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Paul McCarty... or was that William Campbell?

Paul versus False Paul (Faul)

Image on the left, is James Paul McCartney, born of Liverpool England and childhood friend of John, George, and Ringo. Image on the right is that of William Campbell, the winner of the Paul McCartney look-alike contest, and currently posing as him.

Image on the left, is James Paul McCartney, born of Liverpool England and childhood friend of John, George, and Ringo. Image on the right is that of William Campbell, the winner of the Paul McCartney look-alike contest, and currently posing as him.

Where it all begins..

Journalistic note: After doing extensive outside research on this topic, and re-watching the documentary movie over 6 times, it is this writer's conclusion that these events DID happen. Paul McCartney was killed in a fatal car accident in the early morning hours of November 9th, 1966. The man we all know to be Paul McCartney, is a body double that was secured with the help of the British Secret Intelligence Agency, MI5. Hard to believe, I know. Take some time and figure it out for yourself though, and you may find as I have, that the truth becomes a burden. I feel the need to get this story told for the young man and artist, that captured the hearts of so many, this article is dedicated to the real Paul McCartney... RIP.

Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison.

This documentary starts off with the footage of a man from Hollywoods' Studio 61 radio studio, holding and describing an unsolicited package that the studio received on July 1st 2005, sent anonymously to the station from somewhere in England. They show the package as it arrived at the studio- which was a plain brown cardboard folding box with a mini cassette player, and two mini cassettes to be listened to, inside of it. The two mini cassettes are labeled "The Last Testament of George Harrison."

X-finity has this documentary listed as a 2010 movie. The description of the flick they have listed though uses the term mockumentary. If you are unfamiliar with the term "mockementary or docufiction", it simply means that most of the information cannot be scientifically or factually confirmed. Most docufictions are clearly outlandish and fake, and others, slapped that categorical title on a work just to save face, in case the information is taken unfavorably by the community at large. This is not a work of fiction.

The story that I am about to tell is directly from the documentary, Paul McCartney Really is Dead: The last testament of George Harrison. The film-makers never reference the content as being mockumentary, in fact they admit that their researchers only found more information to support the claims made on the tapes. They do claim that they attempted to get forensic testing results on the tapes and unfortunately, 3 separate labs could not say they were fake or real. The information provided to us in this documentary is narrated by unconfirmed recorded tapes of Beatle George Harrison, recorded at Berkshire Royal Hospital, shortly after his attempted murder. The tapes were meant to be a form of personal life insurance.

The very beginning of this recorded narrative explains that it was nearly 20 years ago, on Dec 1st 1980 that John Lennon had contacted George Harrison about finally going public to the world about the truth about his friend Paul McCartney's death in 1966, and 8 days later John was dead. A deranged fan shot him 5 times outside of his NYC apartment. It also goes on to state that just two weeks before this recording, so about two weeks before his own attempted murder, George Harrison had also contacted the man parading around as Paul to inform him of his own plans to go public with his story.

"For it was many years ago, in 1966, that my mates and I promised never to tell the story that I am about to tell. Its been a terrible burden of guilt being apart of this great deception, even though there were important reasons for it, which ill explain. But first of all, I want to say how much I loved Paul, how much we all loved Paul, the REAL Paul McCartney."

The REAL BEATLES: Band Photos with John Paul McCartney


The Death of Paul McCartney

November 9th, 1966-

The Beatles begin a recording session at Abbey Road recording studios shortly after midnight. The narrative recalls an argument between Paul and John about the songs for the next album. Paul wants to continue making poppy radio tunes, and John sought a more Dylan-esque sound for the new stuff.

The narrative claims that he can still remember Paul shrieking: "We're the beatles we make radio hits" and that Johns argument was that: "because we have the publics ear, we needed to say something for a change."

Shortly before 5am on the morning of Nov 9th 1966, it was raining hard outside as Paul decided to leave the recording session in a huff. He drove away in his white Austin Healey.

