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PanamaTrickster Reviews: The Black Phone (2022)

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The Black Phone tackles some trauma inducing subjects, and it is strongly cautioned that you approach this movie with knowledge that it can, and will touch on some of the most difficult things that children and parents alike could experience. The film opened like propaganda, but soon settled into the theme it was going for quite comfortably. Once the story was set, you may quickly realize that most of the acting was pretty mediocre. However, Madeleine McGraw took her performance to the next level, and felt so authentic. Because of her dedication to the role, you are easily able to understand her fear and her motivations, and put yourself in her shoes, feeling the same way she did at her age.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the directing style or even the score, as they both felt fairly typical for a thriller. But that isn’t to say that the cinematography was without its fair share of brilliance. What makes this movie so hard to discuss is how much the plot itself was what made this movie as great as it was. Some might say that without the direction, score or acting being anything special, this movie might not be deserving of any praise. However, the resolution felt so well put together, so well thought out and carefully executed, that it seemed as though Scott Derrickson channeled M. Night Shyamalan back in his prime. The movie felt coherent, complete, and full of all the thriller and horror elements you would come to a movie like this to see.


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