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Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight (2008)


The movie starts as The Joker with his clown henchmen prepares to rob a bank as soon as they accomplished the heist he manipulates each member in to kill each other to get the higher share and as soon as every member is killed he killed the last one in order for him to take all the money for his own and escape. Batman/Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, and Jim Gordon unites to form an alliance in order to rid Gotham of organized crime. As Bruce Wayne agrees the idea of Dent and supports him of his career he believes that with Harvey Dent being the protector of Gotham City he can now hang his cape as Batman so he can live a normal life with Rachel Dawes though he can see that she is already happy with Dent.

Mob bosses Sal Maroni, Gamble and The Chechen organized a meeting with this accountant Lau now in Hong Kong hold their money for safe keeping as they are in the midst of the war being waged by Batman, Dent, and Gordon is being interfered by the Joker who offers them that he would kill Batman but in return asked half of their money each. Gable being reluctant and an antagonist to Joker kills him and takes over his gang. As Maroni and The Chechen agrees to his terms they finally made their plans. Batman brings Lau back to Gotham to testify allowing Dent to apprehend the entire mob.

The Joker now moves to a string of killing spree if Batman does not reveal his identity. He targets the Commissioner, The Judge, and The Mayor, as the two was successfully executed the killing of the Mayor was stopped by Gordon who sacrifices himself to keep the Mayor safe. As time goes by a string of target begins to emerge as Rachel Dawes is the next target Bruce decides to reveal but is stopped by Dent as he refuses him to do so stood up and reveal that he is Batman instead. Dent is taken into custody but his convoy is attacked by the Joker. Batman then attacks the Joker's truck and both engages in a fight. The Joker's truck was pinned down he tells Batman to run him over and kill him but Batman didn't instead swerving his Batpod causing him to lose control and knocks on the corner. As the Joker approaches Batman to kill him he is knocked by Jim Gordon, who faked his death during the mayor's attempted assassination.

The Joker is taken into custody and is being interrogated by Batman, he then reveals that Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes is kidnapped in a separate location as he let him choose who to save quickly tells Gordon to rescue Dent while he goes after Rachel. The Joker still in custody, implants a bomb in the stomach of a prisoner and as The Joker gives the bomb a call the precinct exploded make his way out with Lau. Batman and Gordon goes separate ways in order to save Rachel and Dent only to find out they were tricked by the Joker on the location of the two instead Batman saved Dent with half of his face disfigured and burned but it was too late for Rachel as her location had already exploded before Gordon got near her.

Coleman Reese an accountant of Wayne Enterprises deduced that Bruce Wayne is Batman and threatens to go public with the information but The Joker as he does not want to be interfered with his plans threatens to blow up a hospital unless they kill Reese within a hour. At the Hospital, the Joker convinces a delusional and grieving Dent to act vengeance upon Rachel's death which he agrees. Joker then blows up the hospital Dent's was confined. Dent now goes in to killing spree as the vigilante Two-face targeting those who is responsible for Rachel's death.

The Joker then tells everyone in Gotham that they will be subjected to his rule, he rigs two ferries with explosives one ferry hold Gotham civilians and the other are prisoners. He threatens to blow up two ferries but will let one ferry live if its passenger blow up the other but the passengers did not oblige because they still believe that there is good in people.. Batman thinking of a last resort to finally end Joker once and for all exploited the sonar capabilities to find the Joker's location and stops him. Apprehended, he tells Batman that they are destined to do this and they are not so different he also tells Batman that Gotham will lose hope if they find out that Dent has turned in to the dark side.

Dent now in rage takes Gordon's family as Hostages. He blames Gordon for the negligence of his men and the ones who took Rachel resulting to her death. Batman arrives and persuades Dent to stop his rampage he then shoots Batman, as Dent is about to kill Gordon's Son Batman tackles him and falls down to his death. Batman persuades Gordon to implicate him to Dent's death to preserve the heroic image of Dent believing that he is the hero Gotham needs right now. He is then viewed as a hero and a manhunt is issued for Batman. Gordon then destroys the Bat signal and he then tell his son that Batman is the hero Gotham deserves but is not the one it needs right now.

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The Triumph of the Joker.

Like Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight is amongst those movie that made the villain won. They say: “Batman won, he stopped Joker and Dent bringing peace in Gotham.” true but for the part of the titular character he lost. So why did the Joker won? Because he was the only character in the movie who has always been one step ahead in so many ways. Yes, he was apprehended and brought to prison, Batman prevented the casualties in the ferries. Stop Dent from becoming more of a killer. What was really his victory? he stopped the unity Batman, Gordon, and Dent by making them the villains. The question is how? Batman has to take the fall in order for Dent to be a hero, The Joker pulled Dent to the darkside after Rachel’s death, and finally Jim Gordon who belies the real hero of Gotham. the Joker twisted these three into becoming someone they are not. Brilliantly ochestrating the event that will leave the nullification of the Dent act if Gordon tells the truth and yes it will still reign terror in Gotham if that happens. He has a clear picture that these three is the threat he must eliminate not by killing them but rather breaking their incorruptable resolve Which he does declaring him the victor.

The Ending Scene.

Like the other content I posted regarding the Ending scene of the Batman Begins, this movie also has a Ending that nods to the phase of Batman’s cycle. As he is being chased by the police and dogs he seen riding his batpod and escaping Gotham it signifies that Gotham is now turning back at him, in the first part he is seen flying towards the city as a hero now he is running away from the city as a villain.

Coleman Reese is the Audience.

Why Coleman Reese can be declared as the entirety of audience who watching whole film. Except from Alfred, Rachel, Lucius whom Bruce tells that he is Batman Coleman Reese is like the audience that wants to tell the characters of the movie that Bruce Wayne is Batman as this is discovered by Joker (knowing that he can travel the fourth wall) and declares him dead if he spill the beans It is as if The Joker is trying to tell the audience that you speak of him you die. He is really telling us.

Batman is Bruce Wayne, and nobody see it.

If you are living in the fictional city of Gotham you may have noticed this while living there.

1. Bruce is super rich that he maybe able to make a Batman

2. he drives a Black Lamborghini Murciélago. Murciélago is the Spanish for Bat.

3. if you look at Wayne tower it is the blackest building in the city. (by far)

these are just the small details that tells Bruce Wayne is Batman.

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