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The Boys: Review of the Comic and the Show

I'm Pretty Sure That's A Backstreet Boys Song. How lame a boy literal boy band in edgelord black think they're gonna beat up superheroes how cute... NOT!

I'm Pretty Sure That's A Backstreet Boys Song. How lame a boy literal boy band in edgelord black think they're gonna beat up superheroes how cute... NOT!

Review of The Boys Comic/Graphic Novel

Stupid, Unpleasant, Nasty, and Indolent best describes 'The Boys'. How Bizarre That Some Folk Take These Words as Flattery

Some might say that the graphic novel 'The Boys' is strictly for mature readers, but more accurately, 'The Boys' is really for, or strictly for, extraordinarily immature readers, just not actual children, and thus the title of the comic also doubles as the target audience. Do you know dumb age where boys eat bugs act like brainless morons and are at disillusioned age where "subtlety" will not have entered their limited vocabulary? That age where young boys argue whether certain fictional characters are better or worse than others, and watch moronic drivel like 'Death Battle' and some might also watch my little pony and claim it’s only for the plot, and on the opposite hand commit unspeakable acts to little girls’ dolls and other things on the dark web. That is the maturity level best-suited to grasp The Boys.

I think that Garth Ennis' "Preacher" is a decent story with a well thought out plot and a satisfying conclusion (I would've liked to see a graphic depiction of the saint of killers killing god but the corpses of host of angels and the lifeless hand of god will have to suffice) (I don't like Judeo Christian religion if you can't tell) I wish there were more comic books denigrating and mutilating religious dogma people are too religious and they let it blind them to real truth I myself would like to shoot god jesus and his all his angels with a pair of.44 colt model 1860's

, although the art is atrocious and ugly Ennis should stop using bad artists, however, it suits him I suppose. So, thus 'The Boys' was a much more disappointing endeavor, and that is because as the years pass Ennis has become content to lazily snipe at the low-hanging fruit. This ugly graphic novel presents the childish boorish misadventures of a not so covert team of operatives that police the superhero community, and while Ennis and his fans preen and fawn over 'The Boys' as a testosterone-fueled vitriolic attack on the superhero genre, with a bold lack of inhibitions, the execution is very much a form of a baby-in-a-blender joke: a fourteen-year-old kid may be delighted by its "shocking" cruelty and "twisted" humor, but mature adults would just find it stupid in its one-note superficial crudeness of it all.

"The Boys" comic or graphic novel if you prefer, mostly sticks to the essential formula, that one has come to expect of the "British Comics Invasion". We get all the identical plot elements, like all the opposite graphic novels that satirize iconic superheroes, who depicted as slightly altered sociopathic sexual deviants, and we get a sophomoric straw-manning of the evil conspiracy called the American government. We also get many swearing, bodily-function humor, and exploding flesh, all of which function as a poor substitute for compelling storytelling or engaging characters. It's an overdone cliché and one that's been well-drained relentlessly by the likes of; The Authority, Top 10, The Ultimates, et cetera, and lots of other derivative works penned by authors who claim to hate the complacency of the superhero genre, but ironically they can't seem to defy the inexorable gravity of cranking out yet another by-the-numbers Superman or Batman pastiche.

Perhaps that's the one true insight that 'The Boys' should offer amidst its unremittingly mean-spirited ugliness the hypocrisy of it all. For all the hatred that the Neanderthal Billy Butcher and his boy band like crew have for the spandex-donning degenerate supermen of Ennis' lampoonery, they're all as unlikable and deserving of contempt. There's nobody worth rooting for, nothing worthwhile at the heart of all the nastiness.

Well they just ripped off a classic X-Men cover. What hypocritical douchebags

Well they just ripped off a classic X-Men cover. What hypocritical douchebags

The Backstreet Boys 2: Electric Boogaloo

First off, the title reads like a terrible boy band from the '90s, I mean what are they going to do, start singing for us and walking in a slow-motion picture show act like douchebags and wear all black? Oh, wait? They are wearing all black and walk-in slow motion, and act like douches? Do they sing? No? Well. Ok then. This is not a television show it is a bad music video for the Backstreet Boys, who I'm sure Seth Rogen Eric Kripke, and Garth Ennis are all girlish screaming fans for (okay maybe not Ennis he's too cool for that, but most definitely Rogen and Kripke are because they are joyless arseholes). What's next? Is Justin Bieber going to show up the next season and sing "Baby" while shoving C4 up someone's ass? Probably. I mean who knows?

