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Marcia Brady or Laurie Partridge? Greg Brady or Keith Partridge?

Maureen McCormick portrayed Marcia Brady

The Hottie of Westdale High School

The Hottie of Westdale High School

Laurie Partridge portrayed by Susan Dey

Hotter than Marcia?

Hotter than Marcia?

The Argument Continues

In 2009, I wrote a hub called Gilligan's Island: Who Was Most-Bangable? I never considered it my finest work, (nor my proudest moment), but it was an article that had to be written. Someone had to get down and explore the never-ending Ginger vs.Maryann debate and it might as well have been I. I should point out, the argument has never been won. Perhaps a steel cage fighting match with the aging actresses could settle it once and for all. But, I digress.

Six years later, I never dreamed I would be visiting the subject again, but my friends, (being the warped individuals they are), and I were gathered together for a reunion of sorts when the Ginger/Maryann debate was once again brought up for the upteenth time. As I listened to arguments from both the Ginger and Maryann camps, I decided I could wait no longer. It had to end.

So, I blurted out. "Marcia Brady or Laurie Partridge?"

The room fell silent for a moment and suddenly, all eyes were on me, the one who had so rudely interrupted their heated debate. So I asked again. Marcia or Laurie?

My worst fears were realized when an argument erupted, so passionate, it almost came to fists. This debate over 1970's TV hotties was crazier than any Maryann vs. Ginger debate I had participated in before.

Marcia Brady Made Everyday a Sunshine Day

Marcia Brady: Pros and Cons

Any red blooded American male who found himself glued to the television in the early 70's to watch The Brady Bunch (at its original time of 8pm on ABC) could only see pros when it came to the oldest Brady sister. Am I right?

Marcia Brady Pros

  • Super attractive
  • Groovy
  • Wears mini skirts most of the time
  • Blond hair
  • Good singer
  • Good dancer
  • Cheerleader
  • Hot girlfriends
  • Mom is a MILF
  • Housekeeper makes killer meatloaf

But, as many positives as Marcia had going for her, her cons appear to outweigh her pros.

Marcia Brady Cons

  • Older brother watches her every move
  • Breaks date with you, last minute, by saying, "Something suddenly came up!"
  • Nose smashed in by football.
  • Promises whole school Davy Jones would perform at upcoming school dance, but doesn't even know him.
  • Loses part in school play because of her massive ego.
  • Goes to Hawaii and Grand Canyon and leaves you at home.
  • One bathroom for 9 people. Takes her forever to get ready for a date.
  • Becomes Danny Trejo when she's hungry.

Susan Dey: I Think I Love Her

Laurie Partridge: Pros and Cons

Just when you think you're a full on Marcia Brady worshipper, you have to consider shy, beautiful, Laurie Partridge. Laurie was the oldest sister and like her mom, Shirley, was a background vocalist and keyboard player for the family band, The Partridge Family.

To me, Laurie always seemed to be in the background. She never received the attention her nemesis, Marcia Brady got, but she never quite commanded it, either. Laurie seemed content and happy for the most part. Everyone loved Laurie. At least every boy in my second grade class.

Laurie Partridge Pros

  • Tall, thin, absolutely beautiful
  • Killer blue eyes
  • Skirt of choice? The miniskirt
  • Her braces pick up Rolling Stones music
  • Long, long, long, brown hair
  • Long, long, long legs
  • In top touring band with #1 hit
  • Rides around in cool assed hippie bus
  • Keyboard player
  • Singer
  • Defends older brother from high school bully
  • MILF Mom
  • Was most certainly the unnamed Partridge in a Pear Tree in the 12 Days of Christmas song.

Laurie Partridge Cons

  • Older brother is slightly more attractive

Marcia Brady or Laurie Partridge?

My Personal Choice

In my opinion? The winner is clearly Laurie Partridge, but I am of course waiting to see poll results and your comments below.

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Greg Brady


Greg Brady vs.Keith Partridge

Ok, so equal time for the ladies to vote.

