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The Best Streaming Channels for TV and Movies

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Netflix and AMC+ (not AMC or AMC premiere). Of course, there are others like Amazon, HBO, Disney, Sundance and many others, but for sheer amount o variety and content with mostly good quality, Netflix and AMC+ are the better ones. Granted, the others have some phenomenal shows that one can get without subscribing via P2P streaming using PopcornTime (for computer only). While Peer to Peer (P2P) is not new at all, finding a friendly user app is difficult and PopcornTime uses a Netflix-like interface to download the show temporarily to watch and eliminates it after it has been watched.

Netflix offers thousands of content, some of it is just junk or sub-par production and acting BUT much of it is fairly decent depending on your personal preferences and you can stream it almost anywhere with the phone app. My issue with this is that there are so many shows and movies already available and Netflix is constantly adding content that one tends to get overwhelmed when trying something good to watch and some content is geographically restricted depending on the country you are in. Joining a Netflix group does help because people will tell you what is and what is not worth watching, in their opinion. Of course, what one will say is two stars, another will say is three stars, so your only option is to watch the first episode and decide. On Netflix, there is a ton of foreign language shows and movies dubbed in English or with subtitles. I have found that by nationality, the best shows are usually from Germany, Spain, UK, Scandinavia. Others from Mexico, Russia, France, Arab, China, South Korea, Poland, are usually not that good much of the time, but there are exceptions.

With AMC+ (AMC Plus), your quality zooms up because the shows available are not only from AMC world (which has some great ones) but BBC, Sundance, IFC. Both the BBC and Sundance have many great shows of high quality. Now, of course, it is personal preference but the overall quality is equal to that of HBO, Amazon Prime etc. The cost does vary with what platform you use, for instance, i you stream through Roku (which has its own free channels) the cost is $9\month. If through Sling TV, it's $7.

While I could list the shows on AMC+, just search for it on the computer and check out its content, there is a lot.

Today, the big cable TV outfits are losing customers because of the many ways to get content. When you figure the average cost is around $100\month, many turn to less expensive ways to get entertainment even though the average Internet high speed connection still costs around $50-75\month. This is a must for subbing into Netflix, SlingTV, or any other entertainment streaming method.


perrya (author) on March 08, 2021:

For AMC+, I subscribe via Roku, as I do with Sling for live TV. I only have high speed Internet from Comcast.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on March 07, 2021:

Netflix is good but as you said, sometimes you find it hard to sift between what's good and what's not.

DW Davis from Eastern NC on March 07, 2021:

Netflix, Disney+, and BritBox are our go-to streaming services. For reasons I haven't been able to deduce, AMC's streaming services are not available in this area via our ISP. This is very disappointing as we would enjoy access to the many great shows on AMC+.

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