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The Dark Knight (2008): Joker Interrogation Scene

The famous interrogation scene from the Dark Knight (2008)

The famous interrogation scene from the Dark Knight (2008)

The Interrogation Scene

The famous interrogation scene when Gordon leaves The Joker in the hands of Batman to know the location of the hostaged Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes.

Conversation of Batman and Joker.

Conversation of Batman and Joker.

The Joker’s Plans.

The scene when the Joker said that he is just ahead of the curve is him telling us that he intends to focus on his plans and he will achieve it no matter what the cost. He is really foreshadowing the events that will lead to his victory. This article will enumerate the actual lines the Joker says to finally put his plan into action.

  1. He tells Batman he does not want to kill him which he didn’t because of that need for Batman. In the end Batman didn’t kill the Joker and neither he did the Batman.
  2. “They need you right now, when they don’t they’ll cast you out.” This is how he hinted it again that Batman will be casted out which will eventually happens in the end of the movie as he is being chased by cops as he tries to escape Gotham.
  3. “When the chips are down these civilized people, they’ll eat each other.” It refers to the scene where the Joker took all the People in the hospital as hostage and orders the family of the hostages to kill Coleman Reese.
  4. The phrase “I am just ahead of the curve.” That phrase alone should tell that he has been always ahead of everyone even in the beginning. He knows Batman, Gordon, and Dent’s moves and how to stop them which he eventually did.
  5. Breaking the Morals: again every word of the Joker has been set to the events that will befall our characters. The morals he was referring to is that he needs to do something illegally to defeat Joker and that is how he gained access to the Sonar Device he used to track down the Joker. Fox said it is against him that Bruce will use the device to find Joker as he will eventually look into the citizens of Gotham also.
  6. The Joker switched the address of Harvey and Rachel. He has plans to break Batman, Gordon, and Dent at the same time this is the part where all shatters. When asked where the two hostages are the Joker gave Batman the address of Rachel which actually is Harvey’s and Harvey’s which is actually Rachel, a clever trick since he knew where Batman is really going to go which is to Rachel. So instead he rescues a half-burned Harvey and Gordon’s men arrived to late for Rachel.
  7. In the words of the Joker, Two face will rise. The hospital scene is where the final transformation of Harvey Dent shall occur thanks to the final words of the Joker. “This City deserves a better class of criminals.” His words to the Chechen as he burns his share of money. Those better class of criminals he is referring is Him and Harvey, they didn’t want money they only want to see Gotham burn and Harvey only wanted revenge on Gordon for not saving Rachel and that Gordon’s men were involved. (Thanks to the clown of course)
  8. “We are destined to do this forever.” A line that signifies in every aspect of their relationship they will be together. Batman and the Joker. They will stop each other but they will never kill each other. That is the Joker’s hint outside the wall. In other stories like comic books, movies, animated films, and games both have always been a part of each other.

We can always speculate that this movie is about the Joker and not Batman. This is like the Empire Strikes Back of The Dark Knight trilogy. People ought to know that since Joker and Two-Face is finally defeated then the heroes won, But no, they didn’t but the Joker did in every way because of how he manipulated the events from the beginning until the end to favor him, he completed his mission Batman may have stopped him but the Joker won. The criminals are in prison due to the Dent act but for how long until Jim Gordon’s conscience can take? He is defending the man who almost killed his family and chasing the one who saved them? In the Dark Knight Rises we can still see a shed of Joker’s Victory when Gordon’s letter fell and was read by Bane which eventually resulted to null the Dent act and freed the prisoners in the Black Gate prison.

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