Shortly after 6am in the morning of Nov 9th 1966, upon leaving Abbey Road recording studios, a black police van pull up outside the studio and a government intelligent official identified only as "Maxwell" exits to speak with them. He explains he has been dispatched from MI5, the British intelligence service, because it is a high profile case.

He claims that his officers are on the scene of a fatal car accident involving a white Austin Healey and that a woman named rita was insisting that the dead man was Paul McCartney, and they were needed to identify if the dead man was in fact Paul. Shocked, and disbelieving, they are taken with the official to the scene of the accident.

In the narrative about the night of Paul's car crash, George Harrison describes having to identify the body of Paul McCartney with John and Ringo, in those wee hours of the morning of 11/9/1966. I am just going to use the direct quotes from the tape because the description, it seems, can only be given by someone who was there..

"We were in absolute shock, I prayed this was only some cruel prank Paul was playing on us. We drove just three miles and exited the van where we saw a mangled white car. Maxwell pointed to a woman in a light blue dress, sitting in the rain and, crying hysterically. That's Rita he told us. She claims she was walking on the pavement in the cold rain and Paul McCartney offered her a lift. She accepted, and quickly realized he was a Beatle and went into a hysterical fan frenzy, grabbing and hugging him, and causing him to lose control of the vehicle, smashing into a lorry and flipping over. Rita says McCartney was trapped inside but she managed to exit the vehicle and call for help. When she returned, the car had exploded and McCartney was decapitated... Ohh, please let this be a dream I thought."

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"Maxwell lead us to a draped body and slowly raised the cover, John was sobbing uncontrollably. What we saw was ghastly! It was a body with a decapitated head next to it in a pool of blood..we stood in disbelief at the horrific sight."

"The head was split open, had an eye missing, and the hair was burnt off. And there were no teeth but for two molars sticking through the cheeks. But, it was unmistakable. 'Is this Paul McCartney?' Maxwell asked somberly. 'Yes' we confirmed, now all crying. Maxwell then said 'He kind of looks like a walrus, doesn't he?' John raised his fists and began pummeling Maxwell screaming 'NO! I am the walrus, not him! I am the walrus! I am the walrus! A swift punch to the gut left John gasping for air on the ground. We gathered him up, and walked back to the van, in utter disbelief."

Her Majesty's Government

"Maxwell drove us to an MI5 safe house, and left us in the living room balling while he made phone calls in the next room, for what seemed like an eternity. Finally Maxwell emerged and stated that


(at this point in the documentary, they segue into interviews with some of the hysterical fans of the Beatles who talk about Paul being their favorite.)

"We knew this to be true, hundreds of our fans worldwide would kill themselves, making Paul's death a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. We passed two days in the safe house, desperately aware that The Beatles were also finished. But our despair made us think...The Beatles were at the top of their creative peak, John said he had a backlog of songs, he and Paul had written, as well as unfinished ideas. He believed he could complete as many as 50 songs written by Lennon/McCartney to keep the Beatles going for a long time...

We had a meeting and agreed, we would not stop. We would not give up, nobody had to know what had happened to Paul. The only question, was how?"

Moving Forward: The Beatles and MI5

Once the Queens Government got involved with the death of Paul McCartney and convinced the remaining 3 Beatles that it was a world wide humanitarian cause to keep Paul's death covered up, the next question was how to pull this off. The next part of the documentary goes on to say that Maxwell explained to the remaining three members of the band that they would be able to use the team of experts and on-hand plastic surgeons, as well as other resources available to the British Intelligence Service, to pull off a cover-up. A few conditions were attached to the resources, and one was simply that they would need a close look-alike to pull off replacing Paul with a double. Another was that, in accepting the assistance of MI5 in the continuation of the Beatles, they had to understand that they were swearing on their lives to the fact that the coverup would remain a secret.