I'm not sure this argument will have the same passionate battle as a Ginger vs. Maryann or a Marcia vs. Laurie, but let's give it a shot, shall we?

The two eldest brothers of their respective families, both Greg Brady and Keith Partridge had more than their share of female fans. Both good looking gentlemen, they were both musicians and even sang (in their real voices) on their respective television shows. It's pretty obvious who had the better music career after their shows were over, but this battle doesn't concern musical talent. This is the most shallow of all contests. It's based solely on looks.

I have no horse in this race. I much prefer the appeal of their younger TV sisters, so I will abstain from the voting. I will list (what I believe) are their biggest pros and cons and let my readers judge.

Have fun!

The Making of Johnny Bravo

Greg Brady: Pros and Cons

How about it, Ladies? Was it Greg Brady who had you glued to the TV set every Friday evening at 8pm? That cheesy smile? The wide lapels on the double knit shirts? The white poly/rayon pants. It's ok. You can tell me. You loved him, didn't you?

Greg Brady Pros

  • Big shot at Westdale High
  • Those polyester pants, baby!
  • Has the best permanent of the 4 Brady men
  • Has serious crush on his math teacher who is engaged to Don Drysdale
  • Lead singer of The Silver Platters
  • Author of "Clowns never laughed before....., Beanstalks never grew...."
  • His Native-American title is Stalking Wolf (Grand Canyon episode)
  • Rumored to have dated his TV mom, Florence Henderson
  • Dates Marsha's biggest rival, Kathy Lawrence, when she dates his biggest enemy, Warren Mulanely
  • Takes advantage of his brother's puberty by writing "Time to Change"
  • Greg chooses Tom Hanks' wife over his sister and his girlfriend when he judges a cheerleading contest.
  • He's Johnny Bravo

Greg Brady Cons

  • Anything he ever did after the Brady Bunch

David Cassidy

Keith Partridge Pros and Cons

I remember the poster my older sister had of David Cassidy on her bedroom wall. I remember him cheesing big time for the camera, wearing a suede leather fringe vest with a huge lapeled button down shirt. And that puka shell necklace. Ugh!

I also remember the day I snuck into her room with a magic marker and made some additions to the perfection that was her Keith Partridge poster. John Lennon type sunglasses and a moustache/goatee thing. I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself, but I also remember the whooping she handed me after she saw it. I also (per our parents) had to come up with $1.75 for a new poster, which I had to go to the store and purchase myself. Embarrassing? Absolutely. Worth it? 100%.

Later in life, I learned to appreciate just what a musical genius David Cassidy was. A killer musician,vocalist, writer and performer. The guy had a work ethic that made Type A personalities want to take a vacation. That being said. He was also Keith Partridge. Girls loved him and I hated him for that. I was only 7 years old.

Keith Partridge Pros

  • The Partridge Family's first hit song, I Think I Love You, outsold both The Beatles' Let it Be and Simon and Garfunkle's Bridge Over Troubled Water.
  • Girls, Girls Girls
  • More attractive than hot younger sister
  • Has never heard of Greg Brady
  • Slept with Marcia Brady (I'm just assuming)
  • Slept with Carol Brady and probably Alice, too. (I'm also guessing)

Keith Partridge Cons

  • The Devil will be coming to take his soul soon. A deal's a deal.

Bandala by The Partridge Family

Greg Brady or Keith Partridge?

How About You?

How about you, Hub Pages readers? Marcia Brady vs. Laurie Partridge, Greg Brady vs. Keith Partridge, or both! Your sexual preference doesn't matter, as long as you vote! Your comments, (as always) are welcomed and appreciated! Thanks for reading!


Joseph Addams (author) from Standing right behind you! on May 25, 2015:

Thanks a million Heidi. You're awesome!

Thank you, Kevin. Much appreciated!

The Examiner-1 on May 24, 2015:

For me it was easy to select my choices - the Brady's, Greg and Marcia. I voted this up, shared and pinned it.


Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on May 24, 2015:

Loved these 70s shows. Not sure which ones I'd pick. They're all soooo groovy. :) Voted up and funny!

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