I don't mind violence in movies in fact I really love it, when it's done correctly, and has some deep value, and isn't just there for superficial shock value, and if it is not anchored to something or doesn't have real substance it becomes typical, meaningless, old, and boring after a few moments. Garth Ennis may somewhat childish and who saturates his work with an excessive amount of violence at times, but underneath is a somewhat decent writer not on the level of Alan Moore but probably just below him as he's written the punisher runs that made the character so iconic (Marvel's current version is a watered-down less interesting version of that same character Ennis created and I hate how the modern punisher think Captain America is a hero the punisher sees in only black and white he'd see Captain America as a buffoon slenderizing and tainting the American flag by using it as a costume something which is illegal under flag law but it rarely enforced in recent years. Anyway, back to the matter at hand Ennis is a great writer along with the likes of other great writers in the genre, his violent writing can seem obtuse at times but he often gives meaning to the violence with more subtle writing and character development.

Seth Rogen is the identical style of childish manbaby as he's adapted 2 of Ennis' works, and both were even more childish and stupid than the works they were adapted from. I just find myself increasingly rolling my eyes when someone says some dumb puerile nonsense like 'EAT FU%&, SH!#HEAD!', he really like adding in expletive where they make no sense, and it is spoken from one of the often poorly drawn characters. And when one reads dialogue like that it is just stupid and useless and has no substance. Furthermore, generally, I'm quite disinterested in his variety of writing, it gives off the impression of being outdated and from the '90s as well as Tarantino-esque, and thus also feels obsolescent thanks to that.

'Preacher' was a decent series it overrated as heck though but okay enough, but now I wish Ennis had his editors keep him under control a touch bit more, he's become a parody of himself. Garth Ennis followed in the footsteps of Alan Moore and because he did not have a background reading superhero comics as a kid, thus he has a fresh take on most comics he writes.

Garth Ennis does lack range he can only do one kind of story a parody with childish humor and cheap violence that sounds like it is straight out of a Tarantino flick. Sometimes the art that accompanies his works also looks terrible and dated and ugly and garish. For example, you would possibly get good art on the cover but the art within the graphic novel itself is lacking in comparison. A lot of characters are kind of similar and may fall into the many pitfalls of writing characters.

The show itself isn't far better the characters are boring arseholes, like Karl Urban who appears like a crazy homeless man, and he should've stayed on doing terrible star trek movies with Simon Pegg (kidding Simon Pegg and Karl Urban have both been in great films that don't start with Star Trek like Judge Dredd and Shaun of The Dead). The Karl Urban character is certainly a self-insert Mary Sue character for Garth Ennis and within the show, he's that for Seth Rogen. At the end of the first season, they offer us up a stupid cliffhanger at the tip of the season where a homeless man's wife remains alive and he or she has Homelander's baby like an episode from a terrible day time series next someone will rouse from a coma after 20 years and fall infatuated with fake-Aquaman or something equally stupid.



While The Boys is quite stupid and sophomoric I'd much rather watch or read it rather than be forced to watch the terrible bottom of the barrel hackneyed shows or movies about superheroes like Miraculous somehow the French are even worse than the Japanese at imitation American Superheroes, and speaking of poor Japanese superhero substitutes My Zero Unacademia or Bad Touch Man are worse than The Boys, and so is Scott Pilgrim Fails Fiction Writing, or Kick-Ass or more aptly named Suck-Ass. And it is definitely more interesting than all the bland cookie-cutter Marvel and DC movies television shows and video games I wouldn't mind a video game based on the boys where you kill annoying superheroes who act like narcissistic assholes who act like the celebrity counterparts of most modern superheroes, but less useless gags and a better and at least more focused plot. And it's a better punisher than the Netflix punisher show in Billy Butcher who I'd like to see shave that ugly beard off.

The addendum continues below.

I think the comic is slightly better than the show but parts of the show are better than parts in the comic. But still overall I would the comic/graphic novel is better.

I think the comic is slightly better than the show but parts of the show are better than parts in the comic. But still overall I would the comic/graphic novel is better.

The Comic vs. the Show, Which Is Better?

The Boys Season 2 vs. The Comic (AND MORE!)