"Because of MI5's involvement, the penalty for revealing what we did, would be death. We all agreed, and the deal was done."

Following the decision to replace Paul with a double, it was announced to the public that the Beatles would be taking a break from touring to only work in the recording studio, buying the group some time and space. Next, at the request of the Beatles, the American teen Magazine Tiger Beat, in conjunction with American Band Stand, held a Paul look-alike contest. No one, not even the American judges could have known just how serious a task this look-alike contest was, and a winner was never actually even announced. There was a winner though, from Edinburgh, named William Campbell.

"Although it meant several operations, William Campbell was thrilled with the opportunity to actually become Beatle, Paul McCartney. He literally could not believe his good fortune. Although William looked a lot like Paul, a number of imperfections needed attention. Improvements including fattening up the top lip, whilst the eyebrows,and jaw and ears were also worked on, and eventually the chin. William also underwent speech therapy, to acquire the trademark Liverpudlian accent. Though he was right handed, he would be playing bass guitar only in the studio, so no one would be the wiser. After the first plastic surgery, John gave William the nick name False Paul, he quickly shortened that to just Faul, in case he was overheard."

An Impostor.

John and Paul McCartney were the founding members of the Beatles, and it could not have been easy for John to switch out his former Best Friend and Bandmate for an impostor, even though the Beatles had agreed to do so. Harrison narrates that the guilt, and reality of fooling the world and replacing their friend, became a shameful burden for the three original band members to live with.

He also explains that the band feared consequences of the world turning on them and their fans hating them if they found out about the cover-up. These fears about being found out as liars, and the need to grieve outwardly somehow, led to the album cover and song lyric clues they left for the world to figure out.

They went forward with the deception to the world however, and in order to do so Faul was hired on salary, at the same time of the founding of the APPLE CORPORATION by John, Ringo and George. This was a way to deal with not having to share Beatles royalties with Faul.

The hints: Album Covers, Back-Recorded Tracks, Songs

Reoccurring References.

Open palm above the head. Harrison explains that the last way they ever saw their friend Paul, was with an open-palmed hand of the priest raised in blessing over his head, as the coffin was lowered into the earth. It was mis-stated somewhere once that the open palm over the head is an Indian culture symbol for death, but in fact, no such culture symbol exists. To the Beatles, it is a final blessing for their friend.

Difference in direction. In almost any group photo or video post-1966, there is a noted difference of Paul from the other members of the group. Sometimes it is just a different looking direction, or different action being partaken in, but there are few and far between photos in which they choose to look 'collectively together', post-1966. Someone might say, well that isn't much, but isn't it? It is always only 'Paul'. Its not like they try to differentiate Paul from John and then Ringo and George have their own things going, this is a group that has always chosen to appear a quartet-like unified, it wasn't like Paul or John were the "main stars". So the pointed decision to have Paul appear differently is not a power switch up situation because it had always been an interchangeable playing field; it is a personal rejection of this fake Paul that they wanted the world to catch onto.

Rubber Soul

  • The picture was taken so as to be from the viewpoint of Paul, looking up at them from the grave.
  • The title is designed as an upside down heart, which is commonly associated with the loss of a loved one. Ringo also liked this idea because he was a card player, and the upside down heart is also the shape of a spade, and the Ace of spades is known as a dead mans card.
  • A distortion lens was used to distort all of their faces slightly and to disguise the differences in Paul's appearance
  • On the back cover, though all of the Beatles smoked, only Paul was shown smoking a cigarette. Back in England in the 60's, cigarettes were known as coffin nails.
  • The media and public loved the ragtop bangs look, but they kept and used the bangs to hide Faul's scars from plastic surgeries
  • Ringo started calling William Campbell rubber Paul because of all of the plastic surgeries, and John had thought that would be a great name, but agreed to switch it up to be Rubber Soul because Rubber Paul would be too obvious.

