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The Bold and the Beautiful: New Character Leads to Quinn's Discovery of Eric and Donna

George Gray

George Gray

The health club is where the action is

For weeks now on The Bold and the Beautiful Donna Logan ( Jennifer Gareis) and Eric Forrester (John McCook) have been hitting the sheets at the health club without anyone seeming to notice but now all of that is about to change.. Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) has secretly been monitoring her husband's heart rate through an app and lately has been disturbed. Each time Donna is with her "Honey Bear" Eric's heart rate goes up. Clueless Quinn thinks her spouse is overdoing it with the exercise and picketball that she believes he has been engaged in. Quinn even called in her husband's daughter Dr. Bridgette Logan (Ashley Jones) because of her concern. These women don't realize that Eric's heart is racing because he is in bed with Donna. The duo has been meeting at the health club and according to spoilers, this is where they will soon be busted but it will not be by Hope Spencer (Anika Nicole) who recently found out about the affair. Eric and Donna will be outed by a waiter at the health club portrayed by George Gray who inadvertently spills the beans and then gets an attitude with Quinn.

The waiter is forced to talk

Gray who is recovering from three heart attacks) was born George Edward Gray on March 11, 1967. He is an American game show host, television personality, announcer, and comedian, who is best known for his work on The Price is Right. He is no stranger to daytime soaps as he once had a small role on The Young and the Restless. he says he is excited to be working on The Bold and the Beautiful and his character will be instrumental in the revelation that Eric is cheating on Quinn with Donna. Gray says of this new role that he “got a super big kick out of it.” Gray, who will portray a waiter said "It was like going back to my roots,” because while attending the University of Arizona. he was a waiter at a Red Robin. When an unsuspecting Quinn shows up with Bridget, Gray's character will inadvertently reveal some information to Quinn that comes as a stunning surprise. Mrs. Forrester will begin asking questions and the waiter will begin squirming and trying to figure out how to get out of this embarrassing situation. he will blurt out “Here’s your iced tea. Please don’t put me in the middle of all this drama.” Spoilers say things will get even stickier when Quinn who is having lunch with Bridgette actually catches her husband at the health club, with Donna. The only other tidbit that has been released is that Quinn will pressure the waiter and under duress, he will admit that the picket ball courts have not been open for quite some time and that Eric has a private bungalow.

Quinn's fury

Quinn has been grateful that Eric forgave her for the affair with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and has marveled at how forgiving he is and that he would never cheat on her. Quinn believes her spouse is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and is unable to perform and she has been OK with that. Imagine her shock and fury when she finds out that he is not having any problems in the bedroom when he is with Donna. This comes on the heels of Quinn and Carter's lingering feelings for one another but they have chosen not to act on them. This situation could bring the old devious Quinn back to the surface the one who shoved Deacon Sharp from a cliff and kept Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) her love slave and hid from the world when he had amnesia. Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful have been suspecting that Hope would not be able to keep the secret but George Gray letting the cat out of the bag seems like it will be a lot more entertaining. Be on the lookout for additional spoilers and updates related to Quinn's encounter with the waiter, her ultimate face-off with Eric and Donna. and the date George Gray will debut on the CBS soap-.


George Gray comes to The Bold and the Beautiful

George Gray heart attacks

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