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The Bold and the Beautiful: Katrina Bowden and Denise Richards May Have Been Fired


Where in the World are Shauna and Flo?

Denise Richards and Katrina Bowden were not the only cast members absent from the photo of The Bold and the Beautiful 35th anniversary. These two missing women, however, fueled rumors that both had been let go from the CBS soap. Their characters, Shauna Fulton and Flo Fulton haven’t been seen in months since near the end of last year. In March of this year, Showbiz Cheatsheet announced that both actresses may have been dropped from B&B but there has been no official confirmation. There is no record of Bowden working on any current projects but Richards was in the adult animated series The Guardians of Justice on Netflix. Speculation about the actresses being fired began in December 2021 when sharp viewers noticed their names were no longer in the closing credits. Shauna and Flo joined the B&B cast in 2019 but neither character was given storylines that connected them with fans. Initially, it was reported that both women along with Darrin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer) were working on other projects and would return. Wyatt has been on screen several times in recent weeks but there has been no sign of his finance or her mother. The show has been focusing on the same specific characters ever since post COVID production began and some viewers may have forgotten that Shauna and Flo were even a part of the cast but now there are questions.

The predictability of storylines

Flo and Shauna are not the only members of The Bold and the Beautiful cast to disappear without rhyme or reason over the years. There have been many characters to do just that. Charlie Webber (Dick Christie) and Pam Douglas (Alley Mills), Justin Barber, (Aaron D Spears), Katie Spencer ( Heather Tom), and Dollar Bill Spencer, (Don Diamont) have all been off-screen for months only to reappear for a brief time then disappear again. Shauna and Flo seem to be gone for good. The real issue is that the CBS soap revolves around the core group of Forresters and Logan’s and everyone else obviously is expendable. Viewers have said for decades they are tired of the saga of Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). Hope Spencer (Anika Noelle), Steffy Finnegan (Jackie Wood) with Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), Brooke Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang), and Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen). These love triangles persist and never stood a chance with Ridge. Shauna was brought in as Quinn’s best friend but never was given a storyline where viewers could invest in the character. Flo was Wyatt’s high school sweetheart who turned out to be the daughter of Storm Logan ( William deVry). She was officially welcomed into the Logan clan but like her mother never really caught on as a fan favorite. Wyatt and Flo got back together and became engaged but the relationship stalled. The storylines are predictable and always lead back to the same couples.

Answers might not come

When characters disappear from The Bold and the Beautiful there is usually no news related to what has happened. Since post COVID production the only variation of the storylines has been the addition of Paris Buckingham ( Diamond White) and Carter Walton ( Lawrence Saint-Victor) who have been taking up a lot of screen-time. Denise Richards is a former fashion model who is known for her roles as Carmen Ibanez in Starship Troopers, White She-Devil in Undercover Brother, Kelly Van Ryan in Wild Things, and Christmas Jones the Bond girl in The World Is Not Enough. Katrina Bowden has been in the films Born A Champion, The Divorce Party, Hunter's Moon, and Prime. Both women have been on the various lists of the top beautiful women. More than likely there will not be any official announcement related to the status of Shauna and Flo and fans might not obtain the answers they desire. Perhaps the situation can be summed up in a statement made by Aaron D Spears a few years back. The man who portrays Justin was asked his opinion on how the CBS soap treated him. The Bold and the Beautiful would place the actor on contract, switch to recurring status and then he would be off the show for months or even years. This has been a continuing pattern for more than a decade. Spears replied, " It's their show." He added that when they called he complied. Time will tell whether or not Bowden and Richards will get a call or not.


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