Nowhere man single cover-

Only paul is facing and directed in a different direction than the other Beatles.

Nowhere Man Lyrcis- Paul is there nowhere man.

Girl- Is about Jane Asher. They had break up with her in a type-written note, because they did not believe she could be trusted with the truth.

Yesterday and Today

A side note about this album... the first album cover was actually submitted to capital records, and then later withdrawn.Shortly after submitting the album cover, John had burst into the studio in a panicked huff, explaining that Maxwell and two of his goons had showed up at his flat and roughed him up about it. Maxwell was furious about it, and George explains he could see where they were going to far, and John was becoming agitated about getting the truth out. George Harrison says that though John wasn't happy about it, he never tried to stop George when called capital records to withdraw the first album cover. A photo shoot was hastily scheduled that same day to take a new album cover picture.

Original Artwork

  • The meat all over the Beatles was meant to be insinuative of the gruesome nature in which Paul died
  • The decapitated babies were meant to be symbolic of the decapitation of Paul
  • Faul was asked not to smile because his teeth had been blown out, there was a set of teeth on his arm in the picture
  • George is holding a decapitated baby head directly next to Faul's head and there are two decapitated baby bodies with their bodies angled at Faul's head.
  • The decapitated babies had their hair burnt off, in the same way in which Paul's was

Yesterday and today published photo

  • John is grasping at his side where he had been punched earlier that morning
  • Harrison recalls you could see some healing inflammation and scars on Fauls upper left lip from plastic surgeries
  • Faul is in the box below... symbolizing the box where their friend currently rested, underground. Turned on its side, it almost looks as though he is in a coffin.

Songs to listen to... Nowhere Man- Paul is there nowhere man. Dr. Robert- Fauls plastic surgeon. Drive my car- what paul was doing. Im only sleeping- what paul looked like when he was dead. Act Naturally- what they were trying to do. We can work it out- a tribute to their choice to not give up and keep going with the Beatles.


  • The name of the album itself is in reference to the invisible way in which their friend Paul left the group, and the impostor Faul joined it, similar to a revolving door.
  • Harrison explains that at the time they needed to make this cover, Faul had come out of a round of plastic surgeries swollen and red, and a photo was clearly out of the question and that is why they used a drawing.
  • Small open palm right above Paul's head
  • Only Paul is facing away and with only one eye showing, the way the Beatles last saw Paul.
  • There is a small screaming picture of Paul placed into the top left corner of the drawing collage, meant to show him in agony as they believe he was in his last moments on earth.
  • Finally, the big clue here, is the little character guy leaning out of 'Paul's ear in the drawing. If you look close, this little guy has his own hand to his ear, telling the fans to listen close for discrepancies.

Songs to listen to... Originally titled Taxidermist, because that is who Paul had to see after his death, Ringo mentioned to Harrison this title needed to be changed and suggested just Taxman. The Beatles shout the name Paul at the end of every line. Eleanor Rigby, a note to Paul's secret burial in an abandoned church cemetery in Blackpool England.

“Elenor Rigby is about Paul’s secret funeral near Liverpool, an abandoned Church graveyard, in the town of Blackpool. It was attended only by myself, Ringo and John, and Paul’s parents. A small, and lonely gathering, for a man who was loved by so many."

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

"John was growing increasingly frustrated with the deception; and at the same time, Paul's ABSENCE in his life as a creative force, left John feeling incredibly lonely. His great companion had been gone for over a year and it was clearly effecting him. Thus, John named our next album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. and he would flood Sgt. Peppers with clues."