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The boys could mic is very crude and dumb but the overall plot is decently written at least. The show seems to also be crass and stupid but the showrunners decided not to follow the comics story which also helped to ruin the AMC preacher series which only improved slightly when they decided to follow to comics more accurately. I’m just sick the boys though the terrible music the embarrassing cringe-inducing dated references the not so subtle humor and violence.

If they want to have a lot of unnecessary violence why don’t they use death metal really go all out instead of having horrible faggy gangsta rap enough silly wigger sh!# seriously? Can’t believe they let Eric Kripke run another show supernatural is only paranormal in that it is a supernatural piece of sh!&. Seth Rogen hasn’t been funny in well over a decade. He might be able to act but don’t let him write direct or produce. Let’s go back to the comic it may be hard to believe but compared to the show it’s quite subtle and nuanced.

Now the art in the comic ranges from decent to fu@# ugly but the story is about the only that sorta shines through it has a well-constructed ending that keeps people guessing and isn’t as predictable. Satire has never been great comedic material it doesn’t blend well most terrible Adam Sandler movies are satire hasn’t been good since airplane. 'Coneheads' is also satire and is generally terrible with a cast of unfunny fat bloated money-grubbing a$$holes like Adam Sandler and that stupid fat guy who replaced john Belushi whatever his name is, which is ironic since they like to make fun of everyone, but they themselves are also easily made fun of likely stemming from insecurity. Garth Ennis seems to somewhat of a pervert himself with so many of the characters being sexual deviants, pedophiles, and degenerate perverts, something which he has sort of worked out at least in his punisher max storylines which is his most realistic work, but I either think Seth Rogen or Kripke is even more so perverted.

In 'The Boys' comics they mock the x-men label them as drunken junkies and abusive perverts and all superheroes for that matter are portrayed as such in the boys in this case the journey is a dull chore but the destination is enjoyable and has a point whereas the majority of the events leading up to that end were pointless and absurd.

Too much shock doesn’t flow organically with the story seems forced.
Ironically the parodies of marvel and dc superheroes are less satirical than the modern counterparts of theses heroes Captain America is a Nazi Thor is a Whore which is probably why they made Stormfront a woman in the tv show. Batman actor is a gross pervert who rapes people and that is why his wife divorced him. Doucheman should get brain cancer and die fu@%ing an asteroid. Superman is a Nazi who hates saving people and sees them as horrible life-sucking monsters. Aquaman is a moron dudebro with a horrible movie with way too much fake CGI bullsh!%. Wonder Woman is just kinda dull and dimwitted with a boring movie. Marvel's Captain Marvel is a feminazi also probably why Stormfront is an analog for Whor and Captain Feminazi with her feminazi haircut. The Aquaman-esque character in the show is really stupid and jarring and kinda annoying. Still, the characters all fu#&ing annoying and I like it when they all die. The origins of stories in the comic are regarded. It was sess about telling a good story, and more just about stupid humor and shock value kinda pathetic.

Queen Maeve is a stupid ugly bitch in the show forced lesbianism and less interesting than in the comics. The Female is dumb in the comics, sorta glad they didn’t make her a brain dead killing machine in the show.

Show -

In the show, some of the characters are less stupid and rubbish, but the plot is less interesting and is confusing and convoluted. Annie and Hughie are less interesting they kinda rush things.

Comics -

There is really stupid immature gross-out shock value surface level/superficial humor characters have stupid backstories but the main plot is more interesting and well thought with a satisfying conclusion. Better characterization for Hughie and Annie and Homelander. But fu*# 'The Boys' TV show they ruin the character of Mallory feels stupid like how mainstream comics randomly change the sex or race of the character because they think they’ll sell more and make the character relevant or some BS or just to sell more comics.

Kinda like how Marvel ruined Nick fury thanks to the sh!##y Marvel movies, and it was nonsensical what they did with Susan Raynor, they killed her off too quickly and she had little to no character development. The show did a worse job of what’s up the airplanes than in the comics which was better. However, the comics have a lot of fa@@y/sissy shenanigans, and the characters of Huey and Billy are kinda each stupid and dumb in their own way, a perfect character would be a mix of Billy and Huey.

