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The Black Eyed Children

In the ‘90s a new urban legend emerged and exploded in popularity (helped out by the ease with which people could access the stories about this legend through the internet). That legend is of the Black Eyed Children (also known as the Black Eyed Kids, or BEK).

These creatures appear to be human children between the ages of six and sixteen, they appear in pairs, and they have eyes that are entirely black (no pupils, no irises, no whites, just black). Their skin is typically pale, and they are generally seen wearing a hoodie (and they keep their hoods up, helping to hide their eyes during the beginning parts of their encounters with people).

The reports of them typically have many of the same details; the children usually ask for assistance (stating that they need to call their parents or use the bathroom). Those who have reported speaking with the children have stated they have an uneasy feeling while speaking to the children, and the feeling only intensifies when the children become insistent on being allowed into the person’s home or car.

In most of the cases that have been reported, those who have encountered them try to resist the feeling that they must let the children inside (a feeling that is believed to come directly from the children themselves), but the people they speak with, often time find themselves unconsciously moving to let the children inside. It is because of the BEKs insistence that they be given verbal permission to be allowed into the home that makes many people think that the BEKs are something akin to vampires; they must be invited inside, or else they cannot cross the threshold.

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There are very few stories where anyone has let the BEKs into their home, and the few stories that we have do not end well.

For those who are unable to resist the urgings of the BEK, and allow the children inside, are plagued with health issues that do not appear to have a cause; health issues that they have trouble taking care of. And it is not only the person who allowed the children inside that have health problems; it is also anyone that was inside the home at the time.

Where these creatures may have come from, or what they may really be, seems to be up for debate. Some think that they may be a modern form of vampire, because of their need to be invited inside before they can cross any threshold. Others think they may be ghosts of children who were killed (perhaps in some sort of horrific way). Still others think that they may be some kind of malevolent aliens, which might explain their pale skin and their unusually colored eyes.

Whatever they may be (and wherever they may come from), if you answer the door, and you find a couple of pale children on your doorstep, insisting that they be allowed inside, it might behoove you to deny them entry and lock your door. Even if they are nothing more than a modern day ghost story, it’s better to be safe, than sorry.

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