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The Best Teenage Series on Netflix

Kimberly is a Netflix enthusiast. She writes summaries, reviews, and recommendations on movies and (reality)series on Netflix.

Netflix logo.

Netflix logo.


Atypical is a show about a boy that has Autism. Even though he has Autism Sam still wants to live a 'normal' as possible life. Just like any other teenager he goes through the ups and downs in life trying to manage love, friendship, and academics. With the help of his parents, sister, best friend Zahid, and girlfriend Paige he navigates through life while living on the spectrum.

Seasons: 2

Cast: Keir Gilchrist - Nik Dodani - Michael Rapaport - Brigette Lundy Paine - Jennifer Jason Leigh

Country: USA

Netflix original: Atypical is a Netflix original.


Sintonia tells the story of 3 friends that have grown up together. Even though they are young adults they still struggle to find their way in the favela. While Doni is trying to make it into the music industry to leave the favela he finds out how cruel the industry is. In the meantime, Nando isn’t trying to make it out of the favela but making it in it. While Rita finds her faith in the favela and tries to leave her old ways behind.

Seasons: 1

Cast: Christian Malheiros - Bruna Mascarenhas - MC JottaP

Country: Brazil

Netflix original: Sintonia is a Netflix original.

The cast of Baby

The cast of Baby


Baby is a series about a group of Italian students that have everything that life could offer. Unfortunately, that's not enough for them and they seek to get more out of life. Chiara befriends Ludo and the two girls dive into the world of escorts to get more out of life. When Chiara falls in love with Damiano, he also gets involved in the underground world of escorts and their secret lives get turned upside down.

Seasons: 3

Cast: Alice Pagani - Benedetta Porcaroli - Giuseppe Maggio - Riccardo Mandolini

Country: Italy

Netflix original: Baby is a Netflix original.


Trinkets is a series about an unorthodox friendship between three young girls. Elodie, Tabitha and Moe don’t start of as friends though but eventually build a friendship bases on their addiction to stealing. As their friendship blooms the girls get confronted with more than their addiction to stealing. Through it, all Elodie tries to cope with grieve, Tabitha with abuse, and Moe with her fear of the future. Fortunately, the girls can always count on each other to get through their problems.

Seasons: 2

Cast: Ouintessa Swindell - Brianna Hildebrand - Kiana Madeira

Country: USA

Netflix original: Trinkets is a Netflix original.

Degrassi Next Class

Degrassi is a show that has been running for years. Degrassi Next Class is the latest version of the series. The show is centered around a group of Canadian high schoolers who go to naam school. Here the experience all the ups and downs that life brings when being a teenager. The high schoolers deal with exploring their sexuality, addictions, pressure, academics, and love. All while trying to maintain good grades.

Seasons: 4

Cast: Ricardo Hoyos -Sara Waisglass - Ana Golja - Spencer MacPherson

Country: Canada

Netflix original: Degrassi Next Class is a Netflix original. The previous seasons are not a Netflix original.

The female cast of Elite season 2 & 3.

The female cast of Elite season 2 & 3.


Elite is a series about a group high schoolers that go to Encante. Here a group of 6 students forms a tight-knit group. At the beginning of the new school year they are being joined by 3 new students. As Encante is a school for the elite the three new middle-class students stand out like a sore thumb. As a few of the students start to form friendships and relationships with the new students the lives of all of them start to intertwine. Which results in the murder of one of them.

Seasons: 3

Cast: Danna Paola - Ester Expósito - Miguel Bernardeau - Jamie Lorente - Miguel Herrán - Maria Pedraza - Itzan Escamila

Country: Spain

Netflix original: Elite is a Netflix original.

The politician

The politician is a show about a very ambitious young man named Payton. He always dreamed of a career in politics and formed a great team around him to help him get there. With his friends, he embarks on a great adventure to be the best politician he can be. Of course, it's not an easy ride and he gets dragged into the dirty games that come with running for office.

Seasons: 2

Cast: Gwyneth Paltrow - Jessica Lange - Ben Platt

Country: USA

Netflix original: The politician is a Netflix original.

Never have I ever

In the series Never have I ever Devi tries to make her sophomore year better than her freshman year. During her freshman year, she dealt with the death of her father, her losing the mobility in her legs, and the reputation of being a nerd. This sophomore year Devi has a plan to make sure that she and her friends Fabiola and Eleanor will get boyfriends and lose their virginity as that will make everybody in school forget about their terrible freshman year. Unfortunately, Fabiola and Eleanor have their own fair share of problems to deal with. And their own ideas of making the best out of their sophomore year. This puts a strain on the friendship of the girls as they try to navigate their way through high school.

Seasons: 1

Cast: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan - Ramona Young - Richa Moorjani - Poorna Jagannathan

Country: USA

Netflix original: Never have I ever is a Netflix original.

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