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The Bold and the Beautiful: Fans Should Not Get Caught up in the Hype


Don't miss the Forrest

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful should consider an old adage that older generations used. "Don't miss the forest for the trees." This meant to not bypass the entirety of an experience by focussing on one aspect of the journey. This is possible and may happen in regards to recent events on the soap.Both Jackie Wood and Tyler Novlan gave public statements indicating they were blindsided by and dissatisfied that John Finnegan died. Novlan even went so far as to announce two other television shows he was working on. Both actors willfully gave fans the impression this was a done deal but they were lying. Finn is still alive as many fans believed all along but the forest should be addressed. Novlan and Wood could have kept quick and allowed this to play out but they chose to mislead their followers.News outlets believed what these two actors said and quoted them in numerous articles. Wood said it was fun and Novlan has stated that he sort of knew the truth all along. Had they kept their mouths shut then viewers could have accepted that they could not leak the script but they chose to tell a lie to the very people who trusted them and that's a problem .

Getting lost in the trees

Many who watch The Bold and the Beautiful are excited they were right about Finn and are happy he is back. Others are sending congratulations to Wood on the recent birth of her third son.Fans should not become so caught up in the hype of either event that they miss the bigger picture. Two beloved cast members of the CBS soap were taken at their word and they flat out lied. This was not misinformation. a misunderstanding or wrong interpretation as often happens with soaps. It was not an exaggeration or fake news from spoilers but direct quotes that were made on purpose. Some fans say they don't know if they can ever again trust spoiler alerts or what comes from the soap stars. Many daytime actors have left the soaps vowing never to return but they do Tanner allowed fans to believe he was fired when he either suspected or knew it was not true. Jackie went along with the ruse and had fun doing so at the expense of those who keep her working. Congratulate Novlan on his return and Wood on her new baby but don't get so caught up you miss the bigger picture. What if other soap actors begin giving misleading statements on purpose and spoilers and other media outlets print what they say? The fans will become the big losers and that's a shame.

The future for Steffy and Finn

Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful are saying that Steffy will soon leave town to deal with her husband's death and will have a tearful goodbye with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton ). Upon hearing the news that Finn is alive several media outlets began projecting a Sinn reunion and none says Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) will soon tell her son to wake up so he can be reunited with his family. This seems to contradict what Li said to Finn earlier in the week. She made a cryptic remark about "Steffy' World" when she was badmouthing Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). It sounded like she might want to keep Finn's wife and biological mother away from him. Could Li have snapped and turn out to be as diabolical as Shiela? Will she reunite Sinn or kidnap Hayes and allow her son to believe his wife was murdered by his birth mother? Is it possible that by the time Finn wakes up his "widow" could already be back in the arms of Liam The only thing known for certain is that Novlan has returned just as Wood is going on maternity leave. If one or both of them speaks out again fans will listen but not take their words at face value.

Please note that this information could change and a later date based on statements from CBS or the B&B actors. He f so don’t sit the messenger: In the meantime continue to be on the lookout for updates related to Steffy and Finn.

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