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The Devil in the White City: Keanu Reeves will be a Serial Killer


Erik Larson in his book The Devil

HH Holmes lived in the United States in the second half of the 19th century and committed a number of crimes. He committed most of his criminal activities for his own enrichment, variously cheated, forged, entered into fraudulent marriages, etc. But he also committed a number of murders. He is sometimes referred to as a serial killer, but he is not a serial killer in the classic sense of the word. He did not kill uncontrollably, out of some inner drive, but purely pragmatically, if, for example, someone knew too much about his previous crimes. It is also only a construction of the tabloids of the time that he built a murderous labyrinth in Chicago to torture his victims. In reality, it was a fairly ordinary townhouse that was supposed to have a residential, hotel and commercial floor.

Nevertheless, a rather embellished, more spicy version of the story is told about Holmes, which was inspired by writer Erik Larson in his book The Devil In The White City . The official blurb about the book says: The Devil in White City, a critically acclaimed bestseller, is a fictionalized nonfiction account of the true story of serial killer HH Holmes, America's Jack the Ripper, who murdered dozens, possibly hundreds of women in his special 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition. a constructed house, a huge maze full of torture chambers, sinkholes, autopsy rooms and dead ends. The murderer, who even had a gas chamber in his lair, was eventually convicted and sent to the gallows.

This book is being adapted by the upcoming miniseries, which we informed you about back in January . Back then, everything was in the negotiation phase, now it's official that it will be filmed. The main role will be played by Keanu Reeves , for whom it will be the first major role in an American series. Keanu is also one of the executive producers of the project, alongside Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio , who have been trying to film the story since 2010 and at one time even wanted to make it into a feature film themselves. Finally, "The Devil " will be an eight-part miniseries for the Hulu service ( Disney+ here ) that is set to start filming next year and in 2024wait for the premiere. The main screenwriter is Sam Shaw ( Mysterium Sexu, Castle Rock ), the main director is Todd Field ( Like Little Children, In the Bedroom, the Carnivale series ).

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