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Batman Begins (2005)


The Batman Begins (2005)

In Gotham City, A young Bruce Wayne falls down on a dry well and it is attacked by a swarm of bats developing a fear of them. While attending an opera with his parents Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne he sees performers who dressed as bats and gets frightened prompting to leave the place his father and mother then goes with him only to be mugged and shot by a man named Joe Chill. In the absence of his parent, he is now raised by their trustworthy butler Alfred Pennyworth.

Years later, Joe Chill has been released in prison after being a witness in the illegal activities of crime boss Carmine Falcone. Bruce attends the court hearing with a gun in his pocket as he wanted to kill Joe Chill himself but he was then preceded by an unknown hitman sent by Falcone. Rachel Dawes, A childhood friend of Bruce tells him that it is not good to work outside the law and how would his father react if he sees his child a murder. He then proceed to meet Carmine Falcone in a local diner tells him that real power can be attained by instilling fear being thrown out at the diner he burns his belongings and started a journey to hone his skills in combat and to be knowledgeable in the life of the criminal underworld.

In a secured prison he is met by a man named Henri Ducard into the league of shadows lead by Ra's Al Ghul. During his time at the league, he learned to master hand to hand combat and to finally remove the fear in his life. He is then told that the leagues know how polluted Gotham has become and they intend to destroy it killing criminals and innocent people as a part of a cleansing of the city. Bruce then rejects the idea of killing and starts to fight against the league, burning down the temple and killing Ra's and saving an unconscious Ducard, he leave him in a farm to be treated.

Now returning to Gotham City, he is now determined of what needs to be done he takes interest in the fortune his family has left him, The Wayne Enterprise, now being ruled by William Earle. Lucius Fox, a friend of Thomas Wayne, allows him to have access to the prototype defense technology which has been shut down by Earle since it was not part of how he runs the business. Fox provides all the necessary equipment for Bruce to become Batman, this includes a protective body suit and a vehicle he calls the Tumbler. Taking up the symbol of the Bat, the fear he has now overcame, he completes the Batman. he let the people picture him as the billionaire and playboy persona while secretly establishing a cave under his manor and catching criminals at night.

During an evening drug shipment Batman apprehended Falcone and his men and gave the evidences to Rachel in order to implicate Falcone. He is joined by then Sergeant James Gordon to spearhead the arrest of Falcone. At the prison, Falcone meets Dr. Jonathan Crane whom he helped smuggled illegal drugs into Gotham City sprays him with the fear toxin hallucinogen in order to transfer him to Arkham Asylum. Batman, now turn his head to Dr. Crane, upon investigating he encounters Dr. Crane now dressed as the Scarecrow and spray him with the hallucinogen, now incapacitated Crane scape while Batman become pinned down by the effects of the toxin as Alfred comes to save him, he is then given by Lucius Fox an antidote he developed to cure him. Rachel, now an assistant district attorney, accused Crane of corruption only to be revealed that the drug is now in the Gotham City water supply. He then drugs Rachel, as soon as Batman arrives he subdues Crane by using drug against him as he interrogates Crane tells Batman that he is working for a man named Ra's Al Ghul. He leaves Crane to the police and escape them by unleashing a high-pitch sound that releases a large horde of bats and takes Rachel to the Bat Cave to be cured by the antidote Fox developed and tells her to give one for Gordon and to mass produce it since the drug is already spreading in Gotham City. As Bruce hosts his 30th birthday party, he is then visited by an old friend, Henri Ducard, who reveals himself as the true Ra's Al Ghul he tells Bruce that he has stolen a powerful microwave emitter he intends to vaporize Gotham's water supply to make Crane's drug airborne to create mass hysteria that will destroy the city. A battle is ensured inside the Wayne manor, Ra's had the upper hand and left Bruce unconscious while the manor is slowly burning to the ground. A pinned down Bruce is helped by Alfred. Ra's loads the microwave emitter on a rail system to release the drug at the center of the water source. Batman rescues Rachel from a drug mob and indirectly reveals her his true identity. Batman leaves the tumbler to Gordon for him to destroy the portion of the track. Batman, confronts Ra's and fights him but he refuses to kill him instead leaving him on a derailed train only for it to crash killing Ra's once and for all.

As Rachel realizes that Bruce is Batman he tells him his love but cannot be with him unless he gives us being Batman and it will only happen if the city does not need Batman anymore. Now Batman becomes a hero and Bruce now controlling the enterprise fires Earle, and replaces him with Fox. Gordon is now a Lieutenant shows Batman the bat signal and tells him about a criminal who leaves a Joker card he then tells Gordon that he'll look into it and disappears in to the night.

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Bruce Wayne’s evolution.

The amazing thing about this movie is that the evolution of Bruce Wayne is in so much detail. like at the beginning he was fearful especially with bats, he was so weak that he was easily thrown out of the diner Falcone was in. he has no idea of the criminal underworld. the transistion begins when he joins the League of Shadows where he learned and evolved to something that he was not in the past but the best thing that the evolution of Batman has taught him was his no-killing principle. In the past he could have killed Joe Chill or Falcone with the gun he was holding but he sensed that killing is for the weak and to instill fear is just giving them something more than death but the timeless memory of cowering of fear.

The ending scene.

The ending scene when Batman after talking to Gordon flies through Gotham City nods to the idea that Batman going towards the city is the beginning of the Batman.

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