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The Blu-ray Box Set of Rick And Morty Season 5 Goes Where No Rick Has Gone Before


Good Things Come To Those Who Buy Season 5

They say good things come to those who wait — but as any fan of Rick and Morty knows, waiting sucks. The first couple of seasons of the duo had years between them and then it was announced that a whole ton of episodes were being created so that there could be a lot of seasons — a lot — showing up with a (hopefully) shorter time frame. That seemed to be the case because it wasn’t 10 years (exaggerating) waiting for the past season or the more recent one now called Rick and Morty Season 5. Which obviously is the entire 10 episodes that make up season 5 because what else could it be? So if you’re hearing about R&M for the first time, then kudos to you because it is going to be a wild ride indeed. Or approach it by checking out the Simpson’s couch gag opening of years past that was devoted to the two and gives you a good/bad idea of what it’s all about. Or at least gives you a fair warning that it’s not Leave It To Beaver animated.


Not Your Saturday Morning Cartoon

So yes it’s animated in case you didn’t know that either and it’s certainly not a “cartoon” because well, there’s strong language (think the stuff on streaming networks that doesn’t bother with those warnings that pop up before the front of a TV show episode starts). By this time there’s a lot of ancillary characters and backstories, but to be brief and generally concise, the stories revolve around Rick who is an overbearing later-age Grandfather type with an ego bigger than anything you can come up with. But since he’s the smartest thing there is, it’s unfortunately justified. Unfortunately because he hangs around with his daughter and family, consisting of teenage Summer (the most normal of the lot), husband Jerry (beyond doltish doormat) and of course Morty who started out fairly normal and intelligent based on being average but has now been so pulled into Rick’s orbit that he’s spaghettified (it’s kind of a word). Beth, Rick’s daughter, is smarter than she has a right to be and also unfortunately falls right up against Rick’s tree when it comes to placing debatable choices in the “okay go ahead” column. She’s not a bad person any more than Rick is “bad,” but in this Universe of black and whites, she like Rick and now like Morty possess a briefcase full of grays. And did we mention that the multiverse is more than just a thing here: there’s so many variations of Rick and his family because there’s so many Universes all just managing not to collide with one another. And if you thought one Rick could be insufferable to the limits of a migraine, imagine millions of Ricks and that migraine gets shoved through your head with an ice pick.

But if you do shove that ice pick through your head, there’s another you out there who took some aspirin and is doing fine. Did we mention that Rick has a gun that shoots dimensional portals so he can take off to go anywhere in known existence? Now we just did.


Is This Funny?

So with all of the above known, why is anyone watching these folks? Because it’s funny and even thought provoking at times. But mostly outrageous funny - the kind of funny that makes you groan or at least does us. And yes Season 5 continues this so let’s acknowledge that there’s a spoof of Voltron (giant robot/anime) that is more “groanable” than can be imagined. Or that the names of each episode is a spoof of themselves. Or that you meet characters that either get killed or want to kill. Or are as confused as you would be if dropped into the middle of one of these episode plots.

So if it sounds like we’re not going to dissect the episodes, you’re right. Because why give it away when watching for the first time lets your eyes gloss over because the animators throw so much stuff at you. And no the animation isn’t “realistic” or “lifelike,” nor should it be. Otherworldly stuff needs to have its own framework for what it should look like, which is why animation can work so well here.

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Rick and Morty Season 5 comes in a nice Blu-ray box set package and everything being uncensored — you have been warned. The quality of the video is spot on and audio is Dolby Audio and dots-HD Master Audio, which means it sounds good. And yes overall this is much better than streaming because less compression plus all kind of goodies as extras tossed in, like looking at how season 5 came to be, tech on creating the show and a digital code for mobile watching whenever. The jacket sleeve is both psychedelic and proportionally disgusting. At least in one version because there’s another cover just like those variants you sometimes get in comics. Yes it covers all the bases. For more details in this Universe go to

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