  • The funeral Paul never had, all of the people Paul would have wanted at his funeral.
  • George, John and Ringo are posing with a cut out life size cardboard photo of 'Paul', being propped up by the other Beatles. As Fail was propped up into existence as 'Paul' by the 3 original Beatles in real life.
  • Paul's rugby trophy is placed in between the L and the E in Beatles, and the yellow flower arrangement can be seen to spell the name Paul. So included with the Hear in the lonely HEARts band, the funerary arrangement scene looks like it says 'Hear lies Paul'
  • The yellow flower arrangement is in the shape of a left handed bass guitar, with three wire strings for the three original remaining band members, and when turned on its side, is in the shape of a letter P.
  • Open palm over the head of 'Paul' again, except this time the man with his hand raised over False Paul's head is Stephen Crane, author of The Open Boat.
  • The doll on the right has a model white Austin Healey on her lap and she is sitting in the lap of a grim reaper looking figure.
  • You need a mirror for the most significant clue, that one can see by using a mirror in the center of the Lonely Hearts Band Drum. 1 ONE 1 X HE DIE. The three ones represent the three remaining living Beatles, Paul is the X. Also, it represents the date of his death. 1 ONE/ IX = 11/9
  • On the inside cover you can see the OPD badge on Faul's uniform, Officially Pronounced Dead.
  • Also on the inside cover, Paul is facing away in some pictures, to show that he isn't who you think he is. There are also lyrics that George Harrison is pointing to on one of the inside sleeves that mentions Wednesday morning at five o'clock, the time that Paul died.

"John had pushed the idea of dropping clues of Paul's death much further on Sgt. Peppers. Of course it would be a disaster if someone put the clues together. Our fans would hate us for the deception and the Beatles would be finished... And then there was the little matter of MI5 promising death would come knocking at our door. As we began a new recording session, I was summoned to the telephone, It was maxwell. He told me straight up the Sgt. Peppers cover was obviously a funeral for paul. 'I know you wankers are up to something. You best be careful.' and then he hung up."

Harrison explains that after Sgt. Peppers, he had begged John to tune down the clues, they didn't really want to be found out, but it seemed as though this was the fire burning in John that was producing the music.

"John's placing clues now seemed to be the driving force inspiring him to write."

Magical Mystery Tour

  • John was dressed as the Walrus to associate with his lost friend, and Faul's costume has a gaping hole where a heart would be. John said this was to show that there was no soul heart or soul in the fake body.
  • When flipped upside down, the Beatles is designed to be a phone number. John Lennon secured this phone number on the London exchange, and had it forwarded automatically to a funeral home.
  • On the inside cover, Capital Records accidentally used an insert photo that exposed Faul looking very LITTLE like Paul McCartney.
  • On the back cover, when turned on the side, the black and white dressed people in random patterns, become a RIP. A message from John to his fallen comrade.

    Songs to listen to... Strawberry fields forever is written speaking to the fans. John says I Buried Paul at the end of the song. Hello Goodbye is meant to be Faul singing to the ghost of Paul. In blue Jay way there is a back-recorded depiction of Paul's car accident trauma.

"The Beatles" White Album

Harrison narrates an encounter with Maxwell, and intelligence agents on the release date of Magical Mystery Tour that included being roughed up, and Faul crying that they please not hit his face. Following that experience, they came out with the White Album, a blank covered album chock-full of secret recorded messages that could only be heard if the record is played backwards, and an inside cover that actually prints the contest entry photo that William Campbell sent in to win the look-alike contest.

"If we see anymore clues, we'll have no problem arranging a car accident, or for a deranged fan to off the lot of you." -Maxwell, following Magical Mystery Tour

  • Despite the plain blank cover, if you use a mirror halfway up on the title the Beatles, once again you get the three ones for the three remaining Beatles, and the message, He Be Ice.
  • Since there was nothing on the front of the cover of the album, it included a fold out collage poster inside, and at the bottom left corner of this poster collage is the picture of William Campbell that he used for his entry into the Paul look alike contest. (I have placed a red box around the photo of William Campbell on the poster photo in this article.)
  • Added more backwards masking, and song lyric clues, in songs then in any other of their other albums
  • The #9 in Revolution #9, is for the 9 letters in McCartney

Songs to listen to- Glass Onion (lyrics), Im so tired (played backwards), Revolution #9 (backwards), In the road (backwards), Don't pass me by (lyrics)

Yellow Submarine

  • Once again, John holds the open Palm over 'Paul's' head
  • The rest of the group is pointing downwards to show what is buried under the ground.
  • The yellow submarine is meant to symbolize the coffin that Paul rests in underground.
  • The original four members are the little characters at the bottom right hand corner playing music, they are also buried because the original group is buried with Paul.

