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The Darkness (2016) Movie Review

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Ancient Gods Released from the Grand Canyon in this Thriller

The Darkness follows the Taylor family: Peter Taylor (Kevin Bacon the one and only), Bronny Taylor (Radha Mitchell), Micheal Taylor (David Mazouz) of Gotham fame, and Stephanie Taylor (Lucy Fry). As they unknowingly release supernatural entities by taking home ancient rocks from their Grand Canyon vacation.

The Darkness is a movie that has a big problem with pacing and there are a lot of scenes that I feel could have been edited out. The last act of the movie is where the movie is its strongest and the entity’s look was something to behold. I think the performances from all the actors, especially Kevin Bacon who never had a flat performance. Micheal was also played to a tee by David Mazouz.

The shots in the last act were also engaging showing a natural disaster like event inside of a house, which has not really been used before in a movie.

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The biggest problem is when this movie slows to a crawl and it never has you looking away from the screen. The best part of the movie by far is the acting quality which I feel is waisted here overall for most of the movie. The concept of the movie is intriguing and with some tweaks, this could have been a far more engaging movie

4.5 Ancient Cursed Rocks out of 10


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