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The Biggest Jerks in Music

The music industry is full of egomanics. There is nothing worse than an artist who does not respect their fans, trashes fellow musicians and treats everyone like garbage. I know there are generous, humble and thankful musicians in the world but these jerks make them all look bad. Here is my top five list of the biggest jerks in the music industry.


Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent was in such legendary bands as The Ambroy Dukes and Damn Yankees. He also had a successful solo career. If he'd only keep his mouth shut and remember to take his meds, he may be remembered for his music and not his outrageous behavior.

First of all, Mr. Nugent hates animals. There are only several things he hates more than animals: People who love animals and rescue animals, people who love animals and don't eat or hunt animals and people who love animals and think animals should be treated humanely. Some people may fall in all of those categories and that really gets his blood boiling. He also hates liberals, gays and hippies, he just hates animals lovers more.

In 2000, Nugent lost his mind outside of a Neiman Marcus store where animal rights activists were protesting the sale of fur. He spat, threatened and physically assaulted several activists. He was detained but released. Nugent took it a step further and had one of the activists arrested, telling police the activist threatened him, although witnesses said this didn't happen. Demonstrations were held outside the county jail while Nugent was signing autographs and taking pictures with policemen. In addition to this, he once called Animal Rights Activist, Heidi Prescott, a worthless whore.

He has said more than once that he does not hate gay people. Then goes on to say he just finds them utterly disgusting and immoral.

In 2007, he was on stage performing and dissed the Democratic presidential candidates. He called Barack Obama 'a piece of shit' and Hillary Clinton 'a worthless bitch'. He then threatened to kill both of them and invited them to suck his gun.


Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons is the bassist and singer for the world's most overrated band, KISS. He lives with Shannon Tweed, a beautiful woman devoid of self-esteem, and their children. Simmons is always bragging about his sexual conquests, in front of her.

Then he gets a reality show and proves to the world how shallow and arrogant he really is. He says obnoxious things like: "If you welcome me with welcome arms, you must welcome me with open legs." He also believes that every woman in the world wants to sleep with him because he's in a rock band, even though he is an unattractive, middle-aged has-been who just happened to score a reality show. Meanwhile, Shannon complains that he won't marry her.

In one interview he ripped Adam Lambert to shreds about being gay and said he should shut up about his sexual orientation. In reality it was the media pressing Lambert, but that's another story.

His interviews became so disrespectful that his wife actually walked off the set during Joy Behar's show. It looked like the couple was going to divorce but after 28 years, it looks like they are finally getting hitched. God help her.


Kanye West

It didn't take rapper Kanye West very long to prove to the world what a narcissist and a jerk he really is. The more he talks, the more he proves he's a jerk. Being that he is an egomaniac, he can't figure out for the life of him why people would think that.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina almost destroyed New Orleans, LA. and was one of the deadliest hurricanes in US history. A live telethon aired shortly after the disaster with a slew of A-List actors, singers and rappers. Standing next to Mike Meyers, Kanye West had given a speech, then suddenly gone off script and told the country that then President George Bush didn't care for black people. The look on Mike Meyers face is priceless.

In 2006, Kanye West posed as Jesus Christ on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The cover itself was provocative but most people quickly forgot about that after reading the interview inside the magazine. Kanye West told Rolling Stone that he is similar to Jesus Christ. Due to his upper class and privileged background, he had to fight and endure suffering to make it in the music industry. You know, kinda like how Jesus was tortured, nailed on a cross and left to die. If that wasn't enough, he also said if the bible were written today he would be in it.

That same year, Kanye also had a public tantrum after losing Best Video at the MTV Europe Awards. He jumped on stage, whined about how expensive his video was to make and swore a few times.

In 2009 Kanye West made history at the VMAs without even being a nominee. Pretty teen, Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video. Gushing, she had gone up to the stage to accept her award. It would have been a very sweet moment for the newcomer if not for Kanye West, who was somehow offended at this. He went on stage, grabbed the mike from Taylor Swift, told her he meant no disrepect and then told the audience that Beyonce should have won. FYI, Beyonce ended up winning it all at the end when she won Best Video of the year.