Songs to listen to- Yellow submarine (lyrics- submarine meaning coffin), All together now (backwards), Only a Northern Song (lyrics)

Abbey Road

  • A funerary scene. John is in all white as Jesus, Ringo is in all Black as the Pallbearer. Faul is shoe-less in a suit because the real Paul McCartney was buried without his shoes, as he loved going barefoot, and he is the corpse. George Harrison is in all denim, as he was the grave digger.
  • Faul is holding a cigarette in his hand (a coffin nail), his RIGHT hand, rather than his left as the real Paul would.
  • Faul is out of sync with the band, John, Ringo and George are all stepping with their left leg, and only 'Paul' is right foot forward.
  • License plate on the Bug in the background, LMW 28IF, Paul would have been 28 IF he had survived.
  • Outside the Abbey road studio's entrance in the background, John placed 3 people dressed in white to signify the presence of only 3 righteous Beatles
  • On the right hand side of the photo in the background is a black police van, with a man who is meant to be MAXWELL standing outside of it, watching over them and what they do.
  • On the back cover, on the left side of the word Beatles, there are 8 dots that when connected make the number 3
  • On the back cover, there is a crack through the S of the Beatles and when it is turned on it's side, right around this area you can see the face of the Grim Reaper.
  • Also on the back cover, the edge of the light blue dress shown walking away, is meant to be Rita in her light blue dress the night of Paul's accident

*sidenote, MI5 had given Rita free plastic surgery for life, and money to buy her silence.

Songs to listen to- Oh Darling (backwards), Come Together (lyrics-composition about a dead person, and what happens to a corpse)

Rubber Soul

Rubber Soul



Yesterday and Today - Original Cover

Yesterday and Today - Original Cover

Yesterday and Today- Published Cover

Yesterday and Today- Published Cover

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour

White Album

White Album

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine

The Conspiracy is Discovered: On the Run from MI5

At some point in October of 1969, someone started putting the clues together... George Harrison is the best one to tell this part of the story, as its hard to really imagine being in their position. Fiction doesn't get this crazy, living an iconic fame dream and waking nightmare simultaneously, during these last years as a group.

"Our worst nightmare was set into motion on 12 October, 1969. Russell Gibb, a radio disc-jockey in Detroit, announced that Paul McCartney was dead...His proof- evidence strewn throughout The Beatles album artwork, and song lyrics. He played Revolution 9 backwards on the air, and everyone heard 'turn me on dead man'.

Newspaper and television reporters picked up the story, and the news quickly spread across America, and it gained critical mass across the world as international media picked up the story.

Celebrity lawyer, F.Lee Bailey hosted a television special, and other radio and TV programs added to the explosion.

Now Maxwell had certainly seen our entire array of clues from the very beginning and we we all dead men... John was terrified that he, and his wife and child would be killed in a car crash, courtesy of Maxwell. So to protect his family, he announced he was divorcing, and moved out of his house. John said he would escape to America immediately. What about the rest of us I asked, as we hugged at Ringo's flat, trying to think of something before Maxwell came for us. Ringo was petrified and just said nothing. Ringo was the luckiest man on the planet, he really didn't have much talent nor personality, he was just happy to be there.

I moaned at John 'we had a double, The Beatles continued, we made a lot of money. Why should we be dead like Paul? Why couldn't you just let it be?

