is the creator of this image.

GDJ is the creator of this image.

Even Devout Christians Are Condemning Josh Duggar And His Parents For The Misery That They Have Caused Others

A YouTuber named Gina, who is a devout Christian, has denounced the actions of Josh Duggar and his parents in a number of videos of hers. The name of her YouTube channel is Simply Heart & Home. From watching her videos on her YouTube channel, it becomes no secret that Gina doesn't feel that Josh Duggar and his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, have the right to give sermons about family values when their behavior shows that they are not exactly wholesome individuals themselves. She has expressed how content she is that Josh Duggar was found guilty as charged. Unfortunately, she has removed some of her interesting videos about the Duggar family.

Nevertheless, in reference to one video of hers that she had posted on her YouTube channel not too long ago, I agree with her that Jim Bob should not be running for office at this point in time. He obviously won't get anywhere and voters will find his self-proclaimed image of wholesome perfection to be offensively bogus.

In one of her videos on YouTube, Gina stressed that Jim Bob and Michelle should have been protecting their daughters from Josh back when they were at their most vulnerable instead of lecturing others on how to live their lives. She complained that they didn't have the right to be misusing their faith, so to speak, to justify their own wrongdoing. I couldn't agree more with her, and I'm not even religious.

Gina has every right to feel the way she does about Josh and his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle. After all, she herself is a survivor of child sexual abuse, and she, therefore, understands the pain and suffering that Josh's victims have been going through.

Sammy-Sander is the author of this photograph.

Sammy-Sander is the author of this photograph.

Final Thoughts And Conclusion

Regardless of whether you are a liberal Democrat, a conservative Republican, or even a moderate Independent like me, most of us can agree that what Josh Duggar did was clearly wrong. We also can hold a consensus view that Jim Bob Duggar and his wife, Michelle, handled the situation with Josh in the most reckless way that they could have done so.

The Duggar dynasty is currently confronting its downfall in the television entertainment industry and likely in the political arena. This is a family that is in a cult known as the Quiverfull Movement. The Institute in Basic Life Principles ("IBLF") takes people down a dangerous path in spite of its well-meaning intentions. Bill Gothard is a terrible person who has ruined the lives of many. When he founded the IBLF, he opened up Pandora's Box. The Duggar daughters would have had better lives if their parents had not gotten them involved with that institution.

I am not attacking religion or God, but we all need to wake up and smell the coffee. Religious cults or any types of cults seldom ever produce positive outcomes for those who join them. Josh Duggar is a living example of how harmful these cults can be. By the time that the law steps in and brings its full wrath down upon those like Josh, irreparable harm has already occurred. The Duggar daughters deserved so much better than what their parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, afforded them.

The TLC television network has already begun removing information about the Duggar family from their website. This process is going to gain momentum until there will no longer be a trace of them throughout the television airwaves and there will be very little of their presence still on the Internet.

Occasionally, we will hear and read stories about one of the Duggars having a confrontation with the law or about Josh complaining about the prison food at the Federal penal facility where he will be serving time. However, this family's days of stardom are soon to be behind them.

I never wish any harm on the Duggar family or on any family like them. However, we all need to open our eyes up to the hypocrisy that Christian fundamentalists attempt to feed the public whenever they run their mouths about family values and engage in conduct that is inconsistent with the same faith-based belief system that they promote. These people are not as genuine as they want you to believe, and wholesome perfection is a pipedream.

Religious extremist families like the Duggars will continue to appear in the news as our society wises up to the reality behind them. Reality television is progressively dying out, because many of these television shows that you see on the TLC television network and the likes are simply not sincere.

If you want your kids to watch family-friendly television programming, turn on a rerun of Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie or The Flying Nun. Those television sitcoms are funny and entertaining. However, don't let them waste their time watching reality television shows about large families that proclaim to have found the right pathway to Heaven. Those television shows are definitely misleading and can bring nothing to the table.

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