They also messed up the comic book parallel as an in the comics, comic books about the seven are sold as propaganda that’s kind of annoying if that’s not included in the show. A-train in the comics is pretty fu&%ing stupid and just ends with more stupid violence it’s unnecessary. Can’t fu&@ing believe they didn’t make a parallel of mongoloid with Novi and Donald Trump and Dakota Bob paralleling Mike Pence Seth Rogen is an unfunny asshole and is a greedy producer to none like Adam Sandler did you send it to make sh!@#y product and make money at Crikey also seems to be the same kind of jealous ass hat just in it to make sh!&%y TV shows that sell and make money. Still will let you mentioned before is also ruined the TV show how much and much worse in the comic book version.

In the show they whitewashed stupid and it’s not improved is even worse 30 and then the making A-train is better stupid vendetta sort of what device for healing in the show he’s a little bit more fleshed out I don’t mind the change because he wasn’t that well compared to what they did with the Deep which they just made him worse and annoying and stupid. In the comics there’s a lotta stupid fu@!ing stupid dialogue that is kind of stupid but is ok in that it kinda fits with the comic books and the, and obviously Billy Butcher is an obvious a punisher rip off and it also kind of sucks that they didn’t include the legend in the show although he was kinda dumb but did add to the story and in the character arc for Queen Maeve.

I hate how much comic says supes are retarded and incompetent, it just gets old fast. However, corporate studios in real life or stupid what is the reason why and is the reason why it seems possible in this world and believable also some modern heroes are not on my corporate stooges or stupid mascots. Who made in the comics is much better written than in the show who fu&^ing annoying and stupid but still not the worst characterization the TV was in the Show.

They ruined the Stillwell character shouldn't be gross mom/ weird girlfriend for Homelander was much more intimidating as a male manipulative corporate man, not a milk-feeding mom for Homelander. Thankfully Giancarlo Esposito was able to play an analog/parallel of the Stillwell character who embodies the character quite well, just would've been better if he was Stillwell in the first season. The show overall is kind of stupid and nonsensical and weird they also speed up characters too fast in the show at their character arks and sh!? in the show. Also, Mother’s Milk in the show is too short, looks like a b3@#$ and is not as good or rather intimidating as he is in the comic, and in the show, he is not as believable as a badass in the like he was in the comics. They also screwed up the Butcher Baker Candlestick maker storyline which was the best part of the comics and made Butcher feel like a real character they screwed up the season 1 finale Becca's death is what pushed him over the edge and allowed him to become the butcher.

In the comics, the Female was kinda annoying and I was kind of glad they killed her Frenchy, and Mother's Milk who was less annoying but had the stupidest origin story where he has to suck on him momma's mammaries even as an adult which was kinda weird and unnecessary for the plot. The rest of the Boys had stupid origins too Frenchie's was just ridiculous and dumb, and the female's origin was stupid pure shock value and superficial she's was just an evil killer even as a baby and I didn't feel any sympathy or empathy for her I was the gladdest when she died. In the comics, they should’ve also killed the stupid mother's milk's mother who is just an ugly tentacle monster at the end and serve no purpose.

The newest return to the comics is also dumb stupid and sophomoric and just feels forced and unnecessary, and made just to cash in on the show, the writing in the comic series continuation also feels slow and plodding. Eric Kripke is a narcissistic a-hole the same goes for the other executives, it sucks that so many shows have to the input of 20 pea-brained executives before they can be greenlit another reason why the comic is better is that it was solely the creator's vision and because some moronic executive didn’t stipulate what race or gender a character had to be. Probably why the prime rewind is rated so poorly because of a-holes who tell their fans to “f$&@ off to the sun”. F@&$ them. I find that shows and films are only great in spite of committee BS which is why great films and shows are called lighting in a bottle the right people came together at the right time and made something great and probably had an executive who kept the rest of the sophomoric executives off the creators' backs. Garth Ennis is a kind of a dick at times, but he doesn’t tell his fans to F@#$ off and seems more creative and less lazy and stupid than Eric Kripke.

However overall I think the show worse in the comic they improve some characters but they also ruin too many more characters I just feel speaker it’s not the worst thing obviously on a streaming service but it’s not as good as the boys come up which would still only be slightly above mediocre and it was mostly surface-level shocked I stopped over until the end more complex and satisfying ending. Also, I really hate The Deep and I hate the cartoon rat who voiced his gills in the first season and the dolphin season from the first season was stupid too, moral of the story stop letting Kripke write television shows he sucks at it.

Definitely Better Than The Show Screw Those Who Say Otherwise

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