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The Chopping Block: Zack Snyder's Justice League

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Snyder's Justice League: Direction Matters

I remember watching the last Justice League in 2017, and to say the least, I was underwhelmed by the discontinuity and poorly designed story arches that plagued the film. It wasn't a memorable experience.

In fact, I purchased the film despite hearing from several sources that it was a terrible film, and as a cinephile, I had to watch it for myself to believe it. I watched other Snyder films such as The 300 and Man of Steel. I thought that those works were generally enjoyable but suffered major plot holes and, at times, even felt comedic. So, when I first heard a campaign to release an original cut of the film, I felt that it had to be better than what I watched back in 2017.

After watching the film, I now came to the following conclusion

  • The director in films truly matters.
  • A good director can mould a film into an elegant story
  • Poor direction and post-editing can damage a relatively good film.


What Changed From the 2017 Version

Justice League was expanded into a 4-hour long epic film. There was a deeper emphasis on Cyborg, Aquaman, Superman and help round the movie into an excellent film. New scenes were given to the Flash, especially an awesome scene where he saves a girl from a car wreck. I wondered why amazing scenes like Flash's and Cyborg's had been cut, to begin with. It was refreshing to see true character development in a comic book movie. It makes me wonder if these kinds of movies should be longer as a whole.

I have been a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for some time, and I hope the DC universe can be just as powerful and engaging as the MCU.

The Benefits of Snyder's Cut

I was pleasantly surprised that not only the film that left a lackluster aftertaste had been improved, but Justice League was transformed into a great superhero film. I truly believe that this version of the Justice League is Snyder's best film, and it goes to show you how important direction and vision are to developing and crafting a story.

This revision not only changed the mood of the film but introduced a compelling story arch of Cyborg throughout its four-hour-long span. I found the additional scenes highly entertaining, especially when Cyborg plays a good Samaritan and assists others. Cyborg's heartwarming narrative with his father added a dimension to the film that didn't exist in the 2017 version. It begs us to question why such a film was butchered and cut down to bare bones? This captivating introduction to Snyder's world could have started a billion-dollar franchise, and instead, it fizzled out.

The Scenes in Synder's cut that weren't in the original include:

  • Further development of Aquaman's Backstory
  • The frame story of Cyborg's past
  • Scenes that expand Flash's backstory
  • Knightmare Scene with the Joker
  • Impersonation of Martha Kent by Martian Manhunter and Martian Manhunter sign-of
  • A fleshed-out Steppenwolf
  • A Revised Soundtrack

Why this matters?

The direction in films is important. Now, Snyder's film isn't perfect, and it continues to have flaws. There are juxtaposed moments in the film that feels as if they are tacked on at the end, but overall the film was a significant leap from its original cut. It makes me wonder how many other terrible films probably had good cuts, and we just never had a chance to see them. Unfortunately, we may never know whether a film was altered and potentially reduced by a different director's input. So, with that in mind, I ask what other films has Hollywood released that this effect of post-production editing has altered. Maybe some terrible films truly weren't all that bad, and we were just never afforded a chance to see their original form.

The Future of The Snyder Verse

It may be that the Snyder Verse may have sequels in development given the positive reaction to the cut. I am hopeful that producers and studio executives recognize the potential for this film. It can be a solid contender for movie superhero franchises to come. Despite its initial critical flop, this cut has shown a demand for this work, and I hope that future investment in the series occurs.

I found Snyder's Cut enjoying, and I was satisfied that it finally saw the light of day. Too often, films are altered during post-production, which speaks volumes about the film industry's nature. Hopefully, in the future, Justice League will be given a sequel, and we can enjoy all the Snyder Verse has to offer.

Let Me Know What You Think

If you haven't already seen Synder's Cut for the Justice League, I recommend that you check it out. It is currently streaming on HBO Max. Let me know in the comments what you felt about it, and if you have seen it if you thought that this version was better than the original. I am a cinephile, and whenever something interesting like a director's cut or other expansion is released, I'm sure to check it out.

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