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Kanye West spent the next year giving halfhearted apologies. He told an audience in London during his concert that he was being compared to Hitler, which wasn't fair because we all know he is much more like Jesus.



Madonna was an '80s icon, refused to go away in the '90s and has managed to prove that she is as big of a jerk as she is a star on so many levels.

Rumor has it that Madonna slept her way- err, dated men who could further her music career and then dump them after they helped her.

Recently Madonna was at the Venice Film Festival. While waiting for the press conference to begin, a fan ran up to the long table where she sat and handed her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Madonna smiled politely and as the man turned away she rolled her eyes and said to the person next to her, "I absolutely LOATHE hydrengeas." She forgot her mike was on. Watching the clip, I realized two things about Madonna. She's still rocking that fake British accent and she is an ungrateful jerk.

Madonna proved how clueless she really is when she created a short video where she profusely apologizes to a bunch of hydrengeas. She failed to see that it wasn't her hatred for hydrengeas but the fact that she dissed a devoted fan that pissed people off.

Britney Spears grew up worshipping Madonna and the two became-what seemed like- good friends. While Britney was going through her very public break down, Madonna wasted no time trashing her in her blog and to the media. She believed that if Britney Spears would have listened to HER, taken Her advice, followed Her diet and wore a costume similar to Hers in the Open Your Heart video, she wouldn't have bombed at the music awards.

Madonna is also an extremely strict mom who doesn't let her kids watch T.V and forces them to wear the same clothes for a week if they don't clean up their rooms. She didn't learn anything from Joan Crawford, did she?

Other jerky things include pissing off the Catholic Church multiple times, insulting the Hindu religion and stealing the role of Evita from Merryl Streep.


Axl Rose

Axl Rose is a middle-aged, bitter, has-been singer of the band Guns N' Roses. In 1987 Guns N' Roses exploded into mainstream and quickly became one of the best bands of all time. Not long after, Axl Rose quickly lost the adoration of fans by showing up hours late for concerts, cancelling concerts hours before going on stage and walking off stage during concerts in a rage. He has also had more beer bottles thrown at him than any other rock star in music history.

He lost even more fans after GN'R Lies was released. It wasn't as big as Appetite for Destruction, but people still remember this album. It contained the classic power ballad, Patience and a shockingly racist song called One in a Million. One in a Million contains derogatory terms for African Americans, homosexuals and a really fun verse that tells immigrants to leave the country. Axl must have forgotten, or didn't care that his guitarist was bi-racial. Axl also didn't see anything wrong with the song I Used to Love Her (But I Had to Kill Her). This is the follow up to the family-friendly song in Appetite called It's So Easy which is about beating up hookers.

Axl Rose's ex-girlfriends Stephanie Seymore and Erin Everly claim that Axl Rose beat them both. If they only would have listened to some of his music before deciding to date him, things would have turned out differently.

In 1991 the pot, named Axl Rose fired the kettle, drummer Steven Adler for drug abuse. Eventually guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan sued Axl Rose for screwing them out of royalty payments totalling more that a million dollars.

Axl Rose has a long list of enemies. They include Slash, Steven Adler, David Geffen, dead rock legend Kurt Cobain, Jon Bon Jovi, Vince Neil and for some unknown reason, fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, who he punched at a nightclub.

In addition to the really bad facelift, his long awaited album, Chinese Democracy flopped (probably because he didn't bother promoting it). Nemesis Slash is way more famous and likeable. Slash's band Velvet Revolver, formed with other Guns N' Roses alumni Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, is faring off better than Axl and the current musicians of the new Guns N' Roses. Karma can be a bit of a bitch sometimes.

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Brian Schonour on November 17, 2013:

None of those people are great. The worst one is Ted Nugent.

Axl Rose is nuts because he attacked somebody at one show. He has awful hair. He's ugly after his surgeries.