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The Completely Overlooked Plot Twist of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I love to over-analyze things! I might as well write it down!

Superheroes Tell All

The plot twist to rocky horror can only be found in the original ending. The American version usually cuts this out because it is too disheartening. However, it is also the most critical part of the whole movie!

The song "Superheroes" expresses the melancholy effects of living for momentary pleasure. This article will go over the song and its correlation to the rest of the film.

Some argue that the movie is simply a metaphor for the 50s and 60s. It is. But it also has a deeper and darker message about the meaning(lessness) of life

"But Rose, isn't the celebration of sexuality the reason the film is so popular?"

Yes. This makes the film's popularity very ironic. When I went over the ending with some Rocky Horror fanatic friends, none of them had heard of it before.

Last but not least, I am trying to accurately portray the movie's message, not my own views. I am strictly trying to show what the film is trying to say. Because of this, I will not use any outside evidence for or against the arguments portrayed. I will only draw from the movie itself.


I've done a lot

Brad's first line sums up the entire plot. He and Janet start out as innocent and simple folk. Then on the search for protection from the rain, their innocence is torn away leaving them vulnerable not simply to a rainstorm but to a metaphorical hail storm that leaves them questioning their meaning.

God knows I've tried
To find the truth
I've even lied

But all I know

Is down inside

I'm bleeding

The next lines of the song speak of the search for truth. And desperation. The desperation to commit wrong to find out what's right. But, even through all that Brad has experienced, he did not find any truth. Instead, he realized the pain caused by living without a purpose.

Though his purpose at the beginning of the film was simple, it was a purpose. He knew up from down and left from right. Now, after entering a world of lust, his purpose is gone. Everything he thought he knew, changed. He entered a new world.

He is suffering.

It Gets Worse

And superheroes

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Who is the superhero in Rocky Horror?

Well, what is a superhero? Let's consider superman (yes, I'm basic). He came from an alien planet, has cool superpowers, and saves people. The song sung just before this has the repeated lyrics, "Rose tints my world and keeps me safe from my trouble and pain."

Frank-N-Furter! The alien with powers. He taught Janet and Brad to use their sexuality to rose tint their world.

Come to feast

To taste the flesh
Not yet deceased

Janet says this superhero has come to indulge. Throughout the entire movie, the idea of wild lust is shown to be a great way to have fun. But, in this final song, the picture painted is not quite as rosy. This lifestyle is compared to cannibalism.

And all I know
Is still the beast is

In fact, it's shown to be worse than cannibalism. The superhero may have been the good guy throughout the entire film, but now that he's gone there is no more pleasure. All that is left is the sensation of being eaten alive. The pleasure was shortlived. Now Janet must face the pain. She realizes that he wasn't in-fact a superhero to keep her safe from pain, but a beast who is able to inflict suffering even after his death.

Janet During Superheroes

Janet and Brad are stark contrasts from the previous song. They now are covered in dirt and crawling like ants.

Janet and Brad are stark contrasts from the previous song. They now are covered in dirt and crawling like ants.

Janet in Rose Tint My World

Janet in Rose Tint My World


Right before we cut away from the three humans, the camera starts to spin. Which adds to the sense of pained confusion. The camera then zooms out to show a spinning desk globe. This reveals that it is not an isolated event but, an idea common to the human race.

And crawling on the planet's face
Some insects called the human race
Lost in time, and lost in space
And meaning

There is not much I can say to add to the final lines of the film. It makes the message as clear as day and as black as night.


Wow, that was depressing.

But, without this ending, the film is a silly and campy romp. With it, it becomes a true horror picture, bringing extra meaning to the title of the film.

Not slasher horror, but psychological horror. It presents two people who have had their lives ruined by one night. And a maniac who flew them from sweet ignorance into a cauldron of burning knowledge. Knowlege that they have no meaning and that lust is but a momentary distraction that pleases the participants but ultimately gives no purpose.

They are left with no hope.

In my humble opinion, this makes the film have one of the best plot twists of all cinema. A plot twist that is constantly overlooked.

© 2019 Rose Dean

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