John answered.. okay, I'll just let it be. We'll make one last album to throw off suspicion, I'm about out of material from Paul anyway, let's call the album as you say 'Let it Be'. We'll end The Beatles and just Let it Be. You ring Maxwell, tell him were ending The Beatles in 6 months, maybe there will be no need for him to kill us.

This seemed the only plausible course of action. If we ended The Beatles just now, after all the public outburst of Paul's death, it would be confirmed as the reason for the bands demise. I telephoned Maxwell and explained, we would make a public effort to say Paul's death rumors were a 'hoax', and make one last album to fool the public. We would then end The Beatles and take the secret with us. Maxwell replied... 'I never should have trusted you wankers. You'll be joining Paul soon enough.' and hung up. "

-transcribed from the documentary Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison


Let it be..The end

Let it be

  • All of the original Beatles members are wearing white against black backgrounds, facing away from the camera, Faul is facing head on at the camera with a BLOOD RED background
  • They use a microphone in front of his mouth in more than one picture because Faul's chin was caving, and he would be needing to undergo further plastic surgeries.
  • On the back cover, we designed it against black backgrounds meant to look like an obituary for The Beatles.
  • On the inside cover Faul is holding head in a way that was meant to emulate decapitation.
  • On another photo of Faul a microphone is used to mask his chin and fake beard
  • All of The Beatles had to grow there hair to look a bit older than they were, because the surgeries were starting to make Faul stick out as looking older than the rest of them

Songs to listen to... BACKWARDS... let it be, the long and windy road, get back.


We Can Work It Out

At what point was John Lennon expected to truly grieve the loss of his best friend? When he should have been finding support and healing via talking about it, and using his art as an outlet, he had to pretend nothing had happened because the show goes on. Especially because of the gruesome nature in which he was forced to identify Paul's body, and the haste in which he was required to forget about it and go on, I would argue John suffered from PTSD when the Beatles finally ended. Think about it, he became a drug addict because he couldn't cope with something, he spoke about non-violence and peace because he never felt safe, and that's all he wanted to feel.

Also.... think about it, the crazier he appeared, the less interest MI5 would have in getting rid of him...right? Maybe wrong..

James Paul McCartney had a biological brother and parents. Someone knows the truth...

Also, as Woodward and Bernstein would say... FOLLOW THE MONEY.

If the Beatle's Apple company really was created to pay Faul a salary, and avoid having to share Beatle's royalties with, the money trail must exist somewhere!


X-finity has this documentary listed as a 2010 movie, but the sub captioned description of the flick describes the content as a mockumentary. If you are unfamiliar with the term "mockementary or docufiction", it simply means that much of the information cannot be scientifically or factually confirmed. Some are clearly outlandish and fake, and others, it seems slapped that categorical title on their just to save face, in case the information is taken unfavorably by the community at large.

After some extensive outside research, the only main inconsistancy I can find regarding any of the information given, are some of the release dates of albums and singles, that wouldn't match up with Paul having died at the end 1966. Then again, I have thought and rethought this through, it is highly possible that some of the publication dates were noted for the dates of the original recordings, or original copyright publications, and could have been put together in an album and released at a later date.

I am a skeptic about most claims unless they can be factually argued for. In this case however, the facts that support the claims in this documentary are more abundant and numerous, than the facts that don't support these claim. UNFORTUNATELY, I have been not been able to PROVE beyond a 'shadow of a doubt' that Paul McCartney is indeed an impostor, simply because I do not have access to the people and documents, needed to verify these claims. My hopes for this article are that it brings the truth to light, for as many people as it takes, for someone to finally come forward and admit that they know something about this.

1966 Supposed Last Interview with Paul McCartney and original four members

1966 Interview with Paul McCartney

A scene from a Hard Days Night with real Paul

False Paul- A new-comer to the industry posing as Paul McCartney.

John and Faul: An attempt at playing bandmates and childhood friends.


Together Again

Rest in peace boys.