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The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The Dark Knight Rises


Bane, a masked terrorist and former member of the League of Shadows kidnaps Dr. Pavel, a nuclear physicist from a CIA plane in Uzbekistan. Years have passed since the death of Harvey Dent; Batman has disappeared and criminality has been eradicated in the city because of the Dent act giving expanded power to the police. Commissioner Gordon is about to deliver a speech as he wanted to reveal what really happened that night but decided not to. Bruce Wayne now in recluse since Batman's hiatus and Wayne Enterprises is losing money.

Bane now residing is base of operation the sewers of Gotham City prompts
John Daggett the corporate rival of Wayne Enterprise to buy Wayne's fingerprints to access their company. Cat-Burglar, Selina Kyle obtained Wayne's fingerprints only to be double-crossed and alerts the police. Gordon and his men arrives at the scene and tries to pursuit Bane and Daggett's men in to the sewers while Selina flees. Bane's henchmen took Gordon to their base inside the sewers only for him to escape and be found by rookie cop John Blake, a fellow orphan of Wayne foundation who figures out Bruce Wayne's secret identity persuades him to come back as a warning of the mobilizing Bane.

Batman then emerges as he in pursuit of Bane's group who took the stock exchange and hacked it in order to declare Wayne Enterprise bankrupt. As a pursuit engages he pinned down some of Bane's men except for him. Returning to the manor, Alfred tells Bruce that he is not strong enough to face a beast like Bane. He resigns in hope to save him but only after telling him he burned the letter Rachel gave him saying he was ready to marry Dent. Bruce then finds comfort in the new CEO of Wayne Enterprise Miranda Tate.

Bane then kills Daggett as he expands his operation. Bruce then tracks down Seline Kyle in order to have information on the whereabouts of Bane. She obliges, and take Batman to Bane's hideout only to be lured to a trap set up by Bane, upon revealing that Bruce Wayne is Batman, Selina felt distraught as she sees Batman being beaten up by the bigger and stronger Bane. Revealing that he will fulfill Ra's Al Ghul's mission to destroy Gotham. As Bane beats Batman he delivers him overseas in an unknown prison which escape is impossible. In the absence of Batman, Bane finally put his plan into motion. Blowing up the bridges so one one could escape and taking every one hostage as they purge Gotham slowly. He kills the Mayor and tells the people of Gotham that they carry a neutron bomb. Bane then reads the letter Jim Gordon left when he escaped Bane's sewer base revealing the truth about Harvey Dent, deeming the Dent act null and void he releases the prisoner in the Black Gate penitentiary and issued Martial Law within the city killing policemen and judging them in a kangaroo court presided by Jonathan Crane.

Inside the prison, Bruce trains himself hard so that he can escape the prison to face Bane before he completely obliterate Gotham City. which he accomplishes with the help of his cellmate. Bruce then finally escapes the prison and returns to Gotham City to save it from Bane. Arriving at Gotham he rescues the hostage of Wayne Enterprise and freed the trapped policemen ensuring a battle in the streets of Gotham. He finds Bane and starts to take him toe to toe which results to him finally overpowering Bane. A weakened Bane rests on a corner as Miranda Tate interferes stabs Batman as she revealed that she is the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul: Talia Al Ghul. Holding the detonator she fails to detonate the bomb as Jim Gordon successfully blocks her signal. Talia Leaves to find the bomb leaving the weakened Bane to kill Batman but is intervened by Selina who kills Bane using the Batpod.

Batman and Selina pursue Talia who is nearing the bomb hoping to bring the bomb back to the reactor chamber where it can be stabilized. Talia's truck crashes killing her but before she died she activates the flooding system of the chamber which fully floods the reactor deeming it as unusable. With no other option on detonating the bomb, Batman uses his aircraft The Bat to carry the bomb far from Gotham City but before leaving he reveals to Jim Gordon that he was the kid whom he comforted when he witnessed the murder of his parents.

The Batman is honored as a hero, the manor becomes the orphanage that was once closed down and the estates are left to Alfred Pennyworth. Gordon sees the Bat signal is repaired and Lucius Fox has been informed that the autopilot system in the Bat has been fixed. John Blake is left with the secrets of the Bat cave. During his retirement Alfred can be seen at a restaurant and comes across Bruce Wayne with Selina Kyle finally getting the life he has ever wish him.

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The End of the Dark Knight.

In the Dark Knight Rises, we can see the final evolution of Bruce Wayne, the fact that Batman must end eventually and make a life for Bruce Wayne. As he loses his wealth, his love, his only family Alfred, he then realizes that all he lacked in life was the life he never had after the death of his parents and becoming Batman. As justice clouds his mind he forgot that there is a life for Bruce Wayne that was lost along the way. In the final scene where he carries the bomb away from Gotham it was in reality the death of Batman but the rise of Bruce Wayne.

The Ending Scene

The ending scene of this movie completes the phase of Batman/Bruce Wayne. In Batman Begins we see him coming towards the city as the Hero, in the Dark Knight we see him leaves the city as a Villain, and in the Dark Knight Rises we finally see him put down his cape as a Hero, a Villain and now an ordinary man which signifies the three main personas in the movies. The Heroes, The Villains, and The People. that is the embodiment of Bruce Wayne.

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