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'The Bold and the Beautiful' Quarter Twist May Shock Fans

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Sick and Twisted or destiny?

Many of those who watch THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL are disgusted with Carter and Quinn but support for the Quarter connection seems to be growing. Across social media, there are pockets of supporters who say they understand the need for these two to be together. There are still more viewers who consider Carter sleeping with his boss's wife as sick and twisted but some fans say perhaps the two are destined to be together at this time. Whatever you think about this pairing, the duo right have made a move that will give their continued hookups away. Cate Carelessly answered his phone just after he had been intimate with Quinn and his estranged husband was on the other end. Eric did a video call and almost caught sight of his wife who quickly ducked out of the way of the camera. Carter was shirtless, sweaty, and panting and told Eric that he had been "working out". The writers are having a field day with this situation and keep dropping words with double meanings. Eric mentioned Carter getting it in and having his hands on the situation regarding the divorce.


Lives will be ruined

When Eric found out about the affair he decided to give Carter a pass and focused his wrath on his wife. Mr. Walton still has his job and the entire Forrester clan is following Eric's lead regarding forgiveness. Carte and Quinn believe they dodged a bullet because she jumped out of the way of the camera. Eric and Ridge are wondering who the new woman in Carter's life is and seem oblivious that it could still be Quinn. They knew someone was or had been in the home because they saw a dress on the couch. The last time around Shauna jumped in and claimed Quinn's red jacket belonged to her after Zoe spotted it. This time many fans are saying they believe this particular article of clothing will be what gets Quarter busted. Eric and Ridge did not think much about it before but in time there could be several ways the dress comes back to haunt the cheaters. When it does both of their lives will be ruined because there will be no forgiveness for Carter the second time around and Quinn will not get a dime in the divorce settlement.


The evidence will speak

At some point on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Ridge or Eric might run into Quinn face to face and see her wearing the dress that had been on Carter's couch. They could have a flashback and realize that Carter was disloyal to Eric by sleeping with his wife yet again. Another scenario is that Ridge or his dad might have a fleeting memory of seeing Quinn wearing that dress while she was still living in the Forrester mansion. A number of viewers are certain that somehow this garment will come into play in the future and Quinn and Carter will be found out. Brooke has already had her day of sticking it to her enemy so this time around there does not seem to be a way that she could cause more damage. Only Eric saw the video and Ridge was standing nearby. You would think after what happened with the jacket that Quinn would take this dress and burn it. That probably will not happen and viewers who believe the dress will come back to bite Quarter could be correct.


Eric needs to wise up

A number of those who watch THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL have expressed their anger that Eric did not fire Carter because he was equally as guilty as Quinn.. The Forresters have given him a chance and the fact that he is still sleeping with his boss's wife lets viewers know that a day of reckoning is coming. Those who have been weighing in are overwhelmingly saying they believe that Quinn's dress will be the couple's downfall. Eric and Ridge have treated Carter like one of the family and there will be no making nice the second time around so stay tuned. it's time that Eric Forester wise up and take stock of what is continuing to go on right in front of his face.

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Marlene Crawl on June 22, 2021:

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OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on August 10, 2020:

Netflix would bring this close to those in Nigeria who have been enjoying the movie before, and those who of us who may want to know what is up there. Good update ma.

Rachelle Williams from Tempe, AZ on August 09, 2020:

I didn't even know "The Bold and the Beautiful" was still on television, thanks for the update.

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