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Biography of John Newman, U.K. Singer and Pop Star

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John Newman performs live in London.

John Newman performs live in London.

I’m a huge lover of music because it lifts me up on my low days and makes me feel even better on my good days. There are so many talented musicians out there who grace us with their God-given talent ever year, and John Newman is definitely one of them. Any time I listen to his 2013 jam called “Love Me Again,” I get carried away by the rhythm and his melodic voice.

In this article, I look at John Newman’s biography, musical career, health struggles and love life.

Biography of John Newman

John William Peter Newman was born in 16 June 1990 in North Yorkshire, England. Sadly, at six years of age, his dad left the family, which left Newman, his mom and older brother, James, surviving on a pound per day. Nevertheless, Newman rose to be one of the most prolific singers of the modern era.

When he was growing up, Newman says he listened to plenty of Northern Soul and Motown jams, and started to compose his own songs at 14 years of age. At 16 years in 2006, the talented singer decided to move to Leeds in Yorkshire, England. Unfortunately, during that time two of his best friends died in a car accident. The incident caused the singer to indulge in heavy drinking, but he also started to compose emotional songs, which inspired a couple of his later works.

Four years later, at the age of 20, Newman moved to London and set up a band. He also signed a contract with Island Records.

Musical Career

While working as a bar man at The Silver Bullet bar, John Newman met and befriended one of the members of Rudimental band, Piers Agget. Two years later, the singer was featured on their May 2012 song called “Feel the Love”. That track was an immediate success, because it rose to the top position on the United Kingdom singles chart, and among the top 5 positions in other countries. In November, 2012, Newman appeared on Rudimental’s next single titled, “Not Giving In”.

The talented UK singer eventually released his own single in June 2013 known as “Love Me Again”. That song was the lead single in his Tribute debut studio album, which got positive reviews from listeners and debuted at top position in the United Kingdom albums chart. One year later, in August, Newman announced he was getting ready to work on another album.

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Furthermore, in September 2014, the UK pop singer appeared on Calvin Harris’ song, "Blame." The hit single debuted at first position on the U.K. Singles Chart. A year later, Newman released his second studio album called Revolve. One of the singles from his second studio album, “Come and Get it,” was part of Madden NFL 16’s soundtrack.

Newman has also graced his fans with “Ole” (July 2016), “Fire in Me” (March 2018) and “Feelings” (March 2019).

Since he began his music career in 2012, the artist has won several awards, including:

  • Premios 40 Principales for Best International Video
  • UK Music Video Awards for Best Dance Video
  • BMI London Awards for Award-Winning Song
  • An European Border Breakers Award

Health Battles

While John Newman has had a successful career in the music industry, he has had to battle with his health too. In 2012, John Newman discovered that he had a tumor in his brain when he started to lose his sense of sight. An operation was done to remove the tumor; but sadly, it came back four years later. This time the benign growth was cancerous, so Newman took a music break to go through radiotherapy.

The UK singer has also revealed his trial with mental health issues. Newman says he underwent great struggle comparing himself with other singers, who had been more successful both in music and financially.

Love Life

John Newman has had great success in his love life. In July 2017, he proposed to his girlfriend Nana-Maria, who is a Danish air hostess. The two lovebirds met while John was traveling on the same flight as Nana and they wed each other in the UK’s capital city on 18 